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  1. I'm exited for building huge interstellar torchships and colonising other star systems!
  2. I'm pretty sure Invader said elsewhere that details like that can't really be implemented very easily onto the texture due to the way it's unwrapped, although you can approximate the stripe at the moment using appropriately coloured conformal decals (by getting a text decal and typing something like IIIIIIIIIIII and then playing around with the text spacing settings and text colour to turn it into a block, then just use symmetry to align it)
  3. I'm pretty sure it's a lighting bug with KSP itself, trying to process 4x lighting effects for each engine, and then 4x engines (so 8 lighting effects), plus the lighting from the engines on the core stage (making it 12 lighting effects) which are all very bright and flickering, could definitely cause some issues with KSP's lighting engine. This is just my theory though, don't take my word on it.
  4. is it strange that I actually want someone to leak classified military documents just so people can make more accurate KSP recreations just a thought
  5. Soyuz MS-22 has sprung a leak, probably coolant fluid
  6. No, because there's no shuttle ET (External Tank) included in the mod. There's another mod coming out soon which will have an updated ET, so stay tuned
  7. There's no Tantares supplied Priroda science package, so you can just chuck whatever science you want on it
  8. That's a matter for the BDB dev team, since the ICPS is *borrowed* from there
  9. Is it just me or does the Big G service module seem a bit too reflective (for lack of a better word). Note the other white greebles on the part versus the main body
  10. Do you have Shabby and Shaddy installed? The new solar arrays won't appear without those installed
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