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[1.12.x] [BG] HabTech2 | Stockalike ISS Parts | 1.0.0 - The Final Update


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HabTech2 | V1.0.0 | ISS Parts for KSP

Featuring parts designed to replicate the US Orbital Section (USOS) of the International Space Station as of 2023, including:

  • Pressurised modules & cupola
  • Integrated Truss Structure & solar arrays, including iROSA
  • External payloads & experiments
  • Other structural pieces, science parts and antennas
  • Canadarm2 & Mobile Base System
  • New additions to the ISS such as BEAM, Bishop airlock, and more

Tantares is recommended to build the Russian Orbital Section (ROS).

Watch the update video below!


Craft Files

Craft files are also included for the USOS (standalone), International Space Station in 2003, 2011 and 2023 configurations (requires Tantares), and Space Station Freedom (1991 configuration). 





More craft file images:











All hard dependencies are bundled with the release:

  • Module Manager
  • Community Resource Pack
  • B9PartSwitch
  • Benjee10 Shared Assets
  • HabTech Props
  • HabTech Robotics

You will also need Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground DLC for robotics parts. 



Place the contents of GameData/ into your KSP/GameData/ directory. 
If you already have HabTech2, benjee10_sharedAssets or htRobotics installed, please delete the existing mod folders in your GameData directory before installing the new versions to avoid compatibility issues.

Craft files require the latest version of Tantares. 



GITHUB (Secondary)

What's next?

I intend for this to be the final major release of HabTech2 prior to shifting focus onto KSP2. I'm really pleased to have finally completed the ISS in time, after many years of work. This latest update started in mid 2019 - it has been a mammoth amount of work. I am hopeful that some of this work will be able to be transferred into KSP2 and take advantage of the potential massive increase in graphical capability (& stability with large vessels) that will bring. 

That being said, while I don't intend to add any new parts to HabTech2 from here on out, I will continue to support the mod and address any bugs or issues, as well as updating any dependencies as required. 

Thank you for your support over the years - I have loved working on this mod and getting feedback from all of you. It is a long journey and I am glad to have finally reached the destination, but a new journey is just about to begin. See you there. 


Above screenshot & header image by Steven

ROS craft files created by Zarbon

Original OP preserved for posterity:



HabTech2 | V0.2.6 | ISS Parts for KSP


Had it with HitchHikers? Sick of Science Labs? 

HabTech provides only highest-quality pressurised tin cans space station modules for use in constructing your ultimate habitable structure in Kerbin orbit. 

My total revamp of HabTech is still in its early stages, but you can download a stable release below, which features all of the main pressurised components of the US Orbital Section of the ISS!

The cover image features parts from Restock and Tantares (which is essential to build the Russian segment of the ISS). 




B9PartSwitch Community Resource Pack (bundled with the mod)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does HabTech2 replace HabTech?

A. No. HabTech2 exists in a separate folder in the GameData directory, meaning it won't break any existing craft files. 

Q. Where did all the parts from OG HabTech go?

A. HabTech2 is a total remake from the ground up. I've progressed a lot as an artist and a mod-maker in the three years since I first embarked on HabTech, and so many of the parts from the original need to be changed too much to fit a simple drop-in replacement model. The HabTech2 project is ongoing, and hopefully with time you will see replacements for all your favourite parts coming back. 

Q. Will you be adding X part?

A. Maybe. My core goal is to replicate every pressurised module on the US segment as well as the truss structure and external science experiments. As a stretch goal I'm going to be including cancelled modules and modules from Space Station Freedom, and possibly from alternate timelines such as Eyes Turned Skywards.

Q. What about the Russian bits?

A. Beale has you covered.

Q. I want the old HabTech back!

A. You can download the Legacy Version.

Recommended mods:

RestockreDIRECT - SOCK - Tantares - BDB - Cormorant Aeronology - Tundra Exploration - SSPXR

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Updated OP
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Cheers for the comments everyone! Bit of progress:

Shorter hab/logistics module (based on the Kibo logistics module) along with a CBM:


Still working on getting the normal textures to look right. Might skip normals entirely since not many stock parts have them. Thoughts?

WIP airlock (textures very WIP):


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On 05/03/2016 at 5:39 PM, davidy12 said:

LOVE the Pork-alike resembalance :D  I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THESE PUPPIES WITH IVAs!!!!!

I have mixed feelings about IVAa. I rarely use them in gameplay, and I have known them have a huge hit on RAM use. I suspect the worst case I came across used far too much detail in textures and mesh. I think I would wait and see what v1.1 works out like. But I would prefer having an option for a very simple IVA. It isn't so hard to delete the IVA from the cfg-file, but not having the option in the Mod can be a nuisance.

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Alpha download link is up!

Early dev so let me know anything you think needs changing. Currently supports USI LS. 

Features features six parts:

  • 6-way node
  • Short logistics module
  • Long lab
  • Airlock
  • Cygnus trunk segment
  • CBM docking port


As for IVAs, currently just using the placeholder one but given the cutaway views coming in 1.1 I will be creating IVAs at some point.

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This looks real sharp! One thing though, I don't feel as though the unity-style module should be a crew hab module. Real unity is mostly for interconnection and logistics isn't it? I say just give it ample battery and RCS or torque, and move habitat to a new module.

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26 minutes ago, Gryphorim said:

This looks real sharp! One thing though, I don't feel as though the unity-style module should be a crew hab module. Real unity is mostly for interconnection and logistics isn't it? I say just give it ample battery and RCS or torque, and move habitat to a new module.

I believe that some of the nodes on the ISS (if not Unity itself) do have sleeping quarters in them, and since that part is meant to be able to be used for all of them, I thought I'd better give it appropriate crew capacity. I think that USI bases its habitability time on crew capacity, though I'm still trying to figure that out (I'm getting some NaNs at the moment).

Cheers for the feedback everyone. Let me know how you think the parts feel in game.

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Couple of dev shots of the Z1 truss part. This is the bit of the ISS which controls attitude using four reaction wheels in the back. In real life this module has only one crew accessible hatch (the other is purely structural) but I'm going to give it two so you can use it as a truss/crew adapter thing if you want. Will have some hefty torque but come at a price in terms of EC usage. Probably will have monoprop storage as well. Width is 2.5m.

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