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  1. Just to confirm: for RO 1.2.2, i have to get all the mods, not just dependincies, but also the reccomendations and suggestions?
  2. Is this compatible with Stock Visual Enhancements? And what are the orbits of the planets? By the way, good job on the mod!
  3. Question: I downloaded the Bluedog Design Bureau Sarnus IB launcher craft from the mod page. When I load it in, all parts for the launcher are from FASA. Why is this? EDIT: IGNORE, I WAS AN IDIOT, FORGOT THAT I HAD TWO SATURN IB LAUNCHER SUBASSEMBLIES AND LOADED IN THE WRONG ONE
  4. Hey, if possible, could you reconfigure the black pods have manned variants? Like the Soyuz M-S! It would be awesome to see, especially because the white Soyuz is a decomissioned spacecraft (but it was really awesome either way) Along with that, maybe a two manned Voskhod capsule? It would be epic to use these in game. Also, just docked a Progress to my station in LKO. The kerbals are very happy
  5. Had a thought - maybe only two or three of the planets would have resources. and thoughts about the planets Kerbol - a very dim black dwarf, the size of kerbin. Radiates the slightest bit of light. like, literally, we need to know where the planet is so we dont smash into it. Extremely cool in tempeture. Landable? Moho - Doesn't exist, burnt to a crisp when Kerbol became a red giant Eve - A relativley warm world, its greenhouse effect still kind of working. But its tempetures are just below or above freezing. Has a thin atmosphere. Still a dick to land on and get off of. Large black scorch mark. Gilly - remains the same Kerbin - oceans frozen over, ruins scattered around the planet. Mun - its own seperate planet because in real life, the Moon will escape earth gravity by the time the Sun becomes a red giant. Minmus - Remains the same, I guess. Duna - HUGE ice caps. Maybe a bit of red left. Possible atmosphere. Ike - Frozen world. Dres - remains the same. Jool - Due to the low tempetures, barely any light reaches it now. Its atmosphere condensed and became solid. It is now able to be landed on. Has a incredibly thin atmosphere. Ironic, huh? Laythe - atmosphere frozen, oceans frozen. Volcanoes? Some science experiments will detect biologicial movement. Vall - remains the same. might have a remenant of Kerbol's red giant stage Tylo - remains the same Bop - Remains the same but could become a white comet. Kraken is gone. Pol - remains the same. Eeloo - tempeture is nearly absoloute zero. Has slight volcanic activity, due to the tidal forces and melting from Kerbol's red giant stage. Eeloo is one of the only places in the Kerbol system with light. The Lost Planet - a planet about the size of kerbin. Terrain scatter edited to look like a civilzation was here. Based off of the original plan for the easter eggs by NovaSilisko. Has an atmosphere. Gets no light at all. Only appears in tracking station after visiting 5 monoliths. Crucial to using a gravitational slingshot to the Haven star. Magic Boulder - orbits the lost planet. Much larger than the Ike counterpart. Has a strange chunk missing out of it...hmm. Highest science multiplier in the game. Incredibly difficult to land on. Just some thoughts for the system.
  6. you could also include some bit in the bio explaining jool igniting if you wanted to
  7. gave me a good giggle thanks for the speedy response btw
  8. @electricpants is it unusual for anything on the day side of the moons of jool to get incinerated by this mod?
  9. EDIT: Disregard, found my answer! Sorry! For some reason, I can't find the drive in any of the tabs. I've got the latest version installed. Can anyone help?
  10. Ah, alright. Thank you for the speedy reply. Also, the red glow from Jool is EXTREMELY scary. Well done.
  11. Maybe you could turn it into a Y-Dwarf, because they have low temputure. Might be quite interesting, and is the picture on the Spacedock page from the mod or from somewhere else? the picture on the spacedock page looks like a cool alternate texture.
  12. Anything on the day side of any of the moons is completely incinerated. Please decrease the tempeture changes outside of Tylo's orbit. On a seperate note, AMAZING mod!
  13. @CaptRobau I'm just getting white circles when I install OPM, any suggestions? http://imgur.com/gallery/5OZ8q
  14. @Vandest Yeah, I need the files. Can you send me it through pm? Thanks in advance
  15. @Vandest I've been wondering, what pack gives the eva suits for the kerbals a smoother look like the suit they have in the pictures you put up? or is this included in TR/is it a feature in the game?
  16. @Galileo some people just can't be pleased found this on the KSP discord http://imgur.com/gallery/qBKic he's obviously wrong also has performance been fixed? great job on the new additions by the way, they're very cool. though, hard to enjoy at 3 frames per second. you should consider duna dust storms reducing solar panel output
  17. @Galileo Found the problem. I had the boulderco folder on the desktop and the cfgs were going THERE my bad You even included the Venus polar storms! Siiiick!
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