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[1.3] Vostok Continued


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Vostok Continued

When @Beale revamped his Tantares mod, he unfortunately abandoned the Vostok parts. Abandoned and homeless, I took them in, updated the textures, and gave them a home. This mod adds a set of parts designed to re-create the Vostok spacecraft and Blok-E upper stage in a stockalike style.


Github   Development

Thanks to:

@Beale for making the original parts, and giving me access to his source files and giving me tips.

@CobaltWolf for helping me with the textures and getting the parts ingame.

@Daelkyr for helping with the aerodynamics and parachute code.

Plenty of other people for giving me feedback, encouragement, and help.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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17 hours ago, Oectacan said:

Returneble capsule drag coefficient is too low. After deorbiting maneuer it`s become to orbit 100/40 end crash on surface with speed ~700m/s.

Interesting to hear. Can you post screenshots? The Vostok capsule actually had the same drag module as the Mk1 capsule.

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On 23.06.2017 at 5:43 PM, Daelkyr said:

Can you post screenshots?

I try to do it tomorrow.


On 23.06.2017 at 8:54 PM, IronCretin said:

It's historically accurate. You're supposed to jump out in midair.

I know it, but in early campain kerbals can't go IVA. :(. And, after Yuriy Gagarin left the capsule, it`s soft land to surface.

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Thanks for continuing this!  @NathanKell encountered an issue on one of his streams, and I verified without RO:

  1. When you EVA, it sends you and the pod spinning
  2. You can't get back in - it never gives you the option to grab the ladder or board the pod, even right up against the hatch.
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Does someone else has the issue with rentry? I am usually hitting the ground a supersonic speed, whichever reentry angle I choose.

For testing, I started from 70km circular orbit, and emptied the service module retrograde to slow down. When I reached 30km, I made a screenshot. Then I ran the same simulation, only replacing the Almac command pod by and mk1.

Album a/k8PVW will appear when post is submitted

When you compare the drag values between the two pods at 30 km, you can see that the Almac one is 10 times to low, that's why you come in so fast...
Interstingly, increasing maximum_drag and minimum_drag in the cfg file of the pod seem to have no effect...

Any ideas where it could come from?



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Dude, something that works in 1.3 will also work in 1.3.1. The reason there hasn't been any activity is because... well, the Vostok is already revamped. The only updates needed are few and far apart, simple patches for game-changing updates (Which are also few and far apart).

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