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KSP Limericks


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Ksp Themed only.   Inspired by this old thread

I used to love writing little limericks about my patients back when I was a medic.  I don't remember any, but I did write a good one about a patients toe falling off and getting lost in the truck (which actually happened). 

But anyways,  I digress:

There once was a Kerbal named Bill,

He was always on the lookout for a thrill.

He met this dude Jeb,

He was kind of a celeb.

And now, his life is all downhill. 

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On 4/22/2018 at 11:10 AM, StrandedonEarth said:

There once was a kerbal from Kerbin
who had to deliver a sermon
He said "Don't forget

To add struts" *looked at Jeb*
"Or to get home, you'll be swimmin'!"

Ehhhhhhhh...... That's real stretch on them rhymes there... lol 

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I think i understand this thread.

And it's not really that bad.

But I'm busy doing Grand Tour mission.

And i just can't leave it and Move on.

So that i can make it super rad.

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  • 2 weeks later...

It took quite of an effort...

My Ultimate Challenge didn't end with an abort...

Now @IncongruousGoat sent me to the winner circle...

Hope The Challenge Thread won't be gone in the vicious cycle...

Simone and his friends shall rest...as their conquest will never end...

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Just had a meal at Jeb's diner,

Which gave me an idea for a new airliner,

But then I have to join the boys talking about new rules and stuff,

And there's some of those that sounds bruh like the Monoprop Motor Puff,

So I just sat there, waiting for things to come to a conclusion,

While thinking about my newest minimalistic design that has a range quite far which then plunged me into confusion.

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There once was a kerbal names Wehrner

Who was really a very fast learner  

When the Wheesley was smoking

He gave it a stoking 

And created the first afterburner!

Bonus limerick: working on one set of rhymes begets another!

Bill didn’t think that Jeb was jokin’

When he said that the rocket was smokin’

So he said “Let’s abort”

But Jeb gave a snort

Saying “I meant that it’s fast, not broken!”


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There was a poor Kerbal on Gilly.

That thought it all was quite silly.

He said so to Jeb

Who looked at this thread.

Then revived it cause someone said, "Will He?"

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Whenever I'm writing a limerick,
I make sure to make all the rhymes tick.
Because if they do not
(After much forethought)
They read like you're flying a brick!


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