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  1. I'll refrain from spamming this forum with more updates on this and will probably make my own page for it when I have a lot more done, but the NavBall is looking nice I think!
  2. I had an idea, that being to take make a new UI theme using zTheme as a starting point. I'll just have to see how it comes along, really! I've got a plan but have only touched the NavBall in photoshop so far:
  3. Hats off to the people working hard to squash these bugs for all of us, thank you! I really appreciate the improvements here! ♥
  4. 100% following this, it looks beautiful - and haunting - yet immediately I can start to see how the game play loop of the game would be affected starting on a world like this. Very curious to know if you've had the time/energy to work more on this project, too - any updates?
  5. I've had that bug before, you can use the keyboard (arrow keys + enter) to navigate when it happens.
  6. I may be experiencing the very same bug with Realism Overhaul, did you ever find a remedy for this?
  7. Yesss this is going to come in handy for custom contracts I can make outside of the game, thank you for making this!
  8. Thanks for the update! At least starting out I'll keep this in mind and make vehicles with as few engines as possible, simple enough
  9. Glad to see we'll be tripping over rocks soon! Looking forward to playing the game myself on Friday (:
  10. For me, when staging happens, when parts are destroyed, etc. the Control Room disappears and the IVA camera appears to be next to the probe. Double tapping C brings the Control Room back. KSP.log's only error as it happens is this: [ERR 04:05:25.333] Coroutine couldn't be started because the the game object 'PortraitContainer' is inactive! Anything I can provide to help? I don't seem to see anyone else posting about this issue happening to them!
  11. The best mods reach god status just before KSP 2's early access comes around, luckily for us the FULL release of KSP 2 is still a long way off, so I think I might have to explore this - it's just far too intriguing not to! I've a question though - do you reckon the new celestial bodies are at all compatible with things like USI Colonization mods?
  12. I did find these two moments where things probably don't look exactly as intended - first is some rainy weather where the surface blend is quite abrupt, second is on Laythe - not certain the celestial situation at the moment but it is mid-afternoon.
  13. Amazing! Was it pretty straightforward to get up in RSS? Asking for a friend. (I'm the friend)
  14. Made a little showcase as soon as I could! Absolute gold, thank you for your hard work @blackrack, it's very appreciated - completely transforming this game!
  15. Oh my Kraken this is the best thing I ever seen in this game - words don't describe the immersion something like this adds to the experience. I am beyond excited to see progress like this, well done thank you for working on this (:
  16. Inspiring! Thanks for sharing your work with us Jim, I honestly can't wait to read everything in the game (:
  17. I tend to make all sorts of shapes with fairings, then clipping whatever could reasonably fit inside them - fuel tanks or service bay. You pretty much have whatever shape part you want that way! It would be nice to see more parts like that though
  18. Copy that, will use the correct forums for this in the future. o7
  19. Right! I remember that too actually! Now I'm wondering how it will work between moons, planets, and indeed other stars - given that transfer windows between celestial bodies are definitely a factor with Hohmann transfers. Of course Brachistochrone trajectories, once possible, don't necessarily care about transfer windows for any other reason than to avoid colliding with other planets or Suns... gah I just want to know more!
  20. Cheers! Yeah that's what we've been referencing for a while. I still have speculations and questions about this: like for instance, are resources that are automatically gathered like this simply a number that goes up a set amount at set time intervals? Or will there be some simulated vessel that actually travels to said destination and back? I'm assuming it's going to be + resources after X time interval based on the "delivery route" mission we flew. If that's the case, how will it work with complicated vessels that required ditching several stages along the way? ... Typing this I know realize this system likely flourishes with colonies and outposts that are able to construct stages and mine fuel right then and there so maybe it's nothing to worry about. I'm reeeeeally excited to try this out for myself soon
  21. We've had a few people ask about Apple podcasts now, I had issues with them in the past as well as recently regarding getting accounts set up, so honest I simply haven't bothered with really sitting down and ensuring the cast went up there - can't say it's a priority unfortunately! However in better the news the next episode is up on BuzzSprout! https://thekerbalspacepodcast.buzzsprout.com/. I believe they'll take some time distributing to other sources however, and the YouTube video is uploading right now so just a matter of hours before that's all set. Cheers!
  22. Brilliant! I'd love to see that plasma thruster after the art team is done with it
  23. Choo choo!! My hype is immeasurable. Thank you that is all (: I disagree! They've been working on this game for quite a long time, and they have an idea of how much longer it will be until release now, otherwise Nate would not have made the most recent KSP update of "Early 2023". SO judging by other game releases, they are going to likely wait to give us juicy details until we're closer to that date. I imagine they will ramp up the hype train just before release to make it most effective. Until then we'll be waiting a while between updates, understandably.
  24. I've had a probably-more-work-than-it's-worth idea utilizing this mod and CapCom above. Removing all Stock contracts and utilizing this contract system for creating a story. A straight up choices-matter RPG in kerbal space program. Set science to zero gain insitu and give science only via contracts, noteworthy places in the story, maybe "buying" it somehow back on Kerbin. With CapCom having access to contracts on the fly, you could use contracts for difficult decisions, hell you could use them for entire "conversations" that will lead to more objectives and so on down the line. I've never used the mission editor in the game really, so I'm not sure if it has the same potential for this - but with contract configurator you could have a complicated tree of diverging paths of some story, turning it into a story mode of sorts. It's an idea I may flesh out sometime before KSP 2 is here, but I wanted to know if anyone's thought of it before!
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