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  1. It would be cool to maybe have a rudimentary 'lake cabin' - like VAB, which is a small area where you can only build spacecrafts up to 15 or less parts. This part could appear in tier 3, when you have the hang of interplanetary travel. It could come with a tiny launchpad.
  2. I'm glad you are on the KSP 2 team along with all the other members. You guys made me feel more hopeful for this game!
  3. Well, I’m surprised and got a little bit hopeful which reminded me of when the KSP 2 trailer came out (I was full of joy.) Hopefully, this will be the update that restarts KSP 2 back to the times of when we were excited for this game and not disappointed with every dev update, because I feel a little bit excited.
  4. Oh so the KSS revamped stock system will have its own outer planets?
  5. You may be a little bit late, but yes, I tested it and it kind of works on 1.12, you just have to tweak the configs a little.
  6. ... Well, Restock has the Mystery Goo as purple (and as Nertea is part of the KSP 2 team now, it should be canon at least for me). I don't think it is green,
  7. I have another minor question, Is this going to replace the stock system and can I use the Outer Planets Mod? Sorry for all the questions, this mod just looks so cool!
  8. Will this be compatible with Parallax 2.0? It looks amazing by the way!
  9. Are you also planning on revamps for the Outer Planets Mod? I know your answer will 99% be no, but I'm just asking since I consider the mod canon to KSP.
  10. I tested CKAN and it still works, though, it has to run off of archives of SpaceDock to get the mod files.
  11. No (I wish), though I've seen a Falcon Super Heavy while it was already in the upper atmosphere and space. (The plumes were incredible!) It looked something like this: The user below me has used the OPM mod (Outer Planets Mod) either in the past or has it currently installed.
  12. Looks like I contradicted myself. I decided to jump back into KSP and start a career save. Now I can't stop playing, I just got a probe around the Mun and was rewarded with a boatload of science!
  13. This mod looks amazing (I really like the algae bloom on Kerbin) but I do have a small critique, any of the secret and DLC launch sites either don't exist or are in very odd places that do not match the context that they were in the stock planet. For example, the Woomerang launch site is in some pit in the mountains, and the Desert launch site is in the mountains too with hardly a desert to be seen. Finally, when I look for the secret launch sites that were added in 1.12, they simply don't exist. I'm not sure if this is Kopernicus's fault but it really does make me confused with the launch sites. On the other hand, the KSC launch site is simply amazing as it matches up with the beach like setting it was meant to be! That hit the nail right on the head! Those are all my critiques and I do hope you continue working on this mod as we need a stock planet revamp! I used to follow another stock planet revamp thread that looked incredible as well: but the modder had other IRL things to do which is completely fine (and admirable as we all need to step away from our computers), but I'm just happy you are making one yourself!
  14. Thanks for the fixed config! I'm glad you like this mod too.
  15. This is looking great! I do have a question, how may I make this work with a mod like:
  16. Would a planet like Urlum or Neodin have the superfluid oceans like their real life counterparts Uranus and Neptune? I’m not sure if I’m correct or not.
  17. That looks incredible! I really do like that you can see Sarnus and that the clouds are a pinkish color! I do think that Thatmo's scatterer config is fine the way it is but I am excited to see what you changed. Great job!
  18. Yes it was the problem! Thank you for helping me, TWICE! I will finally put the thread as fixed.
  19. Wait, it has not been solved. Just checked...sorry. It turns out that when I change it from true to false, Kopericus, annoyingly, resets it back to true. I do not know how to fix this.
  20. I noticed that whenever I start up the game, the Mun title scene, where the Mun or Bust rocket is, will not show up, only the Kerbals orbiting Kerbin scene. I have some mods installed and I am not sure if that is affecting it. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you! (Fixed, thanks to @tajwo, just edit the Kopernicus config and set the 'Disable Mun title scene' to false.)
  21. Disregard the floating clouds on Urlum, they were just those cool stoms!
  22. @OneSaltyPringle I tested the mod and it is great so far! I did find some issues and thought of a suggestion I could share with you. The first issue I found was that on Tekto, the surface is almost pitch black at daytime and bright green at nighttime. I'm not sure if this was intended or a bug. Second issue was that some of the clouds on Urlum were just floating above the regular cloud layer and that they were static or non-moving. It looked cool, but I just wanted to let you know. Finally, my one suggestion is that I wish that sometimes on Tekto, the clouds would clear up a tiny bit so you can see Sarnus and the other moons. I'm not sure if that is possible, but it is just a thought. Thank you for creating this incredible mod and giving the community something we have wanted for a while now. Amazing work! (I can't say it enough...sorry...)
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