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  1. Little request, would it be possible to add surface attach to the titan second stage engines? For decals n' stuff mostly.
  2. Is this just an ETS thing or was it an actual proposal because it seems like a very logical next step in the evolution of the J-2
  3. Do you have breaking ground or infernal robotics installed? If no, you need to install one of the two for the kerboarm to work. If yes, try to move the arm with very slow and precise movements, and when the arm is not in use locking the servos and autostrutting.
  4. IRL the LR-91 can't be started more than once so you have to make use of the kickstage and maybe a bit of Clementine's engine to get you to the mun/moon.
  5. Sounds like a botched install to me, try reinstalling and see if that helps.
  6. To me that looks like the 2.5m engine plate from Restock, and I don't believe any part has ever existed in Tantares, if that helps.
  7. Loving the new Saturn I! Also I wanted to ask, did the S-IV ever have (or proposed to have) an RCS system? Not that I'm asking for one, I actually prefer the S-IV without it.
  8. Yikes. 1.11.2, I'm using an older version of Scatterer as well as a slightly older version of JNSQ. May have something to do with restarting my computer with KSP running... >> Log file << EDIT: Never mind, I think I diagnosed the issue to me doing something stupid with the config files, all fixed now.
  9. There's no parachutes currently included, you just have to use stock ones.
  10. The nosecones of the boosters are probably not angled (in the case of STS and SLS) because 1, it could complicate aerodynamics of the booster after separation (they did want to recover them after all), or probably 2, the risks and redesigns outweighed the benefits. I'm pretty sure angled nosecones were studied at the early stages of STS development in the 60's and also for BOLE in the 90's, but neither made it to the physical world.
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