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  1. Already fixed in the last patch i made on that day
  2. EDIT: released a hotfix for the science values!
  3. Well I am very sorry friend... Did you happen to do it over Sarvin? I will release an update right away.
  4. Thank you a lot dude! ..but really, don't worry! Everything should work just as good if you just use the kopernicus version for 1.2.1.
  5. more progress with custom contracts everyone!! I have just finished creating all the new agencies and their logos and I will shortly start adding those contracts that will be entirely unique!
  6. So far not much... In exchange soon custom Contracts will be developed by me, as planets are 99% finished with the exception of the biome bug. The biomes are there, but the science system only seems to recognise one of the biomes eve tho they do appear if you toggle the cheat to make them visible in the debug menu...
  7. Yeah... I don't even know why the issue is like that with the rings...
  8. I will start working on Contracts on Monday or Tuesday afer I finish flashing new bootloaders on my phone, along with the LineageOs14.1 ROM
  9. 1. It was intentional. Potatus had a bug that made it look yellow from title screen. Plus Sarvin is just wahaaay cooler and more badass looking B) 2. Yeah... I believe the contracts tree is broken for now when it comes to the planets. You can still completr them but they are not appearing in the desired order. Our team member, @Olympic1 used to be in charge for contracts and custom science defs but it seems like he got caught up and hasn't respinded in a lot of time, so nobody really put attention into contracts. What you see is generated by the game without exterior intervention... ...forgive me for this issue. I will try looking into it for the next release. So far I have never experimented with contracts and therefore... We'll see how it goes...
  10. Take a second look at Kerbol Origins
  11. Good observation! My theory is that one side got sprayed with ring material from times when the moon was going trough the rings...
  12. Technically, since it is a tiny object covered in fluff-like dust material, I wanted to also give it a a tiny atmosphere to match this fact. It is a very thin one and is barelly visible but hey... It's there! I've also played with the terrain physics to make it more "bouncy". Therefore crashing there will be a tiny bit less dangerous...
  13. Untortunately no one has made any progress on it... If you want you can help!
  14. Hey.. thank you! I would be pleased to have you as colab for ribbons and FF compatibility... Send me a PM to talk more in-depth.
  15. This actually seems pretty good! Good job and I hope your skills will encrease more so you can create more nicer things for our little community! Also... ...I will return to this project... ...turn it from my first star experiment into my first star system mod.