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  1. @Zarbon44too busy making Star Trek ships to send me a craft file. I'm pretty clueless so without his help I can't write it up on the wiki. (Same detail on the ISS Nauka module, though that looks a bit more straight forward. To be fair I'm well overdue another Tantares career playthrough ).
  2. I like the concept. Science labs tend to be a bit of a catch all currently whereas I agree they would benefit from more niche roles. The Projects lab could have limited slots but support many different experiments that could perhaps only be switched by delivering "new science kit" to the lab. The kits could be a single part (e.g. science storage capsule with "stuff" in it) or require specific parts attached to the station/base before they become available (e.g. "black hole observatory" experiment needs a telescope fitted) - allthough that might create a painful network of interdependencies to maintain. It would be nice to have more progression in the various labs available in BDB (and stock). For example, early Mercury lab can only do a couple of projects, but not General Studies whilst GMSS labs are more versatile but commensurately more expensive.
  3. If you can do it with stock hinges instead of SOCK so it's just BDB and stock parts I'll happily recreate for a build guide on the wiki. Is that feasible?
  4. It's uncharted territory to some extent. It's up to us figure out the most efficient method then we'll send it to Bill at NASA so he can correct the docs from the 1960's. I'm sure he'll appreciate the input. Otherwise I'll put a guide on the BDB wiki. Come to think of it, they should be using the wiki build guides anyway, save themselves a fortune on SLS. Anyway, let me know when you've worked out which is the best approach and I'll write up the winning entry
  5. As @Zorgsaid I updated all craft files to use SAF fairings and bumped the version to 1.12.3 If you have old save games or your own craft files that you'd like to update, you an find and replace the old part names using a text editor fairly easily. What I do is make a new ship with the "offending" part in a simple build, look up the name in the craft file then copy, find and replace in my "broken" craft. With Notepad++ you can find and replace across all open files so you can quickly fix a whole bunch in one go.
  6. I find the footprints often mysteriously stop working but a simple quicksave & load usually fixes it.
  7. Awesome. Fancy doing one for Saturn S-ID as well? Incidentally, do you want to migrate the page to the Unofficial Wiki? It's kinda unofficially the official wiki now.
  8. Let me know when you get to the patches. I've added a few of my own which I can share to save you a little time.
  9. That's what happens when @Pappystein catches you launching two Saturn C8 Nova rockets after quoting Wikipedia.
  10. And annoyingly I nuked that install before remembering to backup all the craft files, so now I have the great delight of doing them all again, hopefully better this time!
  11. Stuck a Big G on top of SLS? Horrible but awesome. Throwing my opinion out there on post-Saturn revamp projects: I've just started working on a fairings and interstage guide and if nothing else it would be great to see some of the older interstages & adapters brought up to speed with the recent modelling & config techniques. There are several parts that I reckon could be rationalised and simplified using B9 Partswitch, reducing part count and making finding the right bit in a busy part menu a bit more logical. As for proliferation of Centaur types - my view based on trying to write simple guides for rocket building is that there's little value in adding different models unless they have a material impact on gameplay. Many real life variants only changed internals, which aren't modelled in KSP anyway and adding them all just complicates an already confusing evolution of rocket designs
  12. There is one - BDB-AFB-2.5m Fairing Base or the SAF version that includes the Saturn I SA5 variant.
  13. I've updated all the craft files for the dev version but I don't believe they've been included in the github repo yet. In the meantime the draft build guides are all in the Saturn Update issue on the Unofficial Wiki guide thingy.
  14. Parallax support isn't complete AFAIK. There appear to be some textures missing. Also as orbital says above, you need older version of kopernicus I noticed that footprints from kop expanded work when you do a fresh reload but not after changing flight scene
  15. I completely disagree. KSP2 is still in development. Once released it will take a few months of patches to iron out the inevitable bugs. We don't yet know what the workflow will be like for modding and even so it will take many months (even years) for big mods like Tantares to get ported over or remade. KSP still has a lot of life in it yet.
  16. At some point, when I get around to it for sure. I'm in the middle of updating all the BDB Saturn stuff for the next release so will get back to Tantares when that's done.
  17. Yes you got it. Clearly that'll only fix the craft files. For anything already launched you'll need to edit the save file itself
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