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  1. Hello! This is a replacement for the Dres Awareness Society as the original thread is quite old. Here is a link to the old thread:
  2. Dres clearly doesn't exist. Between Duna and Jool, there is a big ring of absolutely nothing. If you could, what would you replace the so-called "Dres" with?
  3. About This is a small planet pack I've lately put all of my effort in, the main goal was to make it as good as possible. It adds a super weapon near Dres named "Dreskiller base" as the weapon threatens to destroy Dres. In case you didn't know, this was inspired by the Starkiller base from Star Wars. I hope you like it The time has come, it's time to get rid of this rock called Dres, Wait what is Dres? Anyways, this snowy superweapon is a whole new place to explore! Screenshots Download -Dependencies: --Kopernicus (Continued) --ModuleMana
  4. CORELIAN - 1.0.5 RELEASE A new home for Dres The system: This mod adds a new ringed gas giant, the eponymous Corelian, to the Kerbal system. It sits right where Dres used to, though with less inclination and eccentricity to make it less inconvenient to travel to. The worlds: Corelian: A pink, ringed gas giant a bit smaller than Jool. 4700km in radius with a gravity of 0.84g; 64% the mass of Jool Thale: a dense, lumpy, Pol-sized body with a fast rotation rate and a close, somewhat irregular orbit. Baseline radius of 52km, with some areas nearly 30km above that. Baseline
  5. This challenge is one involving Dres. Surprised? Well, Dres is AWESOME. There is a huge canyon on it. The challenge is to build a bridge over the canyon that can support crossing rovers. Badge: Rules no rules (except 2), hyperedit is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED coolest/most structurally sound bridge wins bridge must be over widest point
  6. All right, time to add to the numerous new challenges popping up. The premise of the challenge is simple. Show your support for our loneliest planet, Dres!This is a challenge to perform a megamission to make Dres feel happy, so be creative on how you want to do it! I myself will be doing a circumnavigation of Dres by land later, so yeah. If your mission uses Dresteroids, the mission must directly relate to Dres in one way/shape/form. If this is a bit vague, notify me, and I'll put in some baseline examples. We at DresAwarenessLTD are here to emphasize large-scale missions to our lone
  7. Dres is probably the most ignored planet in KSP and for good reasons, it costs more dV than Bob or Pol (mainly Tylo's fault) and gives less science (I think) than the mentioned moons. And overall does not offer anyting that the Jool system can't (in terms of science and funds.) The solution, give Dres moons. To justify the cost of getting to Dres, these Moons should be small and easy. The innermost moon Lun should be a radius of 85 km (just under half of the mun) and be a cratered grey rock. The second moon out named In should be a little smaller than Minmus at 50 km and be grayish blue. The
  8. I'll just leave it here! Thanks for watching! The list of used mods is in description under each video. Used add-on only to improve the visual part of game. Important: My videos do not claim to be highly artistic works! It’s just cutting some moments from missions to music. Just in case: Sorry for my bad english.
  9. Dres Moons Mod (1.8.1) What Does this Mod Add? The Dres Moons Mod adds two moons to Dres. Pacito: A small, reddish brown moon that orbits near Dres. It is thought to contain a small amount of iron. Ceric: A small, bluish snowball with a bright orange crater and a very faint ring. Quite the curious world indeed, especially since it (like Eeloo) has no surface scatter. Pictures Download Dependencies: Kopernicus https://spacedock.info/mod/2328/The Dres Moons Mod?ga=+3102+'kerbal+space+program'> All Rights Reserved
  10. Ok, let's get started with this. Inspired by Turbo Pumped videos, i decided to make a 10,1 ton to Dres. So i get started with the Afterburning engine, with i need to pass 10 minutes to get speed of sound Mach 2 to get to a sub-orbital peform. Now the Spark engines are on, but the "crazy" SAS started to get out of control (why). Peformed an orbital burn of 100k. Now i reached the hard part. Yes, the manuever node to Dres. I went mad when i don't make a target intersect. NOW, finally i get a encounter to Dres. Waitng...waitng....waiting... Ok now capture burn right now. De-orbiting
  11. Original Text After one thread (Which shall not be named) started the Eeloo, fake, society, I've decided to prove that Eeloo is not evil! Eeloo and Dres! We love both! Appreciation!
  12. Hey There! I've recently created flags for every destination. I tried to make them look unique even tho some moons look very similar. JSA is the name of my very own space program. If anyone wants to use these flags i've also added an Imgur album with all flags without JSA in the middle. Feel free to use them. https://i.imgur.com/Lttoaty.png https://imgur.com/iJ1TCHz https://imgur.com/PjZPFYX https://imgur.com/kyaHOuD https://imgur.com/8moklYN https://imgur.com/jjqLxpO https://imgur.com/pEYk99g https://imgur.com/v1tGpmr https://imgur.com/V2Yr6TU https://i
  13. Does anyone have a table or list of calculator with the upper limits of the Delta-V require to go from say a 50-100km orbit to a safe landing. I get it wrong too often. I just landed a base segment on Minmus with literally 10 times the Delta-V it needed. I ended up just throwing away all that fuel because it was late at night and I had to get to bed. It would also help if the resource you supply me with also listed optimal acceleration figures for landings. That's been on of my problems in these 155 years too. Help me improve my game, please.
  14. When i accelerate to escape kerbins influence it accidently drops my orbit further than the orbit of Dres. Please help, i need to quickly transport a rover to Duna
  15. This is mainly for a submission for @SpaceplaneAddict's Dres Awareness challenge. This is pretty screenshot heavy, so I'm going to put the bulk of them in spoilers for your viewing inconvenience. Mission: Occupy Dres with a single landing base station, space station, 8 satellite network, and 4 Tetra class ISRU Rover/Landers. The Tetra class Rovander will be capable of returning to the station and biome hopping. Mission completion to be done with two launches from Kerbin using convertible Washburn class ships. Mission Flag: Meet The Ships! Tetra Class Rovander:
  16. https://dawn.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news-detail.html?id=6982 Dawn Finds Possible Ancient Ocean Remnants at Ceres So, does this mean someone needs to start modding Dres now?... How on Earth (Kerbin) could such a tiny world host liquid water on its surface? It could have never had an atmosphere dense enough to allow it. ...right? 0.o Holy Crap- I buried the lead; DRES NO LONGER HAS AN EXCUSE TO BE BORING.
  17. Spud [WIP] Dres was thought to be a lonely planet. Then Spud showed up. Contributors so far: MrChumley - Heightmap, Colormap, normalmap, sciencedefs, rings, Spud.cfg JaffaFediration - Description in Spud.cfg REQUIRES: Kopernicus v0.6 and ModuleManager v2.6.13! Stuff done so far: Spud. cfg, Height map, color map, Normal map, Biome map, Rings, Orbital characteristics. Collaboration is encouraged! If you want to collaborate/help send me a private msg!!! You will be credited for your work if it gets included. To d
  18. Hey guys I'm in the middle of a dres mission and a thought /challenge occurred to me,..... Speed records in ksp become kind of arbitrary when on a solar orbit but what's the fastest you can go through the canyon on dres? i e: below the canyon 'top'
  19. Does anybody have ideas for a career mode dres mission? My latest mission ended up failing with Thompberry Kerman stranded on dres and I lost heaps of rep. Post rockets down below \/ . Thank if you comment
  20. Dres, does it exist? Lots of people say it doesn't, and that's why I'm launching a lander to examine EVERYTHING about Dres. (In my science save) This is a one way trip. Equipment: (Science) -GRAVMAX Negative Gravioli Detector -SC-9001 Science Jr. -Mystery Goo™ Containment Unit -PresMat Barometer (forgot it) -2HOT Thermometer -Atmospheric Fluid Spectro-Variometer -Mobile Processing Lab MPL-LG-2 (No seismic detector due to it not being unlocked....) (Refueling) -'Drill-O-Matic' Mining Excavator -Convert-O-Tron 250 -------
  21. I know, I know not allot of people like Dres. But who said that it is not interesting?! I’m going to speak about Dres’s strange color. If you did visit Dres you may have seen contrast of color on the surface. Dark brown flatlands and then bright grey mountains appear suddenly. But what could cause such contrast? My hypothesis is that Dres is a remnant of ancient collision. It struck large object which had different composition. Material mixed and made Dres look different. It explains a lot of canyons and valleys on Dres’s surface.It can be a salvage of Dres's orbital incl
  22. hi hi I would like to share with you what has been, for me, quite the learning experience. Not to mention a mission filled with plotting, thrills, and all the normal kinds of things that happen when you mess with things beyond mortal ken. It all started out as most of these crazy schemes do, with an over ambitious plan. My plan to land a mining platform on Ike and put refueling stations in Ike and Duna orbit was going along swimmingly, with a vast fleet of ships in Low Kerbin Orbit, when suddenly... without warning, the orbital trajectory planners down in the labs realized that the
  23. The mission is aimed for exploring 2 asteroids and 1 dwarf planet with an unmanned craft This is the craft you need: it needs scientific instruments ,an individual engine and powerful antenna ,just try to make it as small as possible,okay? Your first stop will be an asteroid You must flyby 15 meters above the surface of it Next step is to flyby Dres .Your periapsis must 75 000 m above Dres. And the last place to visit is Gilly ,you need to establish an orbit around it with periapsis of 55 000 m The difficulty varies in type of propuls
  24. Welcome to the Dres Awareness Society! Here you can post things about Dres express love for Dres or just do anything to help spread the word about Dres. Some people out there just don't like Dres, and we need to show them that Dres is a great planet too. So please help to support Dres. Show Dres that you love it, and spread awareness about Dres. I like to believe that us at the Dres Awareness Society do not love Dres more than the other planets, but we just think that all planets deserve equality and that Dres has been cheated out of the equality it deserves.
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