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Found 30 results

  1. Currently Kerbal Konstructs can modify the home planet Kerbin and place any structures around the planet. The author coudn't find any programming way to do the same with other planets. Plus noone could find a way to place custom anomalies (easter eggs) as well. To make this possible we need a coding support from SQUAD.
  2. Solved: By installing the stock bug fixes mod. Thanks, sal_vager. ----------------- KSP Version: Steam v1.0.5.1028 vanilla | Windows 7 x64 Description: When duplicating / mirroring an item on a ship in construction, action group settings for the main item do not get applied to the duplicate until confirmed again in action group settings. Reproduction: • Have upgraded SPH / VAB to allow action groups. Enter. • Place command pod (any, to allow control). • Stick antenna to pod (or light, gear, engine, anything that allows toggle with direct visual confirmation). • Set toggle via action group (using Gear, Light, Brakes, whatever, any group will do). A button press should now extend the antenna. • Pick up antenna, set radial or mirror mode, place as a pair of antennas (or 8, anything bigger than 1). • Launch vessel. • Press action button. Only one antenna will extend. • Revert to hangar. • Select action groups. Select item. Remove command from action group, then select command again. • Launch vessel. • Press action button. All antennas will extend. More Info: While it appears logical that a newly placed item will not automatically be added to action groups, pairs or sets of mirrored items usually get triggered together. If you click one antenna in SPH action groups mode, you select all of that set, so any command is applied to all of them and it is not apparent in VAB/SPH that the item is not actually being triggered. The problem for me was that I placed two engines on a plane meant for high flight which I would toggle on/off with the RCS button so the jet engines could maintain full throttle. When moving the engines around, mirror mode wasn't activated, so I accidentally only placed one engine, realized the mistake, activated mirror mode and placed both, of which only one was included in the action group despite both being linked. So I flew to the survey location, fired up the engines, pressed R when the ap was high enough and only one engine switched off which made my plane tumble around uncontrollably. This wasn't the first time this happened and I struggled at first to find out what caused the issue as mousing over the action group items highlighted both engines simultaneously and clicking either showed me that pressing RCS would toggle them both.
  3. Solved: Intended behaviour to prevent fuel flow between parallel stacks. Fuel ducts necessary (from tanks to coupler). Lack of description was the culprit. ----------------- KSP Version: Steam v1.0.5.1028 vanilla | Windows 7 x64 Description: TVR-1180C Mk1 Stack Tri-Coupler does not deliver fuel from big end (3 attachment points) to small end (1 attachment point). Reproduction: • In VAB, place Tri-Coupler. • Place rocket fuel tank below. • Flip liquid fuel engine upside-down, place above. • Engineers report fuel missing and unused. • Place fuel tank above, flip engine, place below. • Engineers report no problem. More Info: I don't know if this is intended or a bug. I wanted to hook an engine up with 3 fuel tanks but couldn't. The description says nothing about only delivering fuel in one direction, so I assumed it was a bug.
  4. Whenever I build a rocket it starts to wobble after it is over 120 parts. Is there any way to fix this? Any help will be appreciated.
  5. I'm making a spaceplane with a wingspan angle that points forward. It looks pretty great and it works fine, but I can't get the Advanced Canards to behave correctly. Due to the angle of the wings, flaps are difficult to position, so I placed a set of canards on the nose of the plane. No big deal, except when I flipped the Advance Canards around so they point forward, they began to pitch in the wrong direction. They act like they're behind the CoM and I'm unable to do anything about it (That I know of). I tried right-clicking and changing the deploy state to "Inverted" but that doesnt change anything. It this a bug, or are they supposed to behave like that(?) or am I missing some function to invert the pitch? Edit: i'm aware of how control surfaces should behave with respect to the center of mass, i flip control surfaces all the time... it's just that these canards arent... Pic of canards deploying backward Screenshot of canard placement, CoM, and CoL