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  1. I see, I assumed this was a known issue but on the off chance it wasn't I thought might as well report it. Love the new style
  2. The new Z1 Truss(ST-Z Control Block) has a texture/module issue on the bottom node. Loving the new overhaled parts so far in the dev version. cant wait to see the rest done when you get the time, for now I can deal with this, once attached to unity you cant even see it.
  3. does all tweak work with the TweakScale Companion Program without any issues?
  4. can i hide the toolbar button while in flight? It sits there not being helpful just cluttering up my toolbar.
  5. If anyone is unable to get this mod to work in newer versions be sure to delete the packaged version of firespitter and replace it with a newer version, I like to use the one packaged with SXT.
  6. you can say that again, it sent my station into a spin cycle as soon as I decupled it.
  7. How are you meant to attach the P6 Truss if it just floats away. I have been struggling with this as well
  8. Thanks for making the mod so long ago, its been a fun one. I might also explore the rabbit hole of adopting this but like you said if remade it would work best for the SOCK Shuttle
  9. I LOVE IT, my preference is as the parts are finished release them to a beta build and we can help catch any bugs
  10. So I want Colour_Presets.cfg , Metal_Texture_Sets.cfg , Recolour_Texture_Sets.cfg and inside TU_Standardised_Switching I want 112x_Standardised_TextureSets.cfg Thanks a bunch, Sounds like I left a config in TU_Extras
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