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  1. Alright. My comouter is coming in August. I will try doing something this month but don't expect a miracle...
  2. There is. Look in Kerbol Origins/KO_resources.cfg
  3. Not yet. He is still working on some "special things" that will be really cool. Hopefully it it works you won't have to wait more for the visual overhaul! @The White Guardian Also in a less than a month I'll finally be switching to a decent computer and development will pick up speed, now that I will be able to use EVE and export planet textures faster as well as test the planets without having to crash and lag
  4. Great great great job my friend! I am super excited for this, and if you will, may I bundle your package of PQS mods with Kerbol Origins and use it to improve the existing celestial bodies? I am really excited for the canyons PQS mod, AltitudeMath and MapArtist! Thank you for creating this!
  5. Lalande 21185? Also... Damn Boris is still around? I remember that mod since the first Planet Factory days!
  6. Awesome! Gliese 581!
  7. Niiice. Can you make Alexandris more of a M dwarf star?
  8. I HAVE BEEN SUMMONED! Now... ...face my wrath ***heavy movie score bass incoming***
  9. Yes, please! I didn't do a good job... :((
  10. Manai and Daphy are supposed to have thick atmospheres. On Daphy, it was supposed to simulate a very thin layer of fluff slowing your ship in the lowest regions you can find. Usually the atmo doesn't raise much on Daphy anyway. It's more of a coincidence that I used those values for more bodies. Everyone is currently working on something for it. Expect a large update... My colab, @The White Guardian, is working on an EVE overhaul that will blow your minds I'out of town till the end of the week so I might not be around.
  11. Yes. I won't be here for tome time. Out of town and out of signal...
  12. Kerbol Origins has a new update <3
  13. I will try. My time is also very very slim and I have barelly gotten time to touch my computer last week. The last Kerbol Origins was released on pretty much that one day...
  14. Beautiful! Announce me when you're ready!
  15. This is outstanding!! Good job bro! Hope you get it finished soon. Also: more custom rocket parts will come, thanks to Nills, including a new command pod, I just need to finish the sketches