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  1. One does not need to complete missions in order to unlock tech, they merely serve as a potential pathway for new players and yet offers some challenges. I do think there is a lot of room for improvement however. For example, I think it is an astute point that there is no mission that requires docking when it is a core mechanic and opens up so many mission profiles. As far as the tech tree is concerned I don't think that is bad that decisions must be made between parts. However I do feel that planes are sort of jimmied into the tree and their tech cost does not necessarily reflect their usefulness. Perhaps they could be integrated into other nodes and the node cost or science rewards could be adjusted slightly to compensate.
  2. So are you upset that they listened to the community and changed their mind about implementing a stop-gap?
  3. Totally forgot that anybody who purchases an early access title is entitled to inside information. My bad.
  4. No they are not. Repeating this again will not make it any more true.
  5. I don't think adding tracks would be a huge obstacle, as iirc the wheels in KSP are essentially just skids with rotating textures iirc. From what I understand they would have to change the shape of the collision mesh and artwork that corresponds to the new shape. However if the above is true I don't see how they would be able to articulate over terrain and if that was desired they WOULD need a major rework
  6. Thing is I have built things using similar construction methods as you and don't have near the problems. I've had problems with the docking ports but only when disconnecting them from decouplers via staging. I've been able to attach them to each other as well as attaching parts directly to them and then undocking to separate.
  7. None of the teasers have but the Dev diary with nertea about thermals showed some sketches and concepts for ground based colonies
  8. I think the purpose is to replace ksp1-style surface bases with physics-less surface bases that don't suffer the same drawbacks bases as ksp1
  9. I hate to say this but I think KSP2 has it out for you.
  10. How do you typically attach your nose cones?
  11. Of course every thing they include of exclude at any point in time is a decision. Instead of implementing comment occlusion, they have decided that their time is better spent delivering other content and fixing the foundations of the game. I tend to agree with this decision. While I do see the value of adding additional challenge via occlusion, I am more interested in seeing: -the challenges and gameplay opportunities afforded by colonies -resource gathering and how that will tie into both science collection and colony function -Much-needed improvements to UIX, including but not limited to maneuver creation, map view, PAM, resource Manager, and vehicle construction. -optimizations to performance, especially considering terrain generation, vehicle physics, and fuel flow -bug fixes that are frustrating to experienced players and game-breaking to newer players. Let's not miss the forest for the trees. The difficult part of this is we can only see a few trees around us while the rest is hidden behind nondisclosure. While I agree that commnet provided an additional challenge, remember it did not Even come to KSP for quite some time after 1.0 and Even then could be disabled via toggle. Especially considering how performance degrades as the number of vessels increases, I didn't know if it's a great decision to encourage sending a bunch of extra crafts into orbit at this point in time.
  12. Try time warping then trying to retract it. Then get out of time warp and try again.
  13. I think colony will be used to describe an assembly that has population-dependant mechanics
  14. Not to mention, rocket science itself is a meme, kerbals are a meme...
  15. Please elaborate what you mean. Where do you see anything about purposefully spacing out releases?
  16. One issue I encountered with the button running everything at once is that it can really suck down ec especially doing the orbital survey and radiation samples together.
  17. Unless this vessel is a single particle, I doubt near light speed vessels shouldn't be too much of an issue
  18. I've been taking a class on C. After learning about low level programming languages I can see how this kind of thing would help. I imagine at the assembly level it gets even messier. A botched call to an unassigned variable, or trying to call a value outside the range of an array can lead to some very unwieldily behavior. I imagine that the game is storing data in a bunch of locations and isn't optimally clearing the data when it's no longer useful.
  19. Thank you for elaborating. I see your point much clearer now
  20. Because KERB is a place for bug reports, not discussion on changing mechanics that are working as intended.
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