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Found 60 results

  1. Max temp. of a Kerbal

    Is it known what the actual heat tolerance of Kerbals themselves is? I seem to vaguely recall something like 700K/1000K internal/external from... nowhere, so I'm probably making it up.
  2. Tiny Minmus Sample Return

    Can you get a surface sample from Minmus, with a command pod, with a launch vehicle less than 10 tons, shorter than 6 meters, with less than 13 parts, and cheaper than 10,000 credits? I daresay I can. Done for this challenge: I present: the Magnificent Micro Minmus Munchmobile! Weighing in at only...wait for it...5.815 tonnes! No part clipping (although the ROUND-8 tanks place very closely, which helped). As you'll see, I didn't use any decouplers; this saved me weight, part count, cost, and height. I plan to use explosive decoupling to get rid of the booster, and hopefully I can blow off the tanks on a re-entry just steep enough to overheat them but not so steep that the pod can't survive. All the ROUND-8 tanks, as well as the Mk0 LF tank, are full. I drained the command pod of monoprop, and I only filled the lower FL-T100 about half full of oxidizer to give myself a bit more LF right before the RAPIER loses its airbreathing thrust. Speaking of which, I disabled manual mode switching and programmed an action group to close the intake when I switch modes, to cut drag. I toyed with drop tanks, but the part count, cost, and drag losses were prohibitive. Lifting off! I'm monitoring a lot throughout the flight so I locked a bunch of the windows open. This takes a very specific pitch curve. It'll make orbit without trouble, thanks to plenty of thrust on the Spark, but making orbit with enough dV is the tricky bit. I'm keeping an eye on the RAPIER's thrust as well as the lower fuel tank. It's set to drain after the Mk0 tank so I'll know when I'm almost out of LF. This ascent was tough, because if I did the gravity turn early, I burned through all my LF waaaay too low in the atmosphere; if I did the gravity turn late, I would be going too fast to turn efficiently. I didn't want to throttle down, though. So I tipped my nose over early and then pitched up hard, so that once I needed to turn I could just drop from SAS-hold to prograde and take off. Supersonic and rolling over. This places the differential drag from the intake on the top of the craft, helping me to keep my nose up during the early acceleration phase. Starting to drain LF from the FL-T100, so I don't have much airbreathing time left. As planned, excess LF is bingo just as the RAPIER thrust starts to drop precipitously. Now, things start happening FAST. I can tell I'm almost out of fuel on my booster. Explosive decoupling is always hairy... And I'm starting to lose fuel in my top tank (see top left), so it's time to blow the fairing and ignite the Spark to decouple! Bam. There goes the booster. Jenton looks appropriately horrified. Thankfully, I've already got a good ascent. I tried doing this with the Ant, but the thrust just isn't enough, and the isp losses make it barely worthwhile anyway. Not at full thrust...I don't want to push my Ap too high. The numbers on that resource tab are awfully low! It'll take about half a minute to circularize. Almost there.... And I made orbit! With quite a bit of dV. Is it enough to go as far as I need to go? Well, we'll see. To save propellant on the Minmus injection burn, I'm going to take a loop around the Mun. Gotta wait for it to line up, though. Ignore all the tracked objects on the left; this is my challenges save that I'm also using for the Orion Style challenge. Setting up the slingshot. And here's my slingshot into Minmus's SOI! This burn is going to use almost all of my fuel. And there you have it! Looks like I'll need to make a correction burn during the Mun swingby. Set up the swingby. Burning gingerly. I'll take that! Coming up on Minmus... Uh oh. Did I really send an engineer on this mission? Crumbs. Oh well, gotta wing it. Capture burn. That'll do it! looks like I have enough fuel to get home, but not enough to make the landing on Minmus. What to do? Well, I'll just lower my apoapsis to around 240 km... ...and hop out! Just a tiny, miniscule RCS puff to lower my periapse below the Minmusian mountaintops. Warping down. This will be touch-and-go. Starting the RCS braking burn. Still braking hard. Timing has to be perfect. If I'm right, I think I can hit the surface with quite a bit of residual velocity and let friction bleed it off. Not this much velocity, though. Steady as she goes... I think 20 m/s is just about the cutoff. Ouch! But hey, I made it! Nommmmmmmmmmmmmmm! No time to waste. Without the ability to set nodes (or even thrust prograde, really), I have to use the ship's velocity vector as my guide. Can't afford to wait for another orbit, either, because I'll be out of the path. Set up the target. Liftoff! Burning up and forward. I just wanna barely clear these mountains. Aiming to have my Ap just reach the ship's Pe. Really disorienting when I reach "orbit" and it switches targeting modes. Closing as carefully as I can. And there's my orbit! I didn't expect to get a rendezvous on my first go-round, but at least I got a nice coelliptic orbit. Figuring out exactly how much of a burn I'll need to line up for an intercept. Fuel is going to be very, very close. Made the burn...I have less than 1 unit of monoprop remaining for the rendezvous. Matched speed! Looks like a good intercept. And here we go! Of course, I managed to come in on the wrong side and had to swing around. Aaaaaand I got the ladder! With 0.04 units of monoprop remaining. You better believe I've got that surface sample added. Burning at Pe would send me out of Kerbin's SOI, so I'm swinging around to Ap. Escape reached! Will I have enough prop to lower my Pe into Kerbin's atmosphere? Once-more-around and finding out. If I have to, I can use a Mun assist to get back home. Nah! Here we go! No turning back now. Here's where things get REALLY dicey. If I come in too hot, I'll burn up the engine, the tanks, AND the capsule. Too cool, and the tanks and engine will survive. Which will throw off my CoL/CoM balance and turn me into a lawn dart, making my chute useless. Getting an overheat indicator; that's good. Transferring fuel to my lowest tank in an attempt to keep my CoM forward. Definitely past the point of no return now. Overheat indicator dropping. I'm a little worried. Going to burn retrograde to make my entry steeper. That should be enough! This'll be hotter. Aaaand there's the tumble! Perfect! The tumble ripped off the engine and tanks. How's that for cheap decoupling? Capture complete. On my way home! Made it through re-entry. Down to chute-safe speed, so I'll waste no time. Away goes the chute! It's opened up fully now. Aaaaand... Splashdown! We made it.
  3. Dear international friends: I've been working on the plugin recently, and I wonder what's the Instance fields in kerman's hatch and back? As is shown in Thanks!
  4. I have no idea why buy my IVA/EVA is not working.I can't send a Kerbal on EVA because the windown on the bottom right is gone and even by pressing C nothing happens. As you can see there are 5 Kerbals on board but the windows on the bottom right are gone and C doesn't work. Mod list: Thanks for the help! Edit:Only the Orion Orbital Module has this problem.I have no idea why, since the capsule has an hatch.
  5. [1.3] Suit Refuel

    Hello. This mod includes one part - Suit Refuel - for refueling your EVA-suit with monopropellant. The propellant is taken from the ship's supplies. If you play with mods that add some resources to EVA, you can enter right click menu pumping settings and customize behavior for resouces: do nothing, pump in, pump out. Watch this detail as a fashion accessory. Now your station will not cool enough, if Jeb should return to the capsule for refueling to continue extravehicular activity. Download for Windows: License MIT Good luck.
  6. Hello. Please look at my first part-addon. Work in progress. This part is for refueling your jetpack in EVA. The propellant is taken from the ship's supplies. Download beta version: License: MIT I'm really bad at drawing, and Blender and Unity I downloaded a week ago. If someone wants to participate and make a model of this "closet" for me, I will be happy.
  7. Not sure if i am doing something wrong but when i do an EVA it is not acting the way it used to. When i do an EVA the kerbal just spins out of control even with the RCS switched on he is always slowly rotating, meaning constant corrections and usually over corrections. Turning on the SAS also has no stabilising effect to the Kerbal. I've noticed that the navball on the screen does not link to the Kerbal either. It seems to still just show the reading for the ship i just got out of. Spinning the Kerbal around does not move the navball at all. It did used to. This is all made worse by not having a camera angle that locks you to the kerbal. The camera is always pointing in one direction and he is just spining on the screen, making it incredibly difficult to use RCS to bring him to a halt because he is rotating on all three axis so it is very difficult to work out which way to thrust to get him to stabilise if you are currently looking at him from an odd angle, not directly at his back. I have installed some mods lately, previously using stock i do not remember having these issues. EVA's were always quite easy. Is anyone aware of a mod that has caused these issues previously? I'm using 1.2.2. It seems to be Navball related as both the direction heading and SAS found on the Navball are just not tying to the Kerbal. The only Navball mod i use is Draggable Navball. Any ideas appreciated. Daniel
  8. Auto-EVA

    What is Automatic EVA and how do you turn it on (Mk1 Krew Kabin)???!!
  9. Game crashes as soon as try to EVA crash.dmp error.log ksp.log output log
  10. Crashing on EVA

    Good day everyone, I've come here because I seem to have a problem with my Windows 10 modded installation of KSP 1.2.2. Basically, every time I go on EVA, whether be it in the KSC or not, my game crashes instantaneously. I fear it's got something to do with the TextureReplacer reflections (the problem seems to go away when I remove the mod), although I'm running the mod's latest version. Crash log comes annexed. Much obliged to anyone who can help me get my game back up and running in the near future.
  11. So this is it: I can't open my inventory while in EVA, neither the container. I don't have any other mods installed, only KIS and KAS. I'm running KSP 1.2. What I'm doing wrong? Thank you very much
  12. Functionality AirlockPlus allows the use of any airlock on a vessel in conjunction with any crew part on the vessel: A kerbal on EVA can use any airlock to board any part of the vessel, not just the part that the airlock is attached to. A kerbal in any part of the vessel can go EVA using any airlock on the vessel, not just the airlock(s) on the part that they currently occupy. All of this happens seamlessly -- no need to manually transfer kerbals between parts. Works even if the airlock part is already full of other kerbals. With this mod, it becomes possible to use crew cabins that don't have airlocks, and airlock parts that don't have any crew capacity of their own. Boarding When an EVA kerbal is at an airlock, in addition to the usual command of "[В] Board", you are also presented with these options: Auto boarding: [Shift+B] Board into any available part -- even if the airlock part is full, the kerbal will be able get on board as long as there are seats available elsewhere on board the vessel. No guarantees on which seat s/he will end up in, though. Manual boarding: [Ctrl+B] Select part to board into -- this emulates the stock crew transfer behavior: you get to click on the part you want the kerbal to go into, even if it is not the same as the airlock part. Use this if you want more control over specifically where the kerbal ends up. Alighting Clicking on an airlock ("Crew Hatch") in stock KSP opens a dialog box that lists only the kerbals in the airlock part. With AirlockPlus, you can hold down the modifier key while clicking on an airlock (i.e. Alt+Click on Windows; Opt+Click on Mac). This will instead list all kerbals in the vessel, allowing you to take them on EVA from the selected airlock. If you have Community Trait Icons installed, AirlockPlus will display an icon next to each kerbal's name to indicate their crew type (i.e. pilot, engineer, scientist or tourist). The stock crew hatch dialog box is also augmented with these icons. Notes Boarding Respects keyindings in your game settings if you've bound the "Board" command to a different key other than "B". "Shift" and "Control" keys are bound by default to EVA RCS controls, so you should grab the airlock and turn off RCS first. [Shift+B] / [Ctrl+B] may sometimes be possible even when [В] isn't. This means AirlockPlus trigger detection is more lenient than stock. I'm not complaining... =Þ Just like stock crew transfer behavior, the manual boarding option will lock all other controls besides the camera, until you have selected a valid destination, or cancelled boarding by pressing [Escape]. Manual boarding mode will automatically terminate and return control to player if the kerbal drifts away from the airlock while waiting for the player to select a destination part. Alighting There is a split second delay before AirlockPlus replaces the stock airlock interface. Working as intended, nothing to worry about. Mod Compatibility This is not an exhaustive list. It only covers mods that have been selected for testing due to concerns about potential interactions. Interoperable mods Tested and known to play well together with these mods without conflict. Community Trait Icons Optional dependency used by AirlockPlus to display crew type icons next to kerbal names. Connected Living Space Supported. If CLS is installed, instead of being able to board/alight to/from any part of the craft, you will be limited to those parts that are connected to the airlock according to CLS rules. EasyBoard Excellent synergy: EasyBoard can be used to assist in grabbing on to airlocks/ladders before using AirlockPlus to board the vessel. Kerbal Crew Manifest No conflicts. Kerbal Inventory System Crew inventories are correctly preserved when boarding/alighting using AirlockPlus features. Ship Manifest No conflicts. Potential minor immersion-breaking if you're a stickler for "realism": boarding and alighting using AirlockPlus is instantaneous, compared to SM's delayed crew transfer realism option. Download v0.0.9 for KSP 1.3.x Requires Module Manager (please obtain separately. Use MM 2.8.0 or above with KSP 1.3.x.) Additional localization files for v0.0.9 Complete support for: Chinese, Japanese, Russian & Spanish Due to important bugfixes in v0.0.8, older versions of AirlockPlus (for KSP 1.2.2) are no longer available/supported. Installing Delete older version, if any. Place contents of GameData into your installation's GameData folder. (Optional) Place localization file(s) for additional languages(s) in AirlockPlus folder, if desired. (Optional) Obtain and install updated copy of Community Trait Icons if you want crew type icons next to kerbal names Ensure you have appropriate version of Module Manager installed for your KSP version. License AirlockPlus source code, compiled binaries, and configuration files are © cake>pie Localizations are released under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 International license. You may make and distribute media (e.g. screenshots, gameplay videos, etc.) that portray AirlockPlus in use. You may monetize such media; if you do, a mention and link here would be much appreciated. This software is provided "as-is", without warranty of any kind. The author/maintainer is under no obligation to provide maintenance, support, updates, enhancements, or modifications. For mod updating in the absence of the author/maintainer: see here for details. All other rights are reserved. Acknowledgements Chinese localization: Summerfirefly (proofreading) Japanese localization: EBOSHI (proofreading/corrections) Russian localization: KerbOrbiter (translation), Teilnehmer (typos) Spanish localization: GonDragon (translation) Changelog v 0.0.9 2017-06-25 new approach for checking if crew hatch dialog is ready for hijack add support for Community Trait Icons (CTI required) show crew type icons next to names when alighting (CTI required) add crew type icons to stock crew hatch dialog perfectionistic layout tweaking v 0.0.8 2017-06-06 fix spurious results from FlightEVA.HatchIsObstructed handle more corner cases when things go kaboom optimization / code gardening localization updates for: Japanese, Russian v 0.0.7 2017-06-02 add support for Connected Living Space handle corner cases when things go kaboom while waiting for player input manual boarding copes with unexpected changes to vessel while awaiting part selection alighting not possible if the vessel breaks apart while dialog box is open, causing the airlock part and the part containing the crew member to be separated alighting not possible with kerbal who died or passed out localization updates for: Chinese, Spanish v 0.0.6 2017-05-26 localization support added recompiled for KSP 1.3 v 0.0.5 2017-05-22 now checks for EVA prohibitions due to Astronaut Complex level / Tourist type fix alighting features not being available when the active vessel lacks control stock "command hint" messages (e.g. "[В] Board") no longer show when in manual boarding mode pre-emptive changes to keyboard input handling for 1.3 compatibility fix my shameful missing break statement v 0.0.4 2017-05-17 new feature: kerbals from any part can exit to EVA using any airlock green highlighting of parts on mouseover should now be properly disabled when manual boarding is used, and restored properly afterwards v 0.0.3 2017-05-12 much better solution for keeping our command hints displayed switch from Input.GetKey to Input.GetKeyUp to prevent spam-calling boarding functions when key is held down prevent stock boarding from being registered alongside auto boarding, which causes "spurious" stock "Cannot board a full module" message appearing alongside our auto boarding "Cannot board a full vessel" v 0.0.2 2017-05-07 respect EVA boarding keybinding from game settings functionality will now be disabled when in map view turn off stock CrewHatchController UI properly when in manual boarding mode fix my stupid NRE caused by Mouse.HoveredPart being null upon mouseout in manual boarding mode v 0.0.1 2017-05-06 initial dev release compiled for KSP 1.2.2
  13. Demo video of less glitchy first person walking: Floating (EVA) mode free controls demo video: This mod allows you to control EVA from the perspective of a kerbal. To enter first person mode, press the 'c' key. Additionally, you can disallow external view of both kerbals and regular vessels in the config file. Requirements: None. Download/Source: Changelog: -Update for KSP 1.3. -Oops, found a problem with switching kerbals 5 minutes after releasing. Fixed this. -A ton of work on making walking, running and swimming more smooth. -Reset kerbal's view using the 'v' key when in FP mode. -Free rotation and translation added to floating EVA mode. Controls match those used for a vessel. Defaults: ad=yaw, qe=roll, ws=pitch, jl=translate left/right, ik=translate up/down, hn=translate forward/back. A stabilization-mode sas is available. -"Fine controls" for RCS packs is by throttle controls while in FP mode. The more throttle, the more pack power. More or less fuel is used as appropriate. -Some fixes to stock glitchy behavior for walking kerbals in low-g; prevent getting stuck trying to land on a steep slope, allow the player to break out of a running bound (especially useful for Gilly and Pol). These fixes apply both in first and third person mode. -Display the name of the kerbal when switching inside IVA. -Navball now functions normally in FP mode, referenced to the kerbal. License: GNU GPL v3 This mod is a continuation of the work of: @Chronothan, @Ser.
  14. EVA Challenge

    I would like to challenge everyone out there to build at least a command module (so you get a Kerbal in it, obviously), get the Kerbal out on EVA, and walk/run all the way around Kerbin. I tried doing this, and I got from the KSC all the way to Kerbin's north pole. Also, as Kerbin is so 'big' (it's really 10 times smaller than Earth I think), rovers are accepted, but they must have a Kerbal piloting them (E.g. using an external command seat or cockpit).
  15. Hey all, I have no clue if this should be in here or addon discussions, but here goes: I just got KAS/KIS and desperately wanted to use the kerbal EVA inventory, because I could remove helmets and refuel airplanes without the pain of docking.The issue is that I have no inventory to use. I right-clicked Doddard(an engineer and dedicated fuel tanker technician) and went to click the Inventory button, but there was none there. Next, I tried to find the inventory button on one of those side mount containers(with some tools inside). Thankfully the inventory button showed. I clicked on it and nothing happened. Again. This is weird because the inventories work in the SPH/VAB and on loaded vessels/cockpits. Any help would be nice. Thanks, GKSP
  16. I had a Mk2 type spaceplane in orbit and did an EVA. Immediately, the Kerbal showed signs of overheating with a bar display. It did not get any better or any worse. Did the Kerbal get residual heat from the exterior of Mk2 cockpit or is this a glitch?
  17. Hello, I just discovered that when an experiment is performed from a command module on a vessel it gives 6 times less data for the MPL than doing so by a scientist on EVA. Is this correct?
  18. Push a vessel out of orbit using a kerbal on Eva. The infinite propellent cheat is allowed. The biggest craft pushed out of the highest orbit wins the challenge. Also try to survive re-entry and the crash. (The kerbal, not the ship) Submit your attempt, vessel part count/weight, orbit height, and proof in the comments below.
  19. It's simple: Launch a kerbal into orbit from the ground through any stock means possible.
  20. I think I explain everything adequately in the videos, but I'll just put down a couple stats here. 35 Pit Stops 1 Lander/Return Vehicle Valentina Kerman and one long walk of 1,256 KM total. This will take a little while. Please don't expect daily updates. Apologizes for part one having gotten messed up. I think I must have accidentally hit my recording hotkey twice instead of once at some point.
  21. with a v simple craft using the MK1 cockpit. after going eva I realised that the craft was spinning. (when it wasn't before hitting the EVA button) so i got back inside and stopped the spin with some SAS. then the moment i hit EVA and my kerbal is holding the ladder the craft is spinning again. so i checked the map and notice that my PE and my AP are going down together at about 20meters a second. I've tested this out with a few similar craft but with no luck recreating it. but this one craft always does it. 1.craft this craft is all stock parts but the install does have mods this is the Ckan file. list2.ckan Edit, I've been unable to recreate the problem with a brand new craft but if I use craft that was having the problem to begin with its always there even when I reorganise the parts of the lander and remake it with new bits it still spins. I also saved it under a different name and change the root part.
  22. EVA Bug

    Hey everyone, I hope you can help me with this bug. I've installed Realism Overhaul with some Mods. And the Problem is when I go Eva the whole game Freeze. I can't go in the Menu I can't return to VAB nothing. Maybe a mod causes it but i don't know wich mod. Hopefully you can find wich mod causes the Problem. Sorry for my bad english tho I'm from Austria :).
  23. Hello. I was wondering if there's a mod to make multiple kerbals leave their seats simultaneously on the same craft. Does the Follower Mod do that? Some other way?
  24. "In Our system we have Kerbol Radiation Not Cosmic Radiation" -Crazy Kerbal Scientist No.1947 Im Back here with another great suggestion: Presenting........... The Suggestion that would take years for me to figure out: COSMIC RADIATION , And More oh well , What do i even say , This game doesn't have any sort of Cosmic radiation , so i came up with this , Going to explain Breifly: 1- Lets say for example i reached space in a Manned Vehicle and my spacecraft has a MK1 Cockpit which has weak radiation sheilding so basically the Mk1 Pilot is going to get exposed to radiation alot and if that goes on for a long time. Like for example 100 Kerbal days . The Pilot is going to die . Also Side Note: The Radiation mode only triggers in Normal , Hard , Extreme Difficulity's . so for any new people in the game they can just go on easy mode or on custom. 2- If i had a Mk3 for example it would keep its crew alive MORE than the Mk1 , For example MK1: 100 Days MK3: 300 Days . And if the Cockpit is surrounded or covered by something it would stand more for example a normal MK1 would stand 100 days but a MK1 which is covered by a shield stands for 150 Days. 3- Space EVA's: If any Kerbal went for EVA his suit would protect him from radiation for atleast 30 days. Continuesly 4- Planetary EVA's : If a Kerbal went for EVA on Kerbin his suit would protect him for a infinite amount of time since Kerbin is habitable , but if a Kerbal went for EVA on Duna his Suit would Protect him from radiation for 200 Days , Continuesly 5- Recovering : If a Kerbal went into space for a long time and came back to kerbin , he would recover / Or if a kerbal went into a Hab Module He would recover too +Another Idea SOLAR FLARES So basically ingame Solar flares would have the same effect as radiation. Except for : 1- it would distrupt communications 2- the closer a spacecraft is to the sun ,a solar flare. the more vunerable is it to overheating. 3- Kerbals Doing EVA inside Moho's orbit to the sun are facing a serious death sentence if any of the solar flares appear 4- 1 Major Solar flare would appear every year 5- Every atmospheric Planetery body that has a magnetosphere is Safe and That's all folks Please make this true Thanks for reading -Taco Kerman Year 201.6
  25. Kerbals "auto adjust" RCS on their own while on EVA. For example, when I hit Q or E to "spin" there is some sort of automatic adjusting that the RCS thrusters do. It is VERY annoying to me and I'd LOVE to disable it somehow. Any suggestions? To recreate this, simply perform EVA, engage RCS, hit the Q or E key and observe the game auto adjusting your kerbal.