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  2. Also, why does the scatterer impact so much more than normal, even more than in in GPP? It's like this: Computer without scatterer: I'm runnin fine my boy Computer with scatterer: GOD HELP ME THIS IS NO WAY TO LIVE
  3. inhales I will not release my breath until Part 2 comes out. hopefully i don't suffocate.
  5. Is there a possibility that comet tails may be added in the future? Also, I checked the planned features on the wiki and I am HYPE
  6. >"Added flying creatures" >"Flying creatures" >C R E A T U R E S Seriously, how do you do this stuff? Props to you!
  7. Probably a good idea, but it's fun to discover for myself. Had a few crashes rapid unplanned disassembles on my first probes. But it feels satisfying to get it right!
  8. So, multiple good things to report! The game is much more interesting and difficult now. Duna landings don't simply consist of a ton of parachutes - the atmosphere is a bit near the surface. You have to plan carefully - do you ship a huge heat shield to slow down in Duna's atmosphere, or do long and tedious aerobrakes close to the surface, which provides incredible scenery? The inclinations allow for more of a challenge - you have to get used to the newer locations of the planets, which means you have to plan the transfers carefully. Along with all that, interstellar travel takes time.You have to get yourself used to the newer planets and then, once you're comfortable and familiar, go interstellar. This mod is incredible and even though I can't run Scatterer for some reason, the default scenery itself provides far enough. It's incredible!
  9. So, I've found that KSS's Scatterer is very memory consuming. Is there a workaround?
  10. I put the Squad folder back in afterwards, so I'm able to build ships. Can't stay, got exploring to do!
  11. All the folders are in correct position. 1.3.1. Running 64 bit KSP. All folders in correct position. https://imgur.com/gallery/lCtyK The loading freezes right here. Not the game, the loading. I can't find a way to fix this, but I may try removing the Squad folder. EDIT: Tried removal of squad parts folder, still failed. So I can confirm the loading freezes at the end. EDIT 2: Validated game files, game froze at end. Probably ran out of memory. Making progress. EDIT 3: IT WORKED!!!!! IT WORKED IT WORKED! I've seen a first look and the pack looks amazing! Sorry for the trouble.
  12. Yes. Also, when I said that the game was freezing, I meant the loading would freeze, not the game.
  13. Alright, I'll report back if I encounter any problems. Reporting back. Got the latest Kopernicus and updated back to 1.3.1. It still freezes on loading parts. Like I said, I can't find any logs on the problem, which sucks. Any other advice?
  14. Alright, new problem. Quick info: I'm using 1.3.0, Kopernicus Release 8, and have installed base KSS and the extended kerbol system. The game will freeze loading parts and I cannot find any logs on the problem, unfortunately. Including Kopernicus logs. Has this bug been encountered before, and is there a way to fix it?
  15. Sorry, forgot about that. I'll be back as soon as I get logs.
  16. When I try to load the planet pack in 1.3.1, it says it can't load the custom pack. For background info, I've installed every folder available on the website and am running the latest Kopernicus. Can anything be done to fix this at the moment? EDIT: background
  17. @Gameslinx What if Eeloo used to have a thin atmosphere? It could be like Hoth lol
  18. Alright so the problem seems to be that the weapons from Future Weapons are broken for 1.3. Thank you for your time.
  19. For some reason, even when guard mode is enabled and they're on seperate teams, and flying with AI pilot enabled, my two craft refuse to fire their guns. Is there a fix for this? EDIT: A log:
  20. Getting a 502 proxy error every time i try to visit the site.
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