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  1. The heat shields have the same stats as stock shields already. You’ll have to either adjust your reentry to be shallower, and/or decelerate at kerbin. Returning from Eve with an AP around Duna actually means you need to decelerate more than a plain Duna return too - anything beyond the ideal hohmann transfer (lower PE or higher AP, the further you are from matching the target planets solar orbit) means more energy to shed. I’d say direct return from Sarnus probably voids the shield’s warranty too lol Also what system scale are you playing at? Larger scales will have a huge impact on heat shield performance. You could always just patch them yourself if you really want to tweak them too. I think I'm just playing at stock scale. Also, my interplanetary crafts sometimes don't have enough Delta-V to do a braking burn before reentry, and most spaceplanes definitely can't survive a direct reentry from Jool. Usually when designing crafts, I don't account for the braking burn at Kerbin. Instead I prefer just going for a direct reentry and throwing away everything but the reentry module, unless it's a spaceplane or VTOL. I also remember using a stock heatshield to return from Neidon. And I also just realized that the 1.14 beta changes the Kane engine and Metis upper stage to run on hypergols which means I can't add any extra fuel myself
  2. I have flown hundreds of Gemini missions with the BDB heatshield with no issues. Could you be more specific as to what you are doing? Sending an MOL-type spacecraft interplanetary. It exploded when reentering from Eve (in space low) (The solar apoapsis at the time of reentry was actually as high as Duna or Dres) so it would probably explode during Kerbin Reentry from Duna. The Apollo heatshield explodes when returning a 5-kerbal command pod from Sarnus. I would also like a version of the Command Module laboratory that has room for a heatshield and parachutes but it might not be in-line with the original intentions of the part. I did exactly that but with a more modern version of the Centaur stage.
  3. Any plans to make the Gemini heatshields more like the stock ones (if they aren't already)? Last time I tried sending a Gemini spacecraft with the BDB heatshield to Eve on a real close flyby, it exploded during Kerbin reentry. This sounds kinda dumb but I'm planning on sending a Gemini spacecraft to Duna (with or without MOL) btw
  4. I decided to rebuy the game on Steam and try to repair files from there. Hopefully that will fix it. If it's not that then it's a bug one of the mods that I don't really need.
  5. Try actually launching a craft with said parts. See if it works fine while flying it.
  6. I'm actually unsure what is causing it. Starting a new save reveals that that the parts that are locked on existing saves have vanished completely on the new save.
  7. It appears that all of the parts I installed appear to be locked despite having the required tech tree nodes. I do have some mods that tamper with the tech tree though so maybe that's causing it?
  8. Victus HP gaming laptop. I might be exaggerating but it takes roughly 15-25 minutes to load.
  9. So I decided to boot up KSP after a while, but upon loading the game, I discovered that there are very few parts in the VAB and SPH; even the stock parts are missing. Strangely they seem to load fine in the R&D but IDK what's causing it because when I load a craft from the tracking station it loads fine. Maybe because I have too many part mods that I don't need? The images: https://disco.pics/a4zu.png https://disco.pics/63ln.png https://disco.pics/bi1s.png https://disco.pics/ycbc.png
  10. I also want some optimization. Tantares, along with several other part mods, is causing my game to take a significant amount of time to load, possibly more than an hour.
  11. Also, I tried the Starwatcher and apparently the paraglider is a normal parachute because it killed my horizontal velocity once it was deployed. Is it supposed to do that?
  12. I think I realized that the Cryo Tanks patch is allowing the engines to switch propellants but Simple Fuel Switch prevents the fuel tanks from switching.
  13. How do I get the tanks to have cryogenic fuel with Simple Fuel Switch installed?
  14. If you don't want to edit the Hadar Airlock, then you can put a Soyuz capsule in a fairing instead.
  15. I would also like a 2 kerbal version of the LK lander, even if that seems unrealistic.
  16. I want to duplicate modded parts in the full game but only one of them shows up per duplicated part.
  17. Just make the cargo section of the AARDVARK reenterable by slapping a heatshield under the probe. I made this real quick, so it's not perfect, but you get the concept. Make sure you have plenty of parachutes and maybe some landing gear... it may crush itself on landing. That actually sounds like a good idea.
  18. I would like for there to be a cargo version of the Kane command pod for transferring (and landing) Ore on the surface of Kerbin.
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