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  1. Ever run out of ideas for ship names? Well I've done the work for you! I've curated a list of 400+ ship names Obviously the google docs version is easier to read but I didn't wanna make this post 11 pages long Timey’s Amazing ship name list Acropolis,Adamant,Adirondack,Aether,Agrius,Aion,Aken,Akira,Albany,Alborz,Allegheny,Altai,Amargosa,Ambassador,Ammit,Amun,Amunet,Anake,Andes,Angara,Anhur,Ankara,Annamite,Anubis,Anuket,Apache,Apennines,Apep,Aphrodite,Apis,Apollo,Aquarius,Arachne,Aravalli,Archer,Archeron,Ares,Argos,Argyll,Artemis,Artful,Ascension,Ashigaru,Aspire,Astana,Asteria,As
  2. This will serve as a Q&A for the Sea Iron Mod Post all Questions here and I will do my best to resolve the issues. https://spacedock.info/mod/2313/Sea Iron
  3. This is a post I originally started a couple years ago in a thread for My History of Spaceflight, but it got a little buried (...I couldn't find it...) so I thought I'd make a new post and include my thoughts on spacecraft design et. al. I would like to keep updating it with comments of various craft that I've created as well as the through process behind them. Philosophy and Approach This actually encompasses more than just KSP as I've been "designing" spaceships since I was a little kid, "swooshing" a few little Lego parts that I wholeheartedly believed was a spaceship. I have a vi
  4. please give me ship ideas and I will try to make them
  5. After days reserching the space center history our reserchers found this forgoten spacecrafts some of them are prototipes that never flow ! Heres the hangar were the spacecraft blueprints are:https://kerbalx.com/hangars/35508 In this thread i wil present you crafts i used and crafts that im currently using. Old crafts will be marked with a and newer will be with a All the crafts from in research to the ones that have blueprints
  6. So, I was messing around for the Naval Battles! (Defeat other player ships) Challenge (its awesome, check it out) and I built a space battleship but couldn't find a place to put it. So this happened! Rules: Stock Battles: Start battles at about 5km distance in Kerbin orbit, combat is turn based with each ship in a fleet getting a turn in a Team A1-B1-A2-B2-A3-B3 fashion. NO INFINITE FUEL/ELECTRICITY!!! BDA battles: to be added, though it seems that high Gilly orbit should work
  7. Having been through some threads I've found some excellent craft from both World Wars scattered throughout. I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread for these craft to be shown off properly. Absolutely any plane, vehicle or ship designed and/or built between 1914 and 1950! Here are some of mine to start off: Hawker Typhoon IB Hawker Tempest II & V Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire, way too many marks
  8. Hi, don't know if everyone is having this problem or if there is a fix. My game must have crashed at least a dozen times today with me trying to launch larger ships. The fps drops to low single fingers and if I have to revert to VAB/hanger, quite often the game will just crash. This is making the game unplayable unless you only use small ships. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  9. The Baltic Sea Incident A Cold War gone Hot story project. Back in July of 2017 I came up with an idea of making a relatively realistic, story driven creation consisting of multiple military craft replicas which would mimic a possible real-life tactical NATO-USSR skirmish as closely as possible. The scale was quite grand - The plan was to include as many detailed, full scale replicas of aircraft, ground forces and naval vessels as possible. Sadly, alot of the non-backed up craft files, about 100 carefully set-up screenshots and custom scenery got irreversibly wiped during my t
  10. I'm so incredibly disappointed in this "enhanced" edition. I bought ksp on Xbox when it first came out. The port was terrible but I still put countless hours into it. I waited for 2 years for you all to fix the game but it's obvious this edition was never tested. I cannot save any ships.... At all. I hit save craft but they don't show up on the "open craft" screen. I'm playing KSP "enhanced" edition on an Xbox one X on the radial preset. Please fix this game......
  11. Today the Pegasus X 99 project starts, after first flight tests, which were successful.The beginning of a new era of space exploration.The X99 the newest NASA project, reconnaissance, transport and apartment. First Flight ver. 0.7 First Rollout Ver. 0.9 Flight Test Ver. 0.9
  12. I'm trying to recreate a KSP-like game in Java, and I have no idea how KSP calculates Apoapsis, Periapsis, etc. when your ship is moving in space.
  13. Some people like to build ships, others submarines, even others dream of a base on the bottom of the ocean. We all know building ships is incredibly easy, much too easy in fact. Building a sub or a base, that's a different story. We need to make them excessively heavy using lots of ore tanks. So I started to look at most parts and their buoyancy values. The game uses a formula which, as far as I can tell, involves basic part mass, density/mass of resource(s), volume and funny enough, sometimes surface area instead of volume. More about that later. The most striking conclusion fr
  14. This is the history of my [sandbox progressive] ships, from the start 'till now! [I know boring names!] There will be a new craft every day! 1. Manned Kerbin Orbiter: This is the ship that gave me my first badge. Download from: KerbalX
  15. I have had this problem for a while now. How do you name a ship thats not called "first ship" or BOOM other than online genorators? Thanks.
  16. Well I figured the KSN Kraken worked out ok, so why not try a surface ship. I present KSN 120 Moho. She's a 400 ton destroyer.
  17. Very simple really. What's the least visually appealing monstrosity you have ever defaced the cosmos with? (Vehicles made to look ugly don't count as much). If you remember, please state the purpose of that craft as well. This is a space station module.
  18. Hello everyone! I've been very interested by ships in KSP. The resent? changes to the water physics have greatly expanded the possibilities of watercraft manufacture. This thread is dedicated to showing of your nautical masterpieces. Warships, Research Vessels, even massive abominations are welcome! You can post your craft files, but you must specify the mods involved. I'll start with some of mine! KRS Wilson https://kerbalx.com/TheSealBrigade/KRS-Wilson This Research Vessel is perfect for exploring continental shelves. It might not be the best for other things, but i
  19. N.A.N.A. Sinking About Warning this is a W.I.P Some things I made while testing out BDArmory (and boats). It's main functionality is adding sinking support, but does some more than that. If you don't need it just delete/edit the config files. What does it do?: Part Sinking Capability: Certain ship parts now have the resource "SeaWater". If the temperature of the part reaches a certain threshold and is in contact with water, it will start take on water, get heavier and eventually sink. On the other h
  20. It would be really cool to see a mod with iconic ships from Star Wars. Something like what's been done for the Endurance and the Hermes. I'd like them to be full-scale, not Kerbal-sized, so they can fit in better with RSS if needed. I *think* Distant Object Enhancement can handle ships being fully visible and looming even when hundreds of kilometers away, but I'm not sure because I've never dealt with anything that big before. Hopefully someone can give me that experience!
  21. This is a very basic shipyard/giant boat ramp& runway I made while experimenting with Kerbal Konstructs. It provides easy access to water from a large boatramp, and has a water spawn as well. The spawn over water is fairly buggy and may destroy a craft. If there is interest or suggestions, I may add more to the model. REQUIRES NEWEST COPY OF KERBAL KONSTRUCTS http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/94863-104on-hold-kerbal-konstructs-v0950-105-broke-it-i-cant-fix-it/ Download https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/1427/KSC%20Shipyard lic
  22. Welcome to Avionix's Ship Exchange! Feel free to share your ships on this page!
  23. Does anyone know how how to make something similar to a shuttle in the 0.0.813 version of the demo? there's no sph so I just build a rocket, put wings and utility on it, and I have my shuttle. but does anyone know how to make an actual good one? maybe one that can get into space?
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