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  1. So two things. Is that the the 16"/45 turret as used by the North Carolinas and South Dakotas? And two, is there a single mount 3 inch automatic flak gun in game I missed somewhere?
  2. Hey guys, great work so far. I've been on again/off again on the forums here, and while the general consensus seems to be waiting for 1.2 to drop, I'm thinking of throwing out a few ideas for new guns. Specifically, the 3"/50 caliber Mk. 27/33/34 AA guns. More details here. If it doesn't fit, that's cool. If you decide it does fit and make it, that'd be awesome. Stay groovy gents.
  3. Sure, that'd be great. Does that mean if we download them now they'll have the new bits?
  4. Elevation wise, yes. Horizontally, no, but that wouldn't matter for an ASROC launcher.
  5. Except I'm pretty sure that's not the case as we see with NKD's LAV AD turret. It's got stinger pods and a gun.
  6. I unfortunately figured as much. I know next to nothing about coding, but I've been mucking around the back end of KSP for like four years now and realized the node to node movement would be a problem.
  7. Hey, @SpannerMonkey(smce), two questions. 1) Do you have a link for wherever BD Armory is being updated? I can't seem to find it. 2) Is it possible within the bounds of KSP to have reloadable pivoting arm launchers like the mk.13?
  8. How do torps and depth charges work? The torps just seem to run for the bottom of the ocean and depth charges dont seem to have any indication of how to use them
  9. All the progress you've teased so far is looking great. Very excited.
  10. Waaaay excited for those Griffins! Gives my small boats a big punch.
  11. He's generally going to busy with government contracting work, so I wouldn't expect anything anytime soon
  12. Good job on getting an internship. Trust me, I know the difficulty (though my degree field is a tad more specific)
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