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  1. What exactly are the parts you need? Have you been unlocking everything or have you been only unlocking things as you need them? For recreating a specific look, just use sandbox mode if that's all you care about.
  2. I've done 7-minute burns with no problem! Now the timer might not always work but as long as I watch the trajectory in the last few seconds I'm right on.
  3. I have not experienced a significant differential between the expected burn and my resultant burn when starting at the countdown. In what scenarios are you experiencing this discrepancy?
  4. So all that has happened is they have removed the task of adding all your science bits to an action group and added an indicator light. Also if that doesn't suit your play style you have the option of manually activating the experiments one by one. Also out of curiosity how far in the tech tree are you? I feel like I had to leave a lot of parts unlocked until I had what I needed in KSP 2. In 1 all you have to do is send a lab to minimus and maybe the mun or duna and farm the biomes there to get the whole tree unlocked. In ksp2, certain experiments take time. The orbital lab especially takes 6 minutes to gather its data. And it drains EC the entire time it's running, regardless if it's collecting from the selected biome. There are also some considerations to the masses of the experiments and placement on your craft, as they aren't as easily counterbalanced as they were in ksp1. I also suspect that science will be useful once colonies and resource collection arrive as you will need to locate resources in order to plan your colony locations.
  5. This post along with the anniversary post should be pinned! Great work IG, I look forward to being able to rely on fairings to keep my stuff from melting again! Oh and give me some more stuff to unlock;{P
  6. You can rename them in the tracking station as of now
  7. It would be nice to have some way to view what exactly is taking up resources in-game. In Minecraft there is an option to overlay a lag-o-meter and a pie chart that represents resource usage, in which each slice can be opened to look at a breakdown of each category.
  8. On the contrary I think docking is easier in KSP 2. The rendezvous is a bit trickier without precise node control but docking ports are like tractor beams compared to KSP1.
  9. I had the same bug happen to me today with a lower TWR hydrogen engine-powered craft so I think this must be some kind of rounding error. Strange how accel under timewarp doesn't work in the cases it would be most useful
  10. Turn it off auto and mess with the settings there. Suspension tweaks may help as well.
  11. I landed by the lake and carefully drove my plane to it. It was still hard and took hella quick saves.
  12. You don't have to do it all in one go. Do your big adjustments early on, then the finer adjustments later on your journey
  13. I must be some kind of super human then because I've done plenty interplanetary missions without it. Not saying a manual editor wouldn't be helpful though.
  14. This is a fairly well known bug. The game is not updating the state from "landed" in some scenarios
  15. I noticed the game would not let me adjust throttle at 1x timewarp after trying to burn under timewarp with these engines.
  16. You get to look at the ground? Most of my time is in map view lol. Reentry is usually the only time I get to actually look at Kerbin( up close at least)
  17. And if you want to put something in a cargo bay without a decoupler there is a way ... But it is not the easy way Just wait until they discover the shift button in the vab
  18. I disagree. You should be able to. It is the kerbal way
  19. You don't even need the separator. Also if you want there to not be a gap when attaching larger parts, you're going to need to use the larger docking ports
  20. Even if there is a visible gap you NEED a decoupler.
  21. You just have to pay attention to which nodes you are attaching things to. Pics might help a bit too
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