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You know you've built a huge rocket, when ...

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When you install while wintertime a fresh air tube from outside the catdoor to your liquid cooled Pc case.. because all the things you start seem to have this size half the time. :0.0:


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When a launch takes two hours twenty minutes in real time to get to orbit.  

I did this.  Seriously.  I literally prepared, cooked, and ate an entire dinner, while my poor old laptop chugged away dealing with it.  If I recall correctly, I dropped the first set of boosters and staged to the next somewhere around the thirty five minute mark.

Not surprised at all the processor in it eventually burnt to a cinder.

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@Whackjob I actually have that time-to-orbit beat by an hour, although it was because of the type of engines involved rather than the actual mass of the ship...  as in your example, I had plenty of time to cook and eat a hefty meal during the ascent, and like you, I went through it on an over-taxed laptop.  I haven't killed it yet, but I have made it beg for mercy.

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When you install RSS, then go to Pluto in 12 days, and return.

Then repeat a million times.

When you use Mammoths , sized up to 20 metres with tweakscale, for attitude control, and still turn slowly.


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