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  1. I agree! If I were the devs, I would show the last video at one of the big gaming conferences/events, have it be a comprehensive review of the game, and at the end reveal the date (maybe it glitches onto the screen).
  2. Love this theory. Im hoping that Ovin will have a moon. It is such a cool object. I like the first images we got of it when it looked more purple, either way it's awesome.
  3. Yup! I cannot lie I am somewhat concerned, however I shall remain optimistic.
  4. The recent silence makes me believe the game is getting ready for a BIG drop! Hopefully it is news.... and not another delay!!!!
  5. KSP 2 will (hopefully) release in less than 365 days, hopefully we get a major update sooner than later.
  6. Such a good game. It is crazy to think we are (hopefully) under 365 days away from ksp 2, and it will launch on consoles!
  7. Love your take, I have said similar things before too. That would be a DLC I would buy in a heartbeat.
  8. This is an excellent point. I would pay 60 dollars for this in a heartbeat!
  9. Horizon may not be the appropriate word, but 2022 will be a good year. (Please let my word choice be correct)
  10. If I follow, you are saying certain actions will trigger new camera angles. Now that is AWESOME and opens up a multitude of possibilities! One problem I have with KSP is that the camera is static, the game in general can feel cinematically lacking. I am so happy to hear this from the devs, should see more people talking about this in the forum.
  11. I would like that... but what I realy want is a screenshot mode. This game is so beautiful, it would be a shame if their was no built in camera mode.
  12. The part about the x box and ps4 versions releasing later has been debunked I believe.
  13. KSP 2 has a lot of work done already. We know some of the game is at a playable state already. The only reason it is in pre-alph is because the game has so many peices that need to come together... but when the game is stitched together it should be close to completion. I hope my explanation makes sense.
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