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  1. Surely they must have tried showing or marketing games to gamers and game reporters at a gaming convention? I can't find any info about KSP/KSP2 that was discussed. Did they really not mention planned or upcoming titles?
  2. Honestly, that sounds like a really good idea. Some kind of a "base" for my base that would be completely flat could be a nice option. I'm hoping for some kind of "solid" foundation option like a concrete or dirt or something. Maybe there is a way to cut into the terrain without deforming it? Any part of an item placed "below terrain level" could get some kind of a special graphical/gameplay treatment: Around the edge that is below ground level, perhaps they could add a cut-into-the ground visual model, turn terrain clipping off for that area, and make the terrain invisible in that area? That way it would look and feel like you've cut into the ground for a level surface, but ignore the fact that we can't change the terrain height. Basically doing the "cutting and leveling" with a similar kind of functionality as the stilts have. Instead of lifting up via the bottom, you could cut into the terrain just around the part by coding the ground away in the cutout area. It would effectively be a part-based cutting instead of a terrain deformation based cutting.
  3. I'm kind of hoping science is a mix of things. From the beginning part selection, you should get new parts from a combo of R&D and experience in using that kind of part. Maybe after getting a rendezvous done, you unlock a basic station part. After some time/experimentation and R&D, you unlock some less basic station parts, and so on. Colony stuff should come from landings and time spent on the surface. I totally get the original "science points" for parts thing, but since when does a magnetosphere measurement from Jool help my scientists design a compact nuclear reactor for a colony on the Mun? I can't wait to hear if there have been any changes to the science system.
  4. I'm hopeful it will be released around the end of the year, but most likely the first realistic date is around May of 22. The publisher likes to launch around that time, something to do with their fiscal year and financial reporting. I would not be shocked to find out some interesting info at E3 shortly, given the end of KSP1 was announced just before E3. Looks like there is a "Take-Two interactive panel" at E3 on Monday... https://e3expo.com/schedule-2021
  5. Did you notice the blowing dust in the most recent show and tell video? Looks like we are getting some effects like that for sure. Cool ideas: parts discolor and become covered with dust depending on the environment. Rovers become filthy. Kerbals come out on their own to clean solar panels and windows after a dust storm.
  6. I love/loved KSP from the beginning and it is still the best game ever for me, but it always felt like it was still in development. I don't think we will be losing anything with KSP2, I think it's just the natural progression of a timeless idea toward its completion. KSP2 will be KSP, but complete and polished.
  7. I just got home to see it at proper resolution on my monitor instead of my phone... I'm about 90% sure I see blowing dust in the geothermal power clip. Look at the shadow produced by the generator. It changes brightness and color with what looks like a wisp of dust. Start at :23 into the video. Does anyone else see that? Edit: I'm 99% sure that's wind and dust blowing around! This keeps getting even better each time. Thanks @Nate Simpson and crew! Edit2: I see the blowing dust in the runway test scene too. Didn't see it at first in any of them because they looked so natural that my eyes completely passed them up. Props to the effects designer.
  8. Wind turbine harvests wind energy. Does this confirm atmospheric wind and weather conditions will be a thing? @KSPStar
  9. Some of them really feel like it. My current obsession with following KSP2 development will morph into an obsession with following mod porting once KSP2 is released. I can't imagine playing KSP1 stock anymore. More parts = More better.
  10. It'd be kind of neat if the statue didn't appear until you killed your first Kerbal. It would make it quite the achievement to not have a statue.
  11. I'm voting no on having to run the mission again unless I change something on the ship etc. If I can do a fuel resupply run with X ship, carrying Y tons of fuel, the game should allow me to change out Y tons of fuel for zero to Y tons of ore, snacks, Kerbal poo, whatever, in the same form factor part without having to run it again. This would avoid me having to redo a mun base 1 to mun base 2 monoprop resupply for the 15th time while my interstellar ship using a torch drive is en route to Gargantua black hole or something. As far as Orion goes, the massive size, energy consumption, heat generation, catastrophic effects, inoperability in atmosphere, etc should make it a very unlikely candidate for common uses. Not to mention cost and the infrastructure needed to build and support one. It looks like a truly massive undertaking to get to that level. If anything is at risk of being OP, it'd be the torch drive... but that's end game stuff.
  12. I know Nate said that they were going to be putting out guidance on converting KSP mod pack parts to KSP2 as soon as they could. Some game developers have worked closely with mod teams to have mods/mod packs available on launch: XCOM2 "long war2" comes to mind. I'm deeply hopeful that at least a handful of famous modders might be given exception to the "no early access" consensus that appears to have been developed. Mostly, I'm just greedy for as much part variety as I can get my greasy hands on. And also MechJeb. I need MechJeb.
  13. I just hope there's not a zillion brand new scientific discoveries (Science points) sitting around a facility that I already had the science and technology to build... KSC Science rovers are cheating! ymmv
  14. Please don't forget the ladders to get to the roof! Is it too late to propose a rover testing area/track with paved hills/angles/undulations like the offroad car companies use to show off cars? This would be lots of fun for little work/poly count (hopefully) and it could be used in kart rover races. I think that's part of the terrain at the KSC location. This looks like it's not at the KSC location. See Nate for answer below.
  15. Kraken was banished to Puf with sufficient force to deform the planet, and now sits at the bottom of the ocean the impact made.
  16. Apparently Take 2 is on the list of exhibitors/sponsors for E3 this year (mid June). Hoping for some KSP2 news/video etc.
  17. Does anyone know if KSP2 will be represented at E3 this year? Maybe we find something out soon. I'm still hoping against all evidence for a Dec 2021 launch.
  18. Possible, but I didn't see anything that looked mobile-specific. One of the job posts says "Experience with developing for multiple simultaneous game consoles, such as the Xbox and Playstation platforms." Perhaps this is just to port KSP2 to the newer consoles if it was designed for the now-outgoing generation of consoles? But I don't think they need a part designer for that. I'm leaning toward laying the groundwork for a DLC/expansion...
  19. Multiplayer was announced to be part of KSP2 from day 1, wasn't it? I remember Nate saying in very early interviews/videos that he'd "never heard people laugh so hard" or something similar. Surely this isn't for multiplayer. It feels like a DLC. Maybe we will be getting some really good news about release date at E3 this year?
  20. Oh hey! I was trolling through the job postings on T2 to see if I could glean any info from them, and mayhaps I found some interesting tidbits? They are hiring for a Software Engineer 3: https://careers.take2games.com/job/3099061 And a Lead Engineer: https://careers.take2games.com/job/3099063 Postings say: "Intercept Games is the developer for Kerbal Space Program 2, the much-anticipated sequel to the beloved Kerbal Space Program that launched a thousand aerospace careers. We’re now building a new team to work on an unannounced mission that has us extremely excited and fully continues our goal to make phenomenal games for our players to love." Preferred Qualifications include: A passion for space exploration, rocketry, satellites, and related entertainment media. This sounds like it directly relates to KSP2! There are also a few other job postings that seem to point to either a new project, or an expansion of some kind? Am I reading too much into this?
  21. I wouldn't be worried about 65c then. Fly safe!
  22. Do you know the exact CPU the computer came with? Intel usually has the thermal max levels listed somewhere on their site for the specific processor. Looks like the z220 had a large variety of CPU available to choose from when new. Looks like some came with Xeon processors which may have a lower temp tolerance?
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