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  1. Inspiring! Thanks for sharing your work with us Jim, I honestly can't wait to read everything in the game (:
  2. I tend to make all sorts of shapes with fairings, then clipping whatever could reasonably fit inside them - fuel tanks or service bay. You pretty much have whatever shape part you want that way! It would be nice to see more parts like that though
  3. Copy that, will use the correct forums for this in the future. o7
  4. Right! I remember that too actually! Now I'm wondering how it will work between moons, planets, and indeed other stars - given that transfer windows between celestial bodies are definitely a factor with Hohmann transfers. Of course Brachistochrone trajectories, once possible, don't necessarily care about transfer windows for any other reason than to avoid colliding with other planets or Suns... gah I just want to know more!
  5. Cheers! Yeah that's what we've been referencing for a while. I still have speculations and questions about this: like for instance, are resources that are automatically gathered like this simply a number that goes up a set amount at set time intervals? Or will there be some simulated vessel that actually travels to said destination and back? I'm assuming it's going to be + resources after X time interval based on the "delivery route" mission we flew. If that's the case, how will it work with complicated vessels that required ditching several stages along the way? ... Typing this I know realize this system likely flourishes with colonies and outposts that are able to construct stages and mine fuel right then and there so maybe it's nothing to worry about. I'm reeeeeally excited to try this out for myself soon
  6. We've had a few people ask about Apple podcasts now, I had issues with them in the past as well as recently regarding getting accounts set up, so honest I simply haven't bothered with really sitting down and ensuring the cast went up there - can't say it's a priority unfortunately! However in better the news the next episode is up on BuzzSprout! https://thekerbalspacepodcast.buzzsprout.com/. I believe they'll take some time distributing to other sources however, and the YouTube video is uploading right now so just a matter of hours before that's all set. Cheers!
  7. Brilliant! I'd love to see that plasma thruster after the art team is done with it
  8. Choo choo!! My hype is immeasurable. Thank you that is all (: I disagree! They've been working on this game for quite a long time, and they have an idea of how much longer it will be until release now, otherwise Nate would not have made the most recent KSP update of "Early 2023". SO judging by other game releases, they are going to likely wait to give us juicy details until we're closer to that date. I imagine they will ramp up the hype train just before release to make it most effective. Until then we'll be waiting a while between updates, understandably.
  9. I've had a probably-more-work-than-it's-worth idea utilizing this mod and CapCom above. Removing all Stock contracts and utilizing this contract system for creating a story. A straight up choices-matter RPG in kerbal space program. Set science to zero gain insitu and give science only via contracts, noteworthy places in the story, maybe "buying" it somehow back on Kerbin. With CapCom having access to contracts on the fly, you could use contracts for difficult decisions, hell you could use them for entire "conversations" that will lead to more objectives and so on down the line. I've never used the mission editor in the game really, so I'm not sure if it has the same potential for this - but with contract configurator you could have a complicated tree of diverging paths of some story, turning it into a story mode of sorts. It's an idea I may flesh out sometime before KSP 2 is here, but I wanted to know if anyone's thought of it before!
  10. Haven't heard of it, might do a similar thing - if it works (doubtful, sorta) it has a "set funds to X" function looks like. Neat! Whatever is the simplest to create would be best!
  11. We'll be recording the next episode with The Beardy Penguin soon! this Sunday, episode will air Monday or Tuesday depending on my free time (: We won't meet the usual Monday upload again this week as plans tend to pop up unfortunately. I will let you all know when to expect the next episode when I know for sure. (:
  12. Episode 4 is up as well! We get to talk with EJ about the obscure ins and outs of the Kerbal Editor, and speculate about various things to come. KONSTRUCTION ft. EJ_SA!
  13. Thanks I'll be sure to ask him! The software modules you bring up, I could see that being a plugin rather than ever needing parts at all, but it reminds me of the sort of automated supply runs that were mentioned by the developers - I really wanna know how that's going to work
  14. There's going to be a 1 or 2 day delay on episode 4, just working some timing out, BUT I can confirm our guest for the episode will be EJ_SA! If you're unaware, they are a rather popular twitch streamer known for crazy complicated KSP engineering - check them out here: https://twitch.tv/ej_sa We'll be recording tomorrow so if you've got any questions for EJ let me know
  15. So, turns out that second mod already exists and I had failed to find it until now!
  16. Tried out making some custom contracts with great success, this is a fun mod! I do have one curiosity though. The contracts I made show up as Offered and Active perfectly in the Mission Control Center, but they don't show up as Offered in the Alt F12 Debug menu, although Active ones are shown fine. Any insight on this? Accepting these custom contracts on the fly would be ideal!
  17. Hullo! I've a request for two mods that don't really create anything new, but rather add to functionality already present in the game and I imagine they would be quite simple for someone with modding experience. Both of these are are already functional within the Alt+F12 debug menu, so there's reason to argue they aren't at all necessary, but I'll explain how I would personally benefit from them after explaining what these mods are. Funds - In the Alt+F12 menu, there are cheat options for adding/retracting science, reputation, and funds. Options for which are quite limited - funds having +- 1,000 and 100,000 as the two options. My request is a mod which, when opened, provides an input field for this instead. Simply type a number, and either press + or - to add or retract. Why? - Why not edit the save file? Well, I play with a rather large modpack where scene changes take a lot of time - as such I try to avoid them wherever possible. I could very well edit my save file and add/retract funds from there easily, but I'd rather not be loading quicksaves to do this when I need to. When would I need to? Well to know that you should know the answer to why this would be useful for me: I'm starting up a "commercial program" with members of my discord where I can get paid by the kilogram in game for flying discord-user made payloads to their various destinations. They can in turn retract funds to "cheat" the craft into their own game if desired, and I'll give myself the appropriate funds in my game. This funds cheat mod would be very nice to have, rather than mashing buttons or editing my save file - I also thought of simply keeping track of funds and only adding them 100,000 at a time when that threshold was met to further simplify the process - these are options but this mod would be cooler in my opinion! Mobile Mission Control - A button to access the Mission Control building from any scene in the game, perferrably without a scene change at all. Why? - Realizing, okay I don't know C# or C++ so modding is out of reach for me at the moment (all I really know are .cfgs) I decided to make this simple idea really complicated, just to see if I could I guess - so I developed an array of custom contracts for the purpose listed above using the mod Contract Configurator. Basically I now have 12 contracts with 6 different "weight" categories, each with a Simple or Complex variant to give myself the adequate funds in game. They are universal so I don't need to make a specific contract for each individual mission, as they will all be different and I have no idea how many of them I will do - I needed a way to manually complete or fail the contract at will. I can use the Alt+F12 menu to accept offered contracts and complete them. The problem is, these custom contracts don't show as offered in the debug menu, but they do show up in the Mission Control Building. So if I had access to that building without a scene change wherever I am, that would work around the problem. Notes - the second mod is entirely unneccesary for me if the first mod were to be developed, given that it's a big work around for the fact that the first mod does not yet exist. However, I could see a benefit to having access to the contract options at all times without needing to go to the debug menu, what do you think? Yeah - that's all! Is this as simple to implement as they sound? Truthfully, I'm not sure. But regardless I'm interested to know. Cheers!
  18. That would be fantastic, I'll likely reach out sometime - I saw their ring station and was quite impressed! The fact they are a NASA engineer would make for some great conversation I think! Great suggestion!
  19. Next episode will air June 6th and be focused on the topic of Construction/Building! Things like the new editor and its various features, what might be possible, what might not be, etc. I also have to announce our schedule is going to be switching to every other week, and not every week: there are a few reasons for this: 1. We have more time to gather interesting details and do a little more studying up in our free time, of which I admittedly have less of than I would like to, at least for now. 2. It will be more likely guests will have available time to speak with us given longer in-between times, because time is a valuable thing for everyone. 3. Despite initial plans on 45 minute episodes, we are regularly close to doubling that, and going over the allotted time Buzzsprout gives us per month! Which I'm proud of honestly, I wasn't sure how things would go right away but it seems we have plenty to ramble about (: That's all for now, carry on! o7
  20. Episode 3 went up this morning! (:
  21. The experience you describe would be inescapable, like as a good thing, I wouldn't be able to play anything else - I'm almost positive the multiplayer experience will be less than this at launch, but once we have an idea of how it all works, well, the modding community is strong and this vision of yours is a real possibility. Keep on dreamin'!
  22. There's something so immensely immersive about even the smallest clusters of 3d clouds in the game - the fifth image, just soaring along past puffs of cloud - something so small adds so much to the experience. Is there an experimental build of this you're willing to share? I would love to have even this in-development work in the game; but of course seeing how it looks already I'm quite excited to see what you do with it in the future (:
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