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  1. looks good, are you gonna take inspiration from. Would be nice to nice a Vulcan as it currently is designed
  2. Have you also considered using .dds as a texture source? It saves space and retains quality better
  3. I really hope someone assists you in texturing, this mod is too good to die now
  4. Im getting issue where the iROSA does not deploy and is only a toggle-able b9 switch. Ither it isnt present or it is stowed. No deployment is appearing
  5. Is there a possibility of getting a 2.7x scale config? 2.5 works well but BDB is more towards 2.7x
  6. Is it possible to stop the craft snapping to retrograde and pro-grade orbital points whilst using target mode on the navball? When time-warping, the craft snaps from target retrograde to orbital retrograde, then returns after time warp causing crafts to get krakened. Will provide ksp.log if needed
  7. @EStreetRockets Getting a B9Partswitch error https://imgur.com/gallery/UlpvpXM Log Here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZM9fcOUkNFJJ6ireGtLnsw8286MYhst3/view?usp=sharing
  8. I think the worn textures take it from stock-alike to realism in my mind by how it looks. Having it closer to the above might make it fit in better with BDB, KNES, Tantares etc. But if it is a texture switch option that would still be cool.
  9. Nice, would you consider parts to form the launch structures for the KAXA's H series of rockets? This mod just makes each launch more ... mwuah
  10. Is there any chance that compatibility will be provided for up to 1.12.x? As it stands the offset feature no longer works (NVM i forgot to press a button, but can we please get a updated compatibility check on CKAN and other sites)
  11. For effective troubleshooting, can you provide a ksp.log file? This enables the mod developer to check for errors.
  12. @EskandareHate to pester, but any updates on this? Would be great for Equatorial launches not at the KSC
  13. @ZoeilleHow goes progress? Currently creating a kerbal version of the Guiana space centre. Would you think about doing the railway tracks as statics like OSS?
  14. Well the early concept could be kit-bashed if the Fuji capsule from the Fuji mod is used
  15. Now that @DylanSemrau is confirmed to be alive after a hiatus, is there a vague timeline on when this will be worked on? Would love to get a IVA for this one.
  16. Do you have a roadmap for the other features planned? I would love to see HTV-X and other derivatives in flight
  17. Playing with a 2.5x scale system, what Configs would people recommend to get it looking like standard scale again?
  18. Ah ok, The assembly loader giveth and taketh away. Sigma Dimensions was a old ksp resize mod that i used to play in 2.5 times scale. Guess i better find another mod to do that. Thanks for the help.
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