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  1. Sounds like a support issue. And so, thread moved to support. Good luck.
  2. I have not experienced this but I have moved your post to the support subforum where someone else might have. Good luck.
  3. Please remember that mod makers are volunteers. Since you're not paying them, you don't have a right to bug them about working faster. It tends to have the opposite effect anyway.
  4. Although you are asking about this for the game, the math involved is going to be mostly real-world equations with game numbers plugged into them. And so I have moved your thread to the spot the math-enamored people hang around. Good luck with your project.
  5. Can you use another hosting site? Because I'm sorry but that log was far too large to post here and was causing page loading problems. Sorry.
  6. Please contact support with your details. I hope they can help.
  7. Those settings are merely intended to be guidance. You can switch it or not as is helpful to you. There is no "right" answer.
  8. Outside of mods, it just takes practice. And it will be different on different worlds. I usually just save the game and make several tries until I get close enough. Meanwhile, the thread has been moved to Gameplay since it is seeking help rather than offering.
  9. 1020 minutes of terror! Meanwhile, this report of a mission has been moved to Mission Reports.
  10. You mean this page? https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/32-ksp-discussion/ It's working for me. What happens when you click on that link?
  11. Sorry, which "discussion" are you clicking on?
  12. One can choose to disallow followers. It's on the main page of your profile under "options" for the followers display on the left.
  13. You've having trouble with pitch control? What does the craft look like? In fact, got pics of the other issues? They might help.
  14. This work of fans has been moved to Fan Works.
  15. Building #8 in the pic on the upper right of this page.
  16. Oops. Overlooked this until Gargamel pointed it out to me. Sorry. Name changed.
  17. Meanwhile, thread moved to Gameplay since it is seeking help rather than offering.
  18. Sorry, guy. We've given you your one allowed name change already.
  19. Have you "invented" them from the R&D building yet? It's a fairly advanced tech.
  20. Hey. You'll need to host the pictures on another site and then copy the link they provide here. Imgur.com is free, and their BBCode link works if you copy it straight over. And welcome to the forum.
  21. ¿Qué tan cerca estás del otro barco? Parece que las diferencias entre las dos órbitas se muestran como una velocidad relativa, y sospecho que debes acercarte antes de intentar hacer el acoplamiento. Además, bienvenido al foro. (Google translated.)
  22. The OP has not been on the forum for quite some time and this mod appears to be defunct. Time to move on.
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