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  1. It would be so cool if there were rouge planets that where all different and orbited themselves so they would stay in place NAME IDEAS: (sorry if there all bad I am not the best at names) Twier Maybe pink and blue (maybe ice) Noover Maybe green Lipe (Idk what color it would be) IDK what else so yeah
  2. It always struck me in a bad way how in KSP 1 Kerbin is an always sunny, dry and life-sustaining planet, because realistically, any planet that can sustain life, especially advanced life, is going to have rains, thunders, snowstorms, etc, but Kerbin doesn't even have seasons, it's always sunny and the perfect weather for playing sports and launching a rocket which I think makes it too easy and boring in my opinion, even if I still like KSP 1. Another thing that would be cool for KSP 2 to have is renderizations of other lifeforms or animals, at least on Kerbin, and I don't mean bird noises at the space center like in KSP 1, I mean animals that you can see while launching a rocket, like birds, insects, carnivores, herbivores, more varied plant life, etc, it certainly would make evolution and life on Kerbin much more interesting, especially if some of these animals could interfere with your perfect launch or reentry, although that is more of an ideal dream of mine, still, even animals that you can phase through would be an improvement compared to the empty, vast grasslands of KSP 1. What do you guys think?
  3. What if (in at least multiplayer) you needed to transport materials, parts, etc to other KSC's? Maybe you could even transport Kerbals to other KSC's to be launched in different places, and maybe run different airports? Just an idea from making different passenger planes in stock ksp and realizing there's no use for planes (not SSTO's, just passenger or cargo planes).
  4. I have an idea for a science lab mod and habitation it is a Mk1 crew cabin but repurposed as a science lab. it has a couple wires running around the outside and the interior has a laptop on the desk and a lab vitals. it also has another seat in the corner for another scientist. edit: i found out this is in KNES another part is a habitation moudle , its a crew cabin but instead of a table inside there is a bunk bed that can hold 2 kerbals. the exterior window also has the black outline around the outside like the science lab i would do this myself but i have no idea how to code so im a bit stumped. haha
  5. imagine if when you loaded ksp 2 a cinematic (that you could skip) came on. jebediah is sitting outside of the mun or bust (main menu) rocket and is building a mun sandcastle, suddenly a massive shadow makes everything dark and jeb turns around to see a giant station (like the one in the trailer) flying over head and a smaller rocket detaching from it, it slows itself down and lands next to the mun or bust rocket and jeb climbs into the capsule and tells bill and bob the come outside and the step out to see the rocket towering over them and a kerbal step outs them fall down the rocket until he lands face first in front of them. then they look up and the KSP 2 logo appears above kerbin
  6. Do you think we will be able to make a colony underwater with large domes where Kerbals would live in, and different underwater power production parts and parts for moving specifically underwater?
  7. I was thinking besides having colonies on other planets maybe we could be able to setup small research stations in Kerbins different biomes (for example deserts, north/south pole etc.) that would ocassionally give us science points as long as scientists are learning more things about that biome, and perhaps we could launch small vehicles from the station that would need to bring samples or measurements from specific places inside the biome to the station for extra science points. What do you think?
  8. Basically a hollow planet where only the crust remains, with huge holes showing a black hole in the middle? Reason for said black hole would be an ancient civilization accidentally created it.
  9. As you know, KSP 2 is coming with a host of new planets and moons to explore. I think it would be cool to have a planet pack for KSP 1 with KSP 2 celestial bodies. The planets and moons in the pack obviously wouldn't be exact replicas, and proper credit would be given to Private Division and Take Two. Aside from super realistic terrain and volumetric rings, making KSP 2 planets in KSP 1 is entirely feasible (Rask and Rusk can orbit a barycenter). Any thoughts?
  10. I for the longest time have wanted a mod that changes the look of the Vanilla UI, especially more so now with KSP2 coming and the devs sharing more footage, like the VAB screen. The only problem is that I can't find any mods that change the look of the UI. I've only seen like two posts on the idea, both of them being from people playing around with the idea but never full on making a UI mod. If I knew anything about modding I would make one myself, but considering the fact that no one has made any UI mod, I assume it must be pretty tricky. I don't really know the point of this post, I guess its just to get the mod idea out there and hopefully a modder is inspired by this to make one, or maybe someone can point me in the right direction for making such a mod. Anyways that was my tedtalk, I hope somebody sees this and considers the idea and/or people can discuss it in the replies. <3 Here's one good HUD redesign that I was informed of, I guess it can be used as inspo or help feed a discussion here
  11. Something I've always felt that's been missing from KSP since the implementation of Re-entry effects, is the lack blackening/scorching/discoloration resulting from re-entry heating. Seen here on the Apollo 11 capsule after splashdown: So I'm just wondering; is there a mod (WIP or otherwise) that provides that visual effect?
  12. So I had an idea for multiplayer (did you really? its only in the title, tag and first sentence!) So this would be for a large multiplayer server, maybe the main one. Everyone starts in their own solar system, gradually building their way up to interstellar travel. People can send trading envoys, and establish relations, working together to build up a galactic civilization. No one has to join, it just makes your journey easier. The people you can communicate with (i.e chat) are people inside your antenna range. You can have colonies anywhere and spread your kerbals out, but in a race or in coordination with fellow players. Personally I see it as this. The best players would slowly gravitate toward the center, either naturally or by quests and other incentives, while the old systems are cleaned and used for newer server members. People could join, and send out their broadcasts into interstellar space, inviting people, sending them away, or just yelling into the void. Then as they got experience they would join the cycle of civilizations. The planets would have variable resources, encouraging trade for rare materials and energy sources. The people could trade with each other, you could work together on ambitious projects, or just fly around and have a good time. I don't know how well this would actually work, and I don't have any answer for the main multiplayer problems, but I will say that the idea is very interesting and would be very fun to try out.
  13. Hello. I was wonder what kind of craft I should make on kerbalx. I use tons of mods so you can give me a suggestion even if it is mod. Thanks
  14. I've been playing with Kerbalism for a while and I can officially say it's my favorite Life Support mod. With the unconfusing layout, once you get the hang of it, you can easily make your missions feel so much more lifelike. But I recently got inspired to make one of my own after an unfortunate Mars mission. After my Mars lander exploded into about a million tiny little pieces, Artemis Kerman waited above in the Orbital module. As she was alone, she was consuming less than three kerbals would, so that was alright. The big issue, though, is that I had failed to bring extra Nitrogen and thus I didn't have enough to keep my pod pressurized longer than 1 and a half years (which sucks since I have to wait 405 days until my transfer window opens). So this got me thinking. Well, I have PLENTY of O2 left, so why can't I just use more O2 for pressurization. While I know realistically this isn't exactly the best idea, but come on. This is a game about green men. I want to make a mod similar to Kerbalism that employs the ability to change: Pressurized Capsule Gas Concentration (How much O2, N2, or CO2) How pressurized the capsule is (Instead of 1atm, why not pressure the capsule lower in order to preserve resources?) Caloric intake of Kerbals (In fact, kerbals now have a daily caloric intake they need to meet in order to maintain certain health levels. Using too little calories may cause a kerbal to become underweight, while the opposite may cause a kerbal to GAIN weight. A kerbal who has gained weight LITERALLY weighs more, so if a kerbal gains weight during a transfer and then hops in a lander, the lander might have more troubles with weight than you originally thought. Also, this way you can stretch your food supplies in case of emergencies). Sicknesses. So far there aren't (that I'm aware of) any life support mods that actually contain any actual 'health' requirements for Kerbals. You can change cleanliness settings, such as choosing to launch with a super-steralized pod or choosing to launch without cleaning the pod. You can also choose to quarantine a Kerbal after visiting space/another planet in case they come down with a space sickness (inspired by the actual events of Apollo 11). Kerbals can also get radiation sickness in orbit, and old kerbals with a lot of time receiving those lovely ionizing rays could get cancer (Kancer)! This incentivizes a large pool of astronauts instead of having a choice number of astronauts that do all your missions. A fully fledged kerbal physical health system. Tired of kerbals bouncing on the ground and getting off scot free? What about possible mishaps in zero-g (possibly by Kerbals with more stupidity)? Now, kerbals can break limbs, get concussions, and require medical assitance. I could even add a fourth kerbal type, medic, who can repair broken kerbals in case of injury. But this also means Kerbals don't die instantly in some cases. Imagine a kerbal breaking a limb while on the moon, and begins suffering internal bleeding. You have a timer before the kerbal bleeds out and dies (and a medic could help elongate that time), and you need to get them back to Kerbin before the timer runs out or the kerbal is dead forever (or in the case of the veterans, if one insists, dies for a little while). And remember how I said mishaps in zero g? Well, what if, based on the kerbals stupidity level, accidental injuries could happen randomly while in orbit? Kerbals aren't all perfect. Now, when you hire Kerbals, you can see what pre-existing conditions they have that might effect their strengths and weaknesses. What if a kerbal is sickle-celled? Well, they might be less resistant to low-oxygen environments. What if you choose a kerbal with osteoporosis? Well, they might have bone density issues that could be exacerbated by long stays in orbit. And this also means a kerbal can GAIN a condition. Spent too much time in orbit? They might come down with a bone density issue, or other health problem that effects resource consumption, frequency of health issues, tolerance to g's, you name it! This doesn't mean all conditions are bad though! You could get a kerbal with strong G tolerance, or a kerbal with low-oxygen resilience. You could get a loner kerbal, who PREFERS to be on a mission alone, and doesn't need connection with home to stay sane (which is an idea from Kerbalism). What if you choose a kerbal that's claustrophobic? Well, they might be prone to breakdowns in long missions in cramped ships. Realistically, this all seems simple enough to code to me. A lot of it just effects resource consumption. I'm going to put this as a disclaimer, I AM NOT PROMISING THAT I WILL MAKE ANY MOD. I'm simply interested in trying to learn and pursue. I have no real modding experience and am just learning. I'm also making this to see how big the interest may be for a mod like this. I can see that this may not be the mod for everyone (let's face it, life support is a huge obstacle most of the time). However, some of the most fun I've ever had in this game has been using Kerbalism and running test after test to make sure a mission will go successfully. I'm sure a lot of people would agree with me. The real meat of the mod would be in setting up configs for external mods. I know that Tantares, Bluedog, SSTU, Space Station Tech, and other mods would be fundamental for making configs for. However, I pledge that if I do make this mod, I will make in-depth VIDEOS on setting up configs for your own mods. I know the hardest part of modding can sometimes be figuring out how the heck a mod even works in the first place, so providing adequate wiki and tutorials is a goal of mine if this project gets a lot of love. I've said it a couple times, but this mod is heavily inspired by Sir Mortimer's Kerbalism. Because of this, the mod is planned to be similar to how Kerbalism works (especially in the resources). The mod will have: Oxygen Food Water Nitrogen Solid Waste Gaseous Waste Medical Supplies (which might even be divided into two different resources, pharmaceuticals and first aid, or left as one resource that can heal all) Other things that are monitored in the mod are: Stress (Happiness coupled with Hab size and Comfort, all hinging on a Kerbals condition) Heat (Much like how the Kerbalism system works, needing life support systems to keep a kerbal cool) Radiation (almost identical to how Kerbalism works, as I think Kerbalism's radiation system is unbeatable) Sickness (Kerbals get sick and this can effect resource use/life expectancy. Like I said before, Cancer might be a thing Kerbals can be diagnosed with). Physical Health (everything from broken bones to anaemia to a kerbals bodyweight) Retirement (Some kerbals might choose to retire if their health becomes too extreme. This would be up to user preference, though) And other things that aren't related to Kerbals but important to me, since they were in Kerbalism: Engine quality (# of ignitions, possibility of failure [WHICH CAN ALL BE CHANGED BASED ON PREFERENCE]) Part quality (how long a part will last, I plan on making this much more lenient than Kerbalism, and also make it a little more in-depth with levels of failure, specific function failure, etc.) Science time (originally why I got Kerbalism. When science can be ran over time, and continue to be run in the background, I almost cried. So much more fun than the stock system. I also plan to make this a little more friendly than the Kerbalism system, allowing science definitions to be seen [and a possibilty to add more science def's based on how much research you've done in a certain biome]) This mod would be designed to hinge on Probability. There's a chance that a Medic causes a health condition to get worse; there's a chance a kerbal bonks their head in their space station; there's a chance that an oxygen tank can explode and we could lose some of our oxygen supply (I'm looking at you, Apollo 13). By adding chance, but not complete randomness, I believe the mod can get us closer to a realistic space simulator that's still fun to use! I WOULD LOVE SOME POINTERS. If you have an idea of how something can be implemented, please tell me! I am open to ideas and I am open to letting someone else take over this project if they feel so inclined. I am also open to working with more experienced mod makers to program this and to have my vision fully realized. What do you guys think?
  15. Hope this is really new, i couldn't find any similar design for a spaceship. What you think, the design is feasible? My idea is a cheap spaceship with electric propulsion (low thrust, high delta-v) which could be used as a probe or small (tens of tonns) cargo hauler. The ship contains few parts connected with 1mm steel+copper cables - two propulsion modules (can be more than two, connected in triange/square/etc shape) and large solar panel array (flexible panels or multiple small panels with flexible connections between). Basically, it is hammock in space. :) After launch - propulsion modules slowly position themselves at predefined distance between, rotate panels so they get maximum power and start accelerating with same acceleration, constantly checking distance/orientation. Since acceleration is quite low - stress to panels will be minimal. Modern microcontrollers shouldn't have any problem to keep modules in correct formation. Eeach propulsion module weight 2-3 tonns (without propellant) has: VASIMR engine VX-200 (200kW power, 5N thrust, 5000 Isp) 8 small ion engines used for precise orientation 10 tonns propellant tank Rotation mechanism for the array Some rechargable batteries for ion engines and a control system with cameras/laser rangefinder. Solar panel array has 4000 m2 (20mx200m) of solar panels for 400kW electrict output, weights 10 tonns Steel+copper cable 1mm diameter (used to carry panels and for transferring power to propulsion modules), weights 2 tonns This ship will able to carry up up to 40 tonns load (loaded on top of propulsion modules in two 20x tonns chunks), dry weight 18 tonns, loaded with propellant - 38 tonns. Delta-V without load - 36 km/s, with full load - 14.5km/s, enough to travel to Mars (without load - doesn't need any launching window even) and back. Since thrust is very small, acceleration and capture burns will be very long (weeks or even months). Travels to Venus or Mercury will be more efficient as there is more sunlight and VASIMR engine can use more power to give better Isp. The ship can be launched by something like Falcon Heavy to LEO (folded like scroll for 2x modules version or like origami for other versions). Cannot land, just orbit-to-orbit missions. For deep-space travels - a 20-40MW laser from Earth or Moon can be used to power it or to save propellant (more power - better Isp).
  16. I am not a very creative person and I really want to make a mod for KSP. If you guys have any concepts plz tell me and I'm gonna probably make a mod out of it.
  17. There been a lot of talk about this with people ik irl and people saying similar to this idea but I feel like we are missing out if they don't add this mode. When it comes to me I had played ksp for years but was never really any good at it. But when the career mode was introduced it forced me to learn each step and vitalize the items I had on me. I made me feel like an engineer to face the problem of money restraint and vitalizing my designs so they do exactly what the need to do. All though if I had to add a system with it it be a rival space industry race me for contracts and we need to make co op missions to help each other out or don't. Make a space colony/dock to make money with other companies etc. I just dont want only exploration I want to be invested in each action I do. I want my mistakes to have value, I want were theirs limited food, water, and the air they breath. I want it so i need to worry about my kerbals mental health and physical health. I truly want to live in this solar system and the galaxy itself and face all the real complications of those ways to get there. I know this would make the game so much harder and complex but wouldn't you want to face all the obstacles of it to better understand what we need to face in real life and what we can do to solve these problems. I know some have the same opinion and some don't but it should be an option if we want to face it.
  18. (Firstly, let me add a disclaimer that I'm writing this late at night based on a rambling note I made on my phone at like 1am the night before, so bear with me if this starts to lose coherence.) Something I've found rather dissatisfying about the base-game science system (ignoring career, which I have other issues with) is that there's generally no point, mechanics-wise, to keeping a scientific mission in its final orbit after you fire off all your experiments. No reason to keep that first crewed orbiter in orbit for more than it takes to click "save crew report", no reason to go for an orbital probe rather than a landing or flyby, and definitely no reason to have more than one probe in the same place once you've gotten all the science parts unlocked and figure out how to cram them all in one craft. The idea I've had to solve this involves two major systems being added to the game: Having science parts that can continuously log data, returning science based on the amount of data logged Having events that occur that can be observed through a variety of means for science gain The first system gives a big reason to have something stay active in the same situation, by providing a direct reward based on how long it stays there. Rolling-recording imaging probes, microgravity-effects-on-Kerbals studies, and However, the gain needs to be asymptotic (increases towards by an ever-decreasing amount, never exceeding it) to some amount (such as 2x the science from the base experiment), to prevent someone from being able to unlock the tech tree with a Stayputnik, a solar panel, a 2HOT, and timewarp. How these data logs are returned can be an additional system, providing new choices to be made, with relative advantages and disadvantages of any method. (One example could be sending data in large batches vs sending it back continuously.) The second system would be a fair bit more complex. The core idea is that there are numerous events that can occur - eclipses/transits, magnetic field changes, solar flares, impacts, celestial events such as supernovas, etc. - that, if "seen" by an actively-logging science part, provide large science bonuses. On top of this core would be several layers of complexity. Firstly, the larger the variety in the parts used to observe the event, the greater the return (within reasonable bounds of what can be used for observations, of course) - observing a solar flare with a visible-light telescope wouldn't provide as much data as observing one with that plus a magnetometer logging the effect it has on Kerbin's magnetic field. Secondly, using multiple of the same part to observe the same event can also increase science gain, based on factors such as distance between them - observing a magnetic-field fluctuation with several satellites in various points around Kerbin would give more science than an observation with just one. And finally, there'd be two main types of events: ones that are brief (<5 seconds) and/or unpredictable, and ones that are long (several minutes at least) and/or predictable. The former would generally be things easily observable by automatic instruments, while the latter may often require manual observations. In either case, when an event is logged, the player would be given a notification in some manner, indicating what was observed by what instruments on which craft and allowing the science yield from the data to be gathered. I'd love to see this system in a mod, but sadly, I don't have the skills to make that happen, so I'm kinda just throwing this idea out there to see what people think ^^;
  19. Has anyone had the idea to to try and find a way to use these deployable panels as a method of providing power to bases on the the surface of say like duna. If there is a mod to do this please direct me to it. Maybe i am overthinking it and if not could someone try to do this i would absolutely get that mod. Or if lots of people want this i might make a poll. ----------------------->
  20. One thing BetterBurnTime / Basic ΔV / KER / MechJeb / et al are missing: a way to 'reserve' x amount of ΔV to 'burnback'/deorbit/land a stage. So what I am asking is an addon with a small footprint that adjusts the active stages ΔV to reserve a set amount of ΔV to deorbit that stage - that 'reserve' amount would not show up in ΔV burn time / available ΔV for that stage. (In a way , like landertrons are not included) so active stage has 1000 m/s ΔV burnback ΔV is set to 100 m/s ΔV active stage only shows 900 m/s ΔV and any autostage will see only 900 m/s ΔV and stage after 900 m/s ΔV is consumed. stretch would be actually compute required m/s ΔV for destructive deorbit/controlled deorbit/landing deorbit anywhere/
  21. I've always played career mode only since it came out but I've grown tired of the same grind to get to where I want to be and I never seems to get there. So I've decided to start a sandbox game instead but I miss the objectives and structure aspect of career mode. So I've made this "guide" to help me stay on target with my vision of my space program. I thought I might share it with you guys in case someone else was looking for something similar. Space Program Master Plan Recommended gameplay mods: MKS USI Life Support Kerbal Engineer Redux • Disable stock ground towers. Downloadable document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iaYfJTvhPXosoHK8VAbI4jDqzHWkzw56FFeg-rK7FWw/edit?usp=sharing Project SOL Section #1: Conquer the kerbin system! Colonize the Mun and Minmus with a self sufficient base for 25 kerbals. SOL-1: Setup communication network SOL-2: Survey the land SOL-3: Build an Industrial support infrastructure SOL-4: Build the industrial fleet SOL-5: Finding the perfect spots SOL-6: Colonize the moons of Kerbin Project VULCAN Section 2: Destination Duna Goal: Establish a mining outpost, a manufacturing facility and living habitation for a 25 Kerbal Colony On Duna. VULCAN-1: Set up Communication network VULCAN-2: Do the research VULCAN-3: Location location location! VULCAN-4: Beep!! VULCAN-5: Engineering and preparation VULCAN-6: Moar ships! And Bon voyage VULCAN-7: Hi ho! Hi ho! VULCAN-8: Building the Duna base VULCAN-9: Stocking up VULCAN-10: It's happening! VULCAN-11: Gentlemen, man your stations
  22. I've seen other games use the Steam Workshop for community mods, but I haven't seen it used for KSP at all, only for Craft files.. I'd like to see KSP 2 utilise the Steam Workshop better for Community Mods rather than just Craft files. Is this something that the developers have to set up in Steam or is this something users would categorise when uploading to the Workshop ? If it is something that the developers need to set up in Steam, could you please consider a category for Mods for KSP 2. This will save users having to place the mod in the correct folder locations, missing parts etc. By doing this it will also ensure that users who subscribe to the mod will receive updates automatically once available / released. Much better user experience in my opinion and works very well for other games. No more 'Where do I install the mod' or 'I've installed the mod but it's not working' (because it's likely in another subfolder. From a users perspective, having mods located on Spacedock, the forums, Github and CurseForge is all too confusing, no one source is being used and therefore no consistency. With the game being on Steam, it makes more sense for mods (not just Craft files) to be here also.
  23. One of my biggest dreams in ksp was having AI that could do mission for me so i could watch like i was in mission control. I wonder in the new game we will have something that will let an ai launch our rockets and do certain missions like going into orbit.
  24. For the developers.. I'd like to see made as part of the KSP2 game rather than a mod add-on, cameras and to be able to access them also if a part had disconnected from your rocket. The MAS mod is fantastic with the LCD / CRT screens in receiving the images with extra info to access, so I don't think the game needs to look at reinventing the wheel so to speak in this regard but a general viewing screen won't hurt as a standard in-game cockpit addition. I'd like to see the cameras also work on a craft (fitted with the screens) if within range, or be accessed if within signal range of a nearby satellite. Where I could see this working are things like Telescopes (zoom ranges could be modified in a config file to suit for Telescopes), cameras fitted to rockets, separation parts, colony buildings, vehicles / mars like rovers and Kerbal helmets (although images of the latest Kerbal Suits does look like a Camera might already be in place for this) could all be accessed via mission control centre or other crafts provided a data signal is able to receive it. In multiplayer, a player could be looking at exactly what you are, where you are in the Kerbal System or what you are building. I can imagine the cinematic videos now. Just an idea.
  25. For the developers.. As news starts to come out on various things that have been 'locked in decisions', some consideration please on how the current moving / animation of parts we have with Action Groups could work a little better. I'd like to see already assigned keys for all moving parts if at all possible rather than action groups and maybe a simple highlighting of the item for that particular part to move. Yes you could do all this currently with action groups (assign 4 keys for movements) however I'm finding that my modeled parts need to be separate and connected via the nodes in game where I feel someone could create a complete model consisting of all parts (robotic arm as an example) and using different empty axis for each part within, would result in one model to select in game rather than users having to "assemble" the part in game. I could be wrong in what I've found with the current games moving parts structure, if that is the case then please disregard this thread and educate me on how I could create one model in game that could have multiple moving parts using the same 4 keys for movements. IR did this very well by clicking the item you want to move with its menu UI. The other way other than highlighting is an option on the part to make 'active'. Not sure how you could do this other than maybe in the cfg file for each individual part of the model it would be listed as maybe through a 'modulepart' flag as a name, then the name of the part in question within the model would display a button like function (like lights on / off) with 'movement active' or similar, or user can configure the name in the config to suit their model. Just an idea.
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