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  1. Will the mod have support for multi-nozzle dynamic exhaust? (the realplume for tundra's falcon an example.)
  2. Well, first of all I did a quick launch of a satellite to KEO... The orbital insertion burn and payload separation took place in the dark. The satellite in orbit. Then I decided I would try and rendezvous with said satellite with a Dyna-Soar. I promptly failed to achieve orbit and had just enough Δv to soften my atmospheric entry... The reentry was rough and I lost all the decals and one of the wings... Jeb (of course) was able to parachute out before the glider slammed into the ocean and was destroyed. After I landed I found the water's refractions could cause some really weird visual effects. And That's all, Folks!
  3. In the dev branch simple adjustable fairings are bundled within it. It will work for 1.8.X to 1.10.1 .
  4. So... I decided that I would try to build the absolute monstrosity that is the Titan 3BAS2. And here it is in KSP. No payload today, just a test launch. Overall a hideous but easy to fly LV. Expect more monstrosities like this in future.
  5. smol large this is just a test.
  6. just a slightly sub-optimal launch trajectory...
  7. The revamped tanks are already called this, but I would assume you are referring to the old delta tanks which will be depreciated as of the current dev build.
  8. In the Delta IV roadmap on GitHub it shows that, yes, the CBC tanks are coming. Also, Zorg, beautiful work!