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  1. TEMPORARY FIX FOR THOSE USING SCATTERER/ATMOSPHERIC BEATS VOLUMETRICS: -Go to Jupiter in map view -Press Alt+F10 (or Alt+F11) to open Scatterer configs -Set HR setting to a lower value than it is (i set it to 14.something) -Mess around with the HM value below it until you have a sufficient setup -Save Doing this (mostly) abated the issue - it should only be an orbital thing. Thanks to Ballistic for basically holding my hand on this
  2. Still looking for help with this bug...the AtmosphericBeats config is also causing this black limb as well. Is anyone else with the AtmosphericBeats KSRSS volumetric config experiencing this issue? Really immersion breaking and ominous. Would appreciate any help as nothing has worked for me resolving this.
  3. Hey all, not sure if something's bugged with my TexturesUnlimited or if I failed to install it properly, but reflections aren't working on the Apollo CSM. Anyone else encountered this issue? If so any fixes?
  4. Good times on the moon with the Aether V crew. Long stay mission while Lunlab (a heavily modified Skylab) makes its way over. Mission was originally planned to use the Bungalow long-term habitat but life-support systems were not developed in time. c. 1974
  5. Setting a $10 bounty on updated USILS configs from whoever makes them. Double that if MKS configs are possible.
  6. While I'm here, not sure who maintains the USILS patches here - but if any of you have patches that enable USI-LS supplies to be loaded onto the Kanola and other cargo vehicles it'd be much appreciated. Currently it's limited to MKS supply kits, ore, water, and hydrogen+oxygen, rendering the supply vehicle semi-useless with USI-LS. I would really appreciate it
  7. Holy bounty Batman. Someone get on this The weird black limb around the planet is the unintentional behavior I was describing - afaik it's not supposed to do that. Must admit it makes Jupiter look extremely menacing though https://imgur.com/E4smZg0 (from orbit, shows the black limb better) https://imgur.com/p4VPcy3 This is the only planet that's suffering from this issue, strangely.
  8. You don't have a glitched Jupiter with the newest Scatterer?
  9. Will this still allow the volumetric clouds configs to function?
  10. Some artistic liberties were taken. Went for a Maccollo mix of pretty shots and gameplay. Here's the Gemini Circumlunar Mission, following the three-staged Saturn IB proposal with a neutered Saturn C2.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Will install conformal decals and explore Modular Launch pads a bit.
  12. Finally got a new, POWERFUL pc to run this mod with a ton of other graphical enhancements. Made a short video to test it with Explorer 1. Wonder if people like this style...
  13. Joined as a Patron and tried installing the new volumetric clouds. They break for me and the entire atmosphere becomes black. I am on a M1 Mac - I presume this is due to some software incompatibility?
  14. My computer hates this ship...pulling under 10FPS when fully assembled. This is what I get for playing on a M1 Mac Braking to dock in orbit... Now all that's left is the TMI. What a convoluted mess this thing is. All of this is being done in Career mode, by the way.... After injection, popping off the tanks is all that needs to be done. One refused to disconnect due to a bug, until a mysterious pale white cube impacted the port at a few hundred meters per second, severing it... 178 days later...arrival. God this ship looks good, even if my game hates it. What a money shot. After orbit is achieved the CSM undocks and the main module reconfigures itself to allow the MEM to be revealed. And with everything in place, the MEM is revealed... Don't laugh. NEXT TIME: Landings and science!
  15. Radial tanks attached...refueling in orbit. Turns out even a S-IVB can survive reentry if you land it on its engine. Considering how expensive this entire endeavor is even with Strategia, that's a blessing in disguise.
  16. Finally getting around to redoing it. Did it in 2019 and the results were...subpar, but worked. Life support mods and JNSQ make this a challenging (but balanced) experience. ...wait are you the guy with the weird desktop wallpaper?
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