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  1. As a one-time fan of the ProbeControlroom (which has not aged well with its dependencies) I have discovered an arrangement with Stock and MJ that facilitates running a telemetry/camera unmanned style mission by conducting the majority of the mission in map mode with mechJeb screens open for needed flight data. Docking camera/VDS hull camera mods add to the MJ camera. Accessing the camera views by action groups produce a loss of the map view so I open them by going back to flight view and using the PAWS. The window persists when switching back to the map view. It seems less resource using than PCR and its IVA trick to be in the control room and also its need for RPM and other older mods. With only a instances it allows an informational only way to simulate an unmanned mission using action groups or MJ auto features to manage the mission. I thought about posting it here in case this has not occurred to some. I also wish to raise the question, could MJ be updated to make this a feature? It would use Stock map screen instead of additional needed assets. Expanding a few more MJ camera styles could reduce dependencies. The ability to preset MJ info screen arrangements would quicken setting up the screens needed, I.E. a launch config, a landing config, an orbital burn, an re-entry config...etc. Interesting idea or not?
  2. All features work on my 1.12.1 but the landing skirt ring seems to set above where it is supposed to be on a stock Mk-1 pod. This is the default embedded landing skirt.
  3. If I removed the stock Squad parts folder does this mod replace/substitute enough parts to play a Career Mode game? If used with stock parts is there a Restock texture conflict?
  4. I request for a modder to make a mod that adds a texture switch to the stock FL-R10 and FL-R25 RCS Fuel Tanks to match the dark textures of the Mk-1 and Mk-2 command modules. This would be simply to allow the tank to set on top of the command module and be consistent with the appearance of the dark textures. Thank you for your consideration.
  5. I do not see clouds in the screenshots. Mod gives weather but no clouds, correct?
  6. Concerning the ASSET Mk-1, will a re-entry ablator value be assigned and I must ask the question, "Have no wheels, how can land?"
  7. A Cosmonaut would use up half their EVA time just climbing up and down the ladder.
  8. Make a MM patch to rename everything(part and science definitions) and turn the DM Mag Sensor into another type of science collector. Dark Matter Wave Detector? Kraken Spoor sensor? Infinity Stone counter?
  9. Keep it simple, just minus stress for each crewperson by an appropriate % whenever a ship docks. Example: If crew A at a lower stress level docks with Station B at a higher level eack kerbal minus 25% stress for docking. Crew A are less stressed by the docking going ok and meeting the crew on station B and the Station B crew feel less stress by having some new faces around. But the higher stress levels of station B from being cooped up with each other are not averaged into the fresh faces on ship A just because they have docked.
  10. Then my game must be buggered. I get no option to change the stack chute container color. It stays white. The only changes to the textures are the color markers for the different types of chute. I was looking for a black/white to match the MK-1 pod and black for the Mk2 pod.
  11. Just can't make it without RC but the ability to change the stack chute container color would be visually pleasing. Something to match the darker Mk1 capsule?
  12. Maybe it is the letter K, mirrored (back-to-back) and joined to make an X. Substituting K for things is a Kerbal tradition.
  13. Depends upon which version of KSP you are playing. PCR depended heavily on the RasterMonitorprop mod. That mod is quite old and works best with older versions of the game. I believe The original modder felt it was too outdated and moved on to a newer vision of the mod. It was being taken up by another person till the camera changes in the 1.9 versions seems to have really buggered PCR.
  14. Several Modders have noted 1.9 changed how cameras work. Docking Camera KURS is also having problems. By the application of superior Kerbal scientific methods I am confident the problem will be worked out.
  15. So a player would be building the tech tree as they researched ? Making the tree unique from game to game depending on what paths you follow? I.E. choosing solid fuel over Liquid as a main lifter type? Fuel cells over solar?
  16. Next update MM will become self-aware and implement 'Skynet' in our games.
  17. Would not the solar panels produce some charging off the reflected light from earth?
  18. You are correct sir. I was aware that no points would be granted but what was throwing me a wobbler was things such as: In the Vanilla Sandbox VAB the Goo canister will deploy and the DMagic magnetometer will extend. Collecting science on the Launch Pad gives no points but still a pop up window. In KSP + Kerbalism,Simplex Kerbalism, Sandbox mode behavior is different. In the VAB the Goo canister opens upon placement and the DMagic magnetometer does not deploy. On the launch pad there was no running of the experiment for no points to learn the kerbalism science process. I had a few bad experiences where my probes would run out of total collection and transmission time before crashing/losing signal/draining batteries...etc. I was testing for compatibility of some mods in Sandbox mode to get all the parts available and hoping to practice procedure and time needed to run experiments under the new (and really cool kerbalism way) when I noticed some of the experiments would not even deploy. I am now wiser and at least had some fun. I hope it was not too much of a false alarm for you.
  19. Upon reading this I conducted four tests. #1 Loaded game with only: 000_ClickThroughBlocker 001_ToolbarControl CommunityTechTree DMagicOrbitalScience Magicore Squad SquadExpansion UnKerballedStart ModuleManager.4.1.3 Dmagic and Stock Science full function. #2 Loaded game with only: 000_ClickThroughBlocker 001_ToolbarControl CommunityTechTree DMagicOrbitalScience Kerbalism Simplex Kerbalism Magicore Squad SquadExpansion UnKerballedStart ModuleManager.4.1.3 Dmagic and Stock Science No science or animations function. Goo canister opens when placed in VAB. No open/close or collection options on launch pad. #3 Loaded game with only: 000_ClickThroughBlocker 001_ToolbarControl Kerbalism Simplex Kerbalism Squad SquadExpansion ModuleManager.4.1.3 Stock Science No science or animations function. Goo canister opens when placed in VAB. No open/close or collection options on launch pad. #4 loaded game with only: Kerbalism Simplex Kerbalism Squad SquadExpansion ModuleManager.4.1.3 Stock Science No science or animations function. Goo canister opens when placed in VAB. No open/close or collection options on launch pad. All games in Sandbox mode with Default settings.
  20. Kerbalism: "VERSION": {"MAJOR": 3, "MINOR": 2, "PATCH": 0, "BUILD": 0}, Simplex Kerbalism" KerbalismSimplex 2.0.20191231 version 2.0 for Kerbalism 3.2
  21. Kerbalism 3.1 indicates that Dmagic Orbital Science is a compatable mod. When I add KerbalismCore and Simplex Kerbalism as directed I lose functionality to my Dmagic science experiments. Remove them and Dmagic works. Known issue or do I need to research more and post mod log?
  22. Does the periscope function as a RPM camera? I only run the Soyuz parts so I am not sure if I am missing a function without the full mod. Is it supposed to show on the IVA control panel docking screen?
  23. Another approach could be if there was a way to add a money or reputation reward to the empty nodes then the play balance against gaining higher tier tech too quickly and making tech trees more adaptable to individual play styles could be achieved. A transition from hiding empty nodes to making empty nodes useful. Variant tech trees would adapt to whatever mod mix is applied and the science points used to unlock the part-less node could be rewarded in money and reputation in the form of "Research Advances", "New research theory" or "New Engineering design concepts". If a mod is later added that fills that node then the "Make empty node useful" effect is not applied.
  24. Could having the stock variant switcher move itself to the beginning of the part action window list solve anything?
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