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  1. On 12/25/2023 at 7:21 AM, RabidSmurf said:

    Ship icons are too big and get in the way of setting target on planetary bodies, often opening a details window that can't be closed when you click on them.

    Agreed, these are really annoying actually. Back on KSP1, Vessel Icon fading away depending on the zoom is a must. It gives to this feature (vessel icon) a situational trigger for the player.

  2. Dear RemoteTech Team, @tomek.piotrowski

    One of the main and core feature of RemoteTech is planning.

    If you don't plan wisely, then you're stuck. So the Range is the main component, added to that the type of antenna you use.

    But Power is also a dependency, and tbh, I'm struggeling to perfectly design probes with the adequate power management.

    I've tried few mods to help mitigate and the best I found at this point was FuseBox. However, it is not drilling down the data as DBS (below) does.

    But unfortunately it is useless when using RemoteTech, since the Antennas drain isn't recorded by the mod.

    Someone has asked the question to @Nertea on the OP of that mod, and he seems open to integrate RemoteTech support.

    So, would it be possible for you guys to share and connect with @Nertea  - to make it possible to use

    Thanks a million!

  3. Hi all,

    Just started "another" fresh career...

    Was wondering if you guys came up with the same issue and if so, how you've solved it.

    As mentioned in the subject of this topic, I have no longer the "Set Camera" to focus a specific part while in flight.

    Below is the list of Addons I'm using, more oriented on QoL than additional parts.



    Thank you!!

  4. Given the number of mods adopted since a (bunch of) year(s)... (thinking of @linuxgurugamer @zer0Kerbal just to name few active modders), I'm very surprised this one hasn't found yet a new daddy... (or mummy!).

    The OP refers to the following licenses terms:

    License for textures and models: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License 88x31.png

    License for plugin software:BSD License

    I know it is a "working" Mod, but in regards to all the benefit and fun it provided throughout the years, and the work of @DMagic, I think it deserves some attention :)


  5. I agree with @Snark - this Esc key has become a "generic" (if not genetic) behavior for whomever is interacting with a GUI based software (not only in games)...

    I don't think it is a challenge for the Multiplayer sessions:

    18 hours ago, Snark said:

    If none of the above is the case:  Pops up the game menu, and, if in flight view, pauses the game if it wasn't already paused.

    if in MP - Hitting the Esc key should have the exact same result except:

    Pause feature would then be simply disabled (greyed out - good reminder you're on a MP session).

    Anyway, this is something I'm sure the dev crew is keen to manage properly.

  6. Hello everyone! 

    The dawn of KSP2 has barely broken and many thanks to the dedicated modders who are already working to make our lives easier.

    I have been reading with curiosity about the content of the mods, but especially about the mod loaders.
    I don't know if having two types of loaders is really relevant for a KSP2 launch.
    BepinEx and SpaceWarp both seem to be effective. But the community might lose out.
    Then again, from what I've read, KSP2 will have an integrated loader.

    So either we go with what P.D. and the development team will provide, or we go for a community approach. In the latter case, I think we should definitely simplify mod management. Starting with two different loaders doesn't strike me as the best way forward.

    Finally, I don't know what limitations or opportunities one or the other brings to modding. I am also aware that there are other operating systems that need support.
    However, could there be some consultation on the best way forward?

  7. Hia @Lisias, hope you're doing well!

    Maybe this has been answered in the past, but for some reason, the search function of the forum today is disgusting... !

    Anyway, I've got the following :


    deleting a DLL is something I'm always relunctant to do... and since they're not in the same location,  that adds more of a suspicion to fail..

    Afterall, didn't notice any issue, got this since a long time now, but this is like a fly teasing you at night, so I thought I may ask the question finally...




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