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  1. Sadly not as I didn't keep them. Besides, half the fun it trying to Lego these things from images. See if you can do better than me and post your pics!
  2. Google sheets might be an easier way to share a spreadsheet. I've just added this to my game so will have a play. It'll be easy enough to relaunch the science lab part of my mini station if needed. If I was into roleplaying I'd think of the first launch as a proof of concept. It's currently full of pilots because that's what the contract demanded.
  3. Would it be possible to provide the table of experiments in spreadsheet format please? It would be useful to filter by body allowed etc to figure out which experiment to install. Also I guess this is a general Kerbalism question, but I assume it's not possible to change the experiment installed in a lab after it's launched?
  4. Superb work! And timely as I just launched my first lab in a Kerbalism career and was wondering what to do with it.
  5. Seconding this. It would work particularly well with a BDB-specific tree, as there are many duplicate experiments and it would encourage sending more advanced probes on follow up missions. Early probes provide a partial and proportionally lower % of the science available for a given experiment (which is OK, as you don't need so much science in the early tree anyway) and you need to send a follow up with more advanced tech to capture the remaining science. Finally a use for all those magnetometers!
  6. @Grimmas the link to your fork no longer works - are you still working on it? I sense that yours is probably the most active and up-to-date fork and I'd be happy to help finishing it off for the latest Saturn revamp branch if you need a hand.
  7. You have to go beyond the radiation belts and magnetosphere to get into global space (press 1,2,3 on the numpad whilst in map view to see them - helps to zoom out a bit)
  8. KopernicusWatchdog is a new invisible celestial body from Kopernicus to try around workaround a persistent bug. It could well be causing an issue with Strategia @R-T-B ,thoughts ?
  9. Yep, the C-series table is mostly from the usual interweb source, I've not gone through the source docs to correct it all yet. I need to add all the early INT stuff, then figure out a way to simplify everything down to something accessible to a KSP player who just wants to build the bloody things!
  10. I spent my day reading source docs on the various Saturn derivative studies in the 60s and summarised them all on the wiki here https://github.com/friznit/Unofficial-BDB-Wiki/issues/60#issuecomment-945790528 I will probably simplify that a whole lot for the actual wiki build guide, given that most of them are simply different B9 Partswitches on the fuel tanks and engine plates.
  11. I like it! @Morphisor and I have a similar opinion on early career development. In a regular CTT career game you unlock the first 3 or 4 tiers so quickly that you end up skipping half the BDB rockets unless you're roleplaying (or following the History of Spaceflight contract pack), even with massively nerfed science gains, which then inevitably makes the late game a dreadful grind. I'd love to have a tech tree where the early nodes are more expensive and the BDB parts more spread out. It'd provide more mileage for the early rockets and probes.
  12. Great to see someone tackling this - it's much needed. For info there's a slightly more up to date config in @Bellabong fork of Kerbalism. Might help for you to compare notes and balancing https://github.com/Bellabong/Kerbalism/blob/master/GameData/KerbalismConfig/Support/Bluedog.cfg I think you're right in that these configs are best kept on the Kerbalism side (or standalone if they don't want them). The BDB team relies on the complex mods to maintain compatibility patches for BDB rather than the other way round, as it's simply not feasible to maintain them all at the BDB end. I'm running a KRSS-BDB-Kerbalism career game so would be happy to help stress test your config when it's in a playable state.
  13. Removing Parallax will revert to the standard textures, which work fine. I'm guessing this is an issue with the parallax config shipped with KSRSS, but I haven't dug very deep into it.
  14. Terrific! It would be super useful to have an option to add a secondary scale with 1:0.625 scale conversion, so you can easily compare RL:KSP measures for diameter and length.
  15. Are you using BDB-NIC? It was causing an issues with the old (current release) Apollo parachutes which created excess drag on the Saturn 1B. Other rockets have sufficient oomph to power through so it's less noticeable. I don't know if this is still the case with the new Saturn revamp branch.
  16. I don't have Conformal Decals in this install yet. It was deliberately minimalist to get a stable version of KSRSS and Kerbalism working before I add flavour mods. Harmony appears to be have insinuated it's way into being a hard dependency and I'm at a loss as to why
  17. I'm getting a game breaking NRE spam which appears to be related to the navball being open after I have placed a manoeuvre node. I have no idea what the root cause is though the logs appear to suggest something related to Harmony. Incidentally, it appears that Harmony is a dependency for KSRSS, since it won't load without it but it's not mentioned anywhere in the installation instructions that I can see? Logs here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gZAdrCL747gZ0PiY3NGMARwl2dC6A4OB/view?usp=sharing
  18. Molniya is listed under Vostok on the wiki but essentially it's the same build as the other R7s with the exception of a Block L fourth stage (instead of say, Fregat for Soyuz). I don't think the Block L's S1.5400 is available in game though, but any small vacuum engine should do.
  19. The bottom of the pic is just an old kitbash I did using restock tanks and proc fairings. Even after the BDB Saturn revamp update it'll only really be possible to build some of the Saturn development studies with BDB parts - A-1, C-1 (Saturn 1 Bl. 1), C-2, C-5 and the original Super Jupiter should be doable once the engine mounts are finished. You could probably kitbash some 8m diameter tanks (5m at KSP scale) using Restock tanks or tweakscale to knock up C-3 and C-4 with a little artistic license.
  20. The Nova studies were just studies really. There were at least two - one pre-Saturn and another post-Saturn focussed on manned Mars missions. The Saturn C-series development concepts, that included C-8 for direct ascent to the moon, had nothing to do with either of the Nova studies, although the latter study considered Saturn-derived vehicles for obvious reasons given it was the biggest rocket around at the time. Unfortunately there's quite a lot of confusion and misinformation on the interwebs - most often due to images of the early pre-Saturn concepts being used to illustrate post-Saturn era Nova study and because the C-8 looks remarkably similar in profile to one of the later Nova concepts.
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