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  1. @Galileo http://imgur.com/a/wYw5W What part of the logs do you need, specifically? It's just spamming the debug with something about an error with sun flares.. And Boulderco is NOT inside SVE
  2. Wait, I needed to install boulderco for this to work? D'oh. My bad, totally my fault, should've known to install it.
  3. thanks okay there's a problem it says all cfg. files are missing where are they located @Galileo
  4. @Galileo I'm having a bit of trouble.. Not sure what the bug actually is but apparently everything working fine in this... Except for the clouds. They don't show up, nor do any other part of the configs except for scatterer, planetshine, and DOVE. Is it because I have them disabled? If that's the case, what's the EVE menu hotkey? If it's not, do you have a solution? I would appreciate it if there was a fix
  5. Slight problem. I'm in 1.2. I've completely installed the mod, nothing has been changed in the download file However, clouds are not showing up. Can somebody help? Those dust storms look badass.
  6. I've got my ticket right here! Hopefully the hype train is intergrated with Kerbal Joint Reinforcement fiber.
  7. As far as I've seen, the only problem is either: When I launch at full throttle, the cockpit will pop off OR the fuel tank will fall off. And when I reach about 10k meters, the boosters seperate on their own.
  8. Okay, so I tested it with the 1.1 release of Firespitter, and guess what... IT WORKS!!!!! still doesn't work in career mode though :c EDIT: It has a NAAAAAAAAAAASTY habit to self combust.
  9. The shuttle isn't working for career. Mostly the wings, engine mount, OMS stuff, ETC. But... Thanks for fixing the textures! Or maybe it's because I switched to OPEN-GL mode.
  10. Same here, but everything else is working. Also, some of it is "locked" in career mode, even with full tech tree...
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