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  1. Not sure if this helps, but FYI I tried this release out with a clean KSP 1.10 install (plus DLC) with the Beyond Home Planet Pack , which seemed to work well, and Galileo's pack, which I couldn't get to work. I tried running GPP with both its main, and its secondary configurations provided in the main dl. However either way, when KSP got to the main screen I got this message: "Kopernicus was not able to load the custom planetary system due to an exception in the loading process..." Here, Here, and Here are the log files that message said to post, in case you are interested.
  2. Hello! Does anyone have any tips for designing a craft to mine Deuterium and/or He3 from Jool? I could really use a craft like that for my current game, but I'm stumped on where to begin.
  3. So either I've found a bug in Realchutes... Or I've been using this mod wrong for years... So I earlier today I realized bigger parachute parts DO NOT have bigger parachutes inside them. I always assumed that, for example, scaling the RealChute Cone Double Chute part up from .625m up to its largest size at 2.5m would allow it to fit a much bigger parachute inside it and thus make it much more effective. However I tested various parachutes by attaching them to a heavy fuel tank dropping them from some launch clamps and I found out that chutes scaled down to .625m were just as good as 2.5m chutes when it came to slowing down a heavy weight in free fall. (when I tested between different types of parachutes and different parachute materials, the tests turned out pretty much how you would expect) I know that this mod isn't supported anymore, I'm just wondering if this is a bug or if I've been using this mod wrong for years.
  4. Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work put into this mod. I haven't played a game of KSP with Interstellar since back when Scott Manley's Interstellar quest was still in progress. I have finally got a career mode game towards the end of the tech tree so I can start using the more advanced parts from this mod, and wow there have been so many changes. I used to be pretty competant with Interstellar back in .18, but now there is so much more content in this mod. It's going to take me a long while to relearn this mod. I had no idea that there was so much work done on here, and so far, I really like the changes that I have come across. I haven't been this excited playing KSP in a very long time! I'm plan on taking my time unlocking techs and gradually learning. Sofar I have unlocked all the fission reactors and set up an orbital power station and figured out how to refuel it. My next step will be to start experimenting with beamed power. I want to use beamed power to power my crew transports and perhaps my ore miners going to and from LKO and the moon. I've already seen that beamed power is much more complicated than I am used to. I haven't started on it yet, but if anyone has any advice before I start I would appreciate it.
  5. I did as well, I was lucky enough to discover KSP that day and I bought it almost immediately. it's good to know I'm not the only one with this problem.
  6. So I've been trying out this mod and so far it is quite interesting, but perhaps a bit confusing. I made sure to read through this entire thread (I didn't read the old one) but there are still some things I am not sure about. (Note I have been playing with the USK gov) 1: In the quarterly reviews they list "Public Opinion" and "Public Opinon after modifiers are decay" separately. My public opinion stat appears to be decreasing over time, while the public opinion after modifiers has been increasing. The same thing has been happening with my State Confidence. I don't understand what's going on here. For the public opinion at least, I have not had any Kerbals die or get labeled as stranded. 2: How does the State Confidence "Destroying Vessels" penalty work? Does this only count probes that crash land? 3: What is the purpose of the GDP in the government settings? 4: Which contracts are government contracts? So far this mod does seem quite interesting, and I am definitely going to keep using it in my current game. Thank you for the hard work!
  7. I understand, and thankyou for the suggestions! I have not heard of either of those mods. Unfortunately, I looked into them, and neither mod fit the gameplay style I am looking for. Your mod was the closest that I was looking for. I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to build cost effective rockets so that I could get the most out of my monthly budget without having to worry about trying to find contracts to fit the activity I wanted to do (for example, build a station in Mun orbit), or having to do contracts I don't want to do to get some money. I really enjoyed how my monthly budget increased as my reputation increased. I played with USI colonization and life support installed, and I wanted to maintain a permanent Kerbal presence in space, so I had to fit resupply shipments into my monthly budget. However, like Larkvi, I ended up getting stuck about mid game, once I try to move my space program beyond planting flags on the Mun and Minmus. (I try to avoid grinding Mun and Minmus landings for science and instead move on to Interplanetary projects) Once I was done with the Mun and Minmus, I ran out of things to spend the monthly budget because I would already have a ton of in low Kerbin orbit waiting for the their transfer windows to other planets to open up. Also like larkvi said, my monthly budget was much lower than the cost of the tier 3 building upgrades, so I could never afford them.
  8. Is it possible to configure this mod to disable the budget caps? I would be happy if I could get a set amount of funds regularly after a set amount of time.
  9. Hello, I've had an odd error show up late in a heavily modded game. (too many mods for me to file this as a bug report. I could try to replicate this in a USI only install of KSP if anyone is interested.) I am curious if anyone has seen this before? I have a station in orbit of a moon with 2 counter rotating inflatable hab rings, and for some reason the rings are crooked. I've tried quicksaving and reloading, but the problem seems to get worse. Here is a pic.
  10. So I would really like for the wiki to have the converters listed for all of the applicable parts, so that I can use the MKS wiki as a quick reference for the numbers I need when I need to run some calculations. I went ahead and started writing some tables that I would like to add to the wiki to do this. I am very new to this, so I figured it would be best for me to post what I have finished so far here so that I can get some feedback and suggestions regarding formatting and anything else. This is what I have so far, for a couple of the Tundra Parts. I pulled all the numbers directly from the .cfg's. Writing these has kinda been a pain to get aligned properly, so if anyone can suggest a more easy to format with which to write these tables I would be happy to do the grunt work of copying and pasting the necessary data. MKS Tundra Agriculture Module These modules can be toggled to provide the following resource converters. Note that the 2.5m Agriculture Module only provides a single converter while the 3.75m Agriculture Module provides two converters that can be independently toggled. Agriculture Module only provides (Values are in units per second and assume 100% load) Agroponics: > Inputs | `Fertilizer` | `Mulch` | `ElectricCharge` | `Machinery` | > --------:|:------------------:|:------------------:|:------------------:|:------------------:| > 2.5m | 0.00021 | 0.0021 | 4.62 | 0.000002 | > 3.75m | 0.000375 | 0.00375 | 8.25 | 0.000008 | > Outputs | `Supplies` | `Recyclables` | > --------:|:------------------:|:------------------:| > 2.5m | 0.00231 | 0.000002 | > 3.75m | 0.004125 | 0.000008 | Cultivate(S): > Inputs | `Fertilizer` | `Substrate` | `Water` | `ElectricCharge` |`Machinery` | > --------:|:------------------:|:------------------:|:------------------:|:------------------:|:------------------:| > 2.5m | 0.000043 | 0.0043 | 0.0043 | 9.07 | 0.000002 | > 3.75m | 0.000074 | 0.0074 | 0.0074 | 15.61 | 0.000008 | > Outputs | `Supplies` | `Recyclables` | > --------:|:------------------:|:------------------:| > 2.5m | 0.00043 | 0.000002 | > 3.75m | 0.00074 | 0.000008 | Cultivate(D): > Inputs | `Fertilizer` | `Dirt` | `Water` | `ElectricCharge` |`Machinery` | > --------:|:------------------:|:------------------:|:------------------:|:------------------:|:------------------:| > 2.5m | 0.000018 | 0.0045 | 0.0045 | 9.2 | 0.000002 | > 3.75m | 0.0000315 | 0.007875 | 0.007875 | 15.61 | 0.000008 | > Outputs | `Supplies` | `Recyclables` | > --------:|:------------------:|:------------------:| > 2.5m | 0.00018 | 0.000002 | > 3.75m | 0.000315 | 0.000008 | Agriculture(S): > Inputs | `Fertilizer` | `Substrate` | `Water` | `ElectricCharge` |`Machinery` | > --------:|:------------------:|:------------------:|:------------------:|:------------------:|:------------------:| > 2.5m | 0.000015 | 0.00375 | 0.00375 | 8.57 | 0.000002 | > 3.75m | 0.0000262 | 0.00655 | 0.00655 | 14.96 | 0.000008 | > Outputs | `Organics` | `Recyclables` | > --------:|:------------------:|:------------------:| > 2.5m | 0.00045 | 0.000002 | > 3.75m | 0.000786 | 0.000008 | Agriculture(D): > Inputs | `Fertilizer` | `Dirt` | `Water` | `ElectricCharge` |`Machinery` | > --------:|:------------------:|:------------------:|:------------------:|:------------------:|:------------------:| > 2.5m | 0.0000083 | 0.00415 | 0.00415 | 9.06 | 0.000002 | > 3.75m | 0.0000144 | 0.0072 | 0.0072 | 15.71 | 0.000008 | > Outputs | `Organics` | `Recyclables` | > --------:|:------------------:|:------------------:| > 2.5m | 0.000083 | 0.000002 | > 3.75m | 0.000144 | 0.000008 | MKS Tundra Agriculture Support Module This module can be toggled to contain three of the following resource converters: Fertilizer(G): > Inputs | `Gypsum` | `ElectricCharge` | `Machinery` | > --------:|:------------------:||:------------------:|:------------------:| > 3.75m | 0.0272 | 29.92 | 0.00004 | > Outputs | `Fertilizer` | `Recyclables` | > --------:|:------------------:|:------------------:| > 3.75m | 0.0136 | 0.00004 | Fertilizer(M): > Inputs | `Minerals` | `ElectricCharge` | `Machinery` | > --------:|:------------------:||:------------------:|:------------------:| > 3.75m | 0.0305 | 31.72 | 0.00004 | > Outputs | `Fertilizer` | `Recyclables` | > --------:|:------------------:|:------------------:| > 3.75m | 0.0061 | 0.00004 | H2O (Hyd): > Inputs | `Hydrates` | `ElectricCharge` | `Machinery` | > --------:|:------------------:||:------------------:|:------------------:| > 3.75m | 0.0272 | 29.92 | 0.00004 | > Outputs | `Water` | `Recyclables` | > --------:|:------------------:|:------------------:| > 3.75m | 0.0136 | 0.00004 | H2O (Ore): > Inputs | `Ore` | `ElectricCharge` | `Machinery` | > --------:|:------------------:||:------------------:|:------------------:| > 3.75m | 0.0305 | 31.72 | 0.00004 | > Outputs | `Water` | `Recyclables` | > --------:|:------------------:|:------------------:| > 3.75m | 0.0061 | 0.00004 | MKS Tundra Kerbitat Recycler: > Inputs | `ElectricCharge` | > --------:|:------------------:| > 2.5m | 37 | > 3.75m | 138 | Purifier: > Inputs | `Water` | `ElectricCharge` | > --------:|:------------------:|:------------------:| > 2.5m | 0.00905 | 37 | > 3.75m | 0.009325 | 138 | Hab-Common: > Inputs | `ElectricCharge` | > --------:|:------------------:| > 2.5m | 0.235 | > 3.75m | 0.813 | > Outputs | `Crew Capacity` | `Hab Multiplier` | `Kerbal Months` | > --------:|:------------------:|:------------------:|:------------------:| > 2.5m | 4 | 2.35 | 0 | > 3.75m | 6 | 5.42 | 0 | Hab-Quarters: > Inputs | `ElectricCharge` | > --------:|:------------------:| > 2.5m | 0.4625 | > 3.75m | 1.625 | > Outputs | `Crew Capacity` | `Hab Multiplier` | `Kerbal Months` | > --------:|:------------------:|:------------------:|:------------------:| > 2.5m | 4 | 0 | 18.5 | > 3.75m | 6 | 0 | 65 | MKS Tundra Colonization Module Living Module > Inputs | `ColonySupplies` | `ElectricCharge` | > --------:|:------------------:|:------------------:| > 2.5m | 0.000278 | 18 | > 3.75m | 0.000833 | 138 | Edit: Oh crap, it looks like I pulled these numbers from version 0.50.15. Hopefully they were not changed in 0.50.17.
  11. (I hope this makes sense, its hard for me to describe) My problem with the tech tree, is the way that similar items are splits across many different techs, and how that relates to the mid-game and end-game part of career mode. For example the 1.25m fuel tanks are unlocked by 4 different techs. This makes sense at the start of a career mode game, when you still have to worry about the 30 part limit for rockets in the VAB. For example, lets say I have a rocket with 30 total parts, 8 of which are FL-T200 tanks, so I unlock advanced rocketry so I can replace those tanks with 4 FL-T400s to reduce the part total for the rocket. Once I upgrade the VAB, I don't have to worry about part limits anymore. However there are still a lot of very similiar parts split up across mutiple techs up until the very end of the tech tree. The best example of this is batteries, I don't think there should be any batteries in the tech tree past advanced electics (a 160science tech) The end of the tech tree should be for stuff like Ion engines, IRSU parts, RTGs, and advanced engines like the vector and the rapier, not bigger batteries and various very useful structural parts.
  12. Sure! That's a good idea, I would have posted it myself if I had the time to properly format it and add in other converters like the science lab and such. Thankyou!
  13. I believe that you are forgetting recyclers, like the RT-500 recycling Module. I was actually just did the math to figure out to balance the life support for a station I am designing so I'll copy what I figured out here. This station is intended to support up to 3 Kerbals at a time. If anyone notices any errors please correct me. 1 Kerbal = .0005 supplies consumed per second 3 Kerbals = .0015 supplies per second The RT-500 recycling Module will reduce the supply consumption of 3 Kerbals by 79%, (3 Kerbals) x (1 RT-500 recycling Module) = ( .0015 supplies per second ) x ( .21 ) (3 Kerbals) x (1 RT-500 recycling Module) = ( 0.000315 supplies per second ) (1 Kerbal) x (1/3 RT-500 recycling Module) = ( 0.000105 supplies per second) The Nom-O-Matic 25000-I can produce up to 0.00132000 Supplies per second The Nom-O-Matic 25000 can produce up to 0.00066000 Supplies per second The Nom-O-Matic 5000 can produce up to 0.00013200 Supplies per second (.00132) / (0.000105 Supplies per second) = 12.57.... (0.00066000 / (0.000105 Supplies per second) = 6.285... (0.00013200) / (0.000105 Supplies per second) = 1.257.... Number of Kerbals 1 Greenhouse can Support with enough RT-500Ts without enough RT-500s Nom-O-Matic 25000-I 12.57 2.6397 Nom-O-Matic 25000 6.285 1.31985 Nom-O-Matic 5000 1.257 0.26397
  14. That sounds awesome to me! While I have a very nice PC that can run SVE just fine, I much prefer the artistic direction of your mod. I just installed your mod and KSP is booting up as I type this. I can't wait to check out your mod! Edit: My impressions: So I ran KSP for about 20 minutes, I finished a quick mission to drop off supplies at my colony on the mun, and I took a peek at Duna, Jool, and Laythe. I must say that you have done a very nice job with the aesthetics of this mod! My framerate did feel a bit smoother, I'm not sure what it was before, but fraps says I was running above 50 fps at 1440p. I definitely believe that your mod runs a lot smoother than SVE, but its hard for me to tell because I have a lot of mods bottle-necking my CPU. Open Hardware monitor said I only used 53% of my GPU at its peak. Great job! keep up the awesome work!!!
  15. If anyone is interested, I made an alternate CommNet rebalance Configuration. I didn't like how OPM increased every antenna's range by a factor a 4, which I believe unnecessarily changes the balance of short range and early game communication. Instead, I increased the tier III tracking station to a rage of 2 Tm, and increased the range of the Communotron 88-88 and RA-100 to 500 Gm. With my config, and the tier III tracking station, the DTS-M1 / RA-2 antennas can provide a stable connection out to all the inner planets and Dres most of the time, and Jool if it is close to Kerbin. The HG-55 / RA-50 annennas are good for Jool and Sarnus, and the Communotron 88-88 / RA-100 antennas are good for Plock (and anything else within 1 Tm of Kerbin). @PART[RelayAntenna100] { @MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter] { @antennaPower = 500000000000 } } @PART[commDish] { @MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter] { @antennaPower = 500000000000 } } @CUSTOMBARNKIT { @TRACKING { @DSNRange = 2000000000, 50000000000, 2000000000000 } }
  16. It has to be fairly common to accidentally hit F4 when you mean to hit F5 to quicksave. I've noticed several newer players on twitch having this issue.
  17. I'm pretty sure this is a known bug. All the endurance record contracts and the manned orbital missions only count down for the active vessel. Since this is obviously a bug and not the intended purpose of these contracts, I personally just set an alarm clock timer for the duration and the use the cheat menu to complete the contracts after I return the Kerbals to earth.
  18. I think that this would be a pretty simple request. Simply put, I would like a simple way to visually tell whether or not ship labels are toggled via the F4 button. I can recall a couple times during a rendezvous I was unable to see a ship icon even though my target was nearby, and I wasn't sure if I either I accidentally pressed f4 and the ship labels were not being displayed, or I simply needed to keep looking for the icon. I would think that the easiest and least obtrusive way to accomplish this would be a simple text notification beneath the altimeter similiar whenever F4 is pressed, something like this I mocked up in paint. Edit: Is this the correct forum for this kind of post?
  19. Thanks! I followed your instructions, and it worked! I think what confused me was that I never knew that the command module staging icon actually did something. I must say that so far I have only used the 2.5m command module and its LES, and at first I was impressed by how good they looked, but once I figured out the actions groups and staging I was blown away by all the neat little features and how well made and functional these parts are. After some experimenting I was able to figure out how to set up the staging and action groups exactly how I wanted them to work. I don't like using my mouse during launches, so I wanted to jettison the LES through staging with the space bar. I set the LES to have JettisonMotor as its default mode, with the decoupler staging disabled. I disabled all the staging options for the command module except for port staging. For the actions groups, I set up the abort action group to have the Command Module "decouple Service module" and I set up the LES to "Activate Engine" and "Switch Mode". Then I just put the command module on the same stage as the LES.
  20. Hello! I recently downloaded this mod, and I'm finding it pretty hard to figure out how to use the LES with the 2.5 command module. I read through the wiki and I spent the last half hour using the search in this thread and I couldn't find instructions on how I should set up the action groups and/or staging. If someone could tell me how they set up the LES from this mod or point me towards a guide I would be very grateful. Edit: Also, when I right click the 2.5m command module in the VAB I see some options like "SM DC Staging Disabled" and "Port: Enable Staging" yet when I click them nothing changes in my stage list in the VAB, am I missing something?
  21. Regarding your question about heatshields and engines: Look up how NASA designed the skyscane to land the Mars Rover Curiosity. I often use similiar designs to land probes on Duna and various moons. I would post pics but I'm on mobile. Edit: Also I find that aerobreaking is not entirely necessary to get a craft into orbit of Duna or Jool. I prefer to use a small burn to get captured into an elliptical orbit and then I use reverse gravity assists using Ike with Duna and Laythe with Jool. In fact I find that 90% of the time I can plot a reverse gravity assist using the big moon around Jool, (I'm having a brain fart, the major moon that isn't Laythe or vall) where I don't need to burn at all to get captured into a good orbit.
  22. I feel like I'm probably being blind and missing the obvious, but I do not see any struts on either of the craft in the pictures.
  23. I have a rule that I must do something at least once by hand to prove to myself that I can before I use MechJeb to automate a functions, like plotting a transfer to Munar orbit or landing a craft on the Mun. The main reason that I do this is because I like designing "elegent" modular designs even when I know I could build a giant craft that could accomplish everything in a single launch.
  24. I too would like to use standardized lifters in KSP more often. I think I have figured out why I never seem to get around to making them. The biggest reason by far that I don't tend to design standardized lifters is because I usually play in career mode and there are some parts that I would want to put on my standard lifters that are unlocked at the end of the tech tree. I never rush through the tech tree because I enjoy the challenge of building low tech craft. By the time I get around to unlocking the parts that I am looking for, (specifically the 1.25 and the 2.5m probe cores) I usually have a ton of various low tech design from earlier I designed earlier in the game. Also, sometimes it is difficult for me to say exactly where my rockets end and their payload begins. For example, for payloads meant for the Mun, I usually use combine the second stage of the rocket with the transfer stage, so I basically just build a 2.5 stage to Low Munar Orbit rocket. Edit: For those players who do use standardized lifter subassemblies. I would love to see them! Please post some pics! I am starting to think that the true reason I don't use standardized lifters is because I am WAY too fussy about building efficient lifters that don't leave any debris in orbit. I consider having over two or three hundred dV remaining in a stage that I intended to de-orbit very wasteful and grounds for a re-design of the lifter before the next launch.
  25. Ive found a minor typo in one of the .cfgs for this mod. I've noticed that one of extra parts in the OldFARFairings folder is misplaced in the tech tree. I assume that both the regular and the expanded 2.5m fairing cones were meant to be unlocked with the Supersonic flight tech. Line 19 in the part2m.cfg in the KW12mFairingCone folder is this: TechRequired = flightControl when it should be TechRequired = supersonicFlight Edit: I am running community Tech tree if that affects anything.
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