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  1. Can anyone actually help with landing Starship? The chart doesn't really help for when KSP says no to high AoA coming in and just flips it over EDIT: It would be nice if the Starship guide would indicate what kind of reentry we should be doing.
  2. Can I play this without Scatterer? I'm trying to drop the RAM usage from 10GB whilst Idle at the Space Center. UPDATE: I tested. There are no flares, and maybe you should look into faking atmospheres with an EVE layer like many others have if Scatterer is not present. I dropped the RAM usage in half when I removed Scatterer.
  3. This is my GameData folder. Loading on a standard HDD. Before - Loading Systems: Elapsed time is 359.8798s After - Loading Systems: Elapsed time is 227.29s Very Nice! @sarbian
  4. How do you install this? drop the .dll in GameData or the whole zip? Could you please update the folder structure within your download so it's easier to figure where to drop the mod.
  5. Hi, how can I install this so it just has gives me all the statics to place? I don't want it to overwrite my current space centre configuration.
  6. I'm wondering what's your thoughts on the shiny starship? Are you looking into having shiny starship as an alternate texture for those parts?
  7. Hi, so no matter what, after reaching 10km and being around 45 degrees pitch, I can then hold it there until 50km to then level out. The shuttle even with me fighting it levels out at around 20-30km. Any suggestions?
  8. Hi, using Kopernicus in @Avera9eJoe's Spectra. I'm having an issue where the flare for Kerbol is disappearing. Suggestions?
  9. I don't know why, but the BFS seems small to me. I feel it should feel bigger way bigger than a shuttle, here's a comparison.
  10. What happened to HABTech? I didn't want to ask on its own thread because that would be bad juju.
  11. no not just screenshots. Am I meant to be using TRR now? I removed all the mods and the stock one comes back so something is happening.
  12. Is there any way you and @allista could get Throttle Controlled Avionics to work with the rotors in Airplanes Plus.
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