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  1. N for Neumann or Novus, since both are artificial. Possible that those stars are artificial stars created to seed life in the Kermes cluster, or to provide energy.
  2. Pulling the theory I posted directly from the Wikia thread. "The All is a wormhole that leads to the galaxy that our Solar System is in.The Creator is an ancient von Neumann probe sent through. Cad is one of the probes self replicated from the Creator.The age being 13 billion years is because the Kermes cluster is farther than 13 billion light years, meaning the light from the Kerbal galaxy hasn't reached humans yet. Vice versa, the light from the Milky way hasn't reached the Kermes cluster yet.There was an attempt to colonize the Kermes cluster, but it failed horrifically and resulted in nuclear warfare and the collapse of an entire civilization, with the home world orbiting the red giant ingame being the Coruscant of the humans who attempted to colonize.Kerbals are the creations of the humans in an attempt to simulate life to continue in the Kermes cluster.Installation X was the first scientific research post and studied artificial energy, culminating in the creation of an artificial star, and allowed the technology to be developed to make the warp ships that the Precursors (the humans) probably used."
  3. The fairing is from bdb. Anways, what did you think of the screenie apart from that? anyways Ares: MARS! The fairing seperation exposes the MEM to the vaccum, and allows it to successfully deorbit when the time comes.
  4. stop, you're making my procedural fairing larger and larger also, in planned features it says a destroyer may be added. by destroyer do you mean a starship floating in space?
  5. No problem! This mod will finally get the well deserved attention.
  6. quickly posts picture to reddit people need to loveing recognize this mod for the amazement it is
  8. Heh...Heh.. HETOO! see it's funny because hetoo sounds like someone sneezing
  9. Due to low memory, I can't get a picture, but basically the atmospheric glow acts up and goes way above the surface because of oblateness. This makes the atmosphere look strange as the glow is going WAY above the "surface" of Jool.
  10. >having tons of problems with jool >can't get good looking screenshots >all i have to do is remove a .cfg file >mfw
  11. Could there be a config to make the gas planets non-oblate in the next update? The stock atmospheric effects glitch out on the oblate gas giant bodies.
  12. Approaching memory limit* FTFY Also, I REACHED KEROLON!!!
  13. Quick question... Where's the centrifuge from on the first page? I can't find it in the part selection.
  14. Getting this for the first time, let's see how it goes. Combining with USI-LS.
  15. Wait.. Those islands... https://imgur.com/gallery/5kmb9 The kind of island that is randomly...random. ...Space Engine.. TheSpacePotato: What? S P A C E E N G I N E
  16. Okay, second issue fixed, removed extended system. Sorry for taking up your time, hope 0.8.0 is awesome!
  17. Okay, forgive me, this issue has been brought up and it turns out you're fixing the bug in the next update. but maybe if you get the time could you help me with Kerolon since I LOVE that system
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