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  1. There is this bug report that don’t get enough attention: With a workaround in the comments (editing files)
  2. The Base Assembly Editor is already in the code and use the same framework as the vab (The Object Assembly Builder). Can't do more than that.
  3. oh that's definitely pretty annoying, there is a bug report you can upvote:
  4. Not so fast, here one in 2021 when Intercept Games existed: Still want my money
  5. Give me my million dollar:
  6. Well that’s pretty much what I said, it will come at the cost of new features being delayed. And I don’t think people would like the wait and being the fact that the main arguments of ksp2 existence would be even further away. In my own opinion, I definitely think that some features are definitely needed asap, mostly QoL stuff (bring my maneuver editor into ksp2) but some other can easily be left behind in favor of new features (like commnet or kerbal specialization). But that doesn’t mean we will never seen commnet back into the game (even if it’s different from ksp1).
  7. The question is not: Do you want comms or not? The question is: Do you want them to prioritize comms over new features exclusive to ksp2? Like colonies or interstellar for instance? They never said that commnet will not be in the game, they just said that this is not something they want to work on at the current time and that the current behavior is not a bug. In my very own opinion I don’t want just a ksp1+, I want a new game that try new/different things. I’m not interested in the "make it on par with ksp1 first and then add features" (Besides QoL stuff). So it makes sense to me that commnet is not being prioritized. Even in ksp1 it wasn’t a priority (arguably was a new feature so I understand) It’s all a question of priority, I’m sure devs want to add all the features they can. Just that some are more "interesting" or unique so it comes first.
  8. Good reminder that you can refund a game well above those 2 hours and 2 weeks. This is not an excuse. It's just a different process and will be reviewed manually so it's less easy to have a refund the more hours and time after the purchase you have. (Like I've seen people got a refund with x10 the limit and months after release) So no, they didn't make the tutorials long enough so you can't refund.
  9. You seem to not know how the KERB work. It's the current most upvoted bug report by the community, and the team gives the status of those bugs. All of them are active bugs in the current version, but their status is at what stage they are internally. So "fix implemented and verified" means they have a fix and that it will likely come in the next update. And when it's fixed for the public, it will be removed from that list.
  10. I made a full list of all the KERB and if they were late/early. The "When KERB is supposed to drop" is based on the strict rule that was given being: KERB every 2 weeks, apart if there is an update in between resetting the 2 weeks counter (And KERB releasing only on Friday). When the KERB was late or early, I also reset the counter (but this is not part of the rule given). I tried to find the justification for each delay.
  11. When you're planning for not only one destination. For instance, if you need to go from Kerbin to Ike and then Eve and then return to Kerbin, it's just not possible if the starting point is Kerbin. It's nice to see the dV needed for Ike -> Eve. But also in general to see what dV a lander needs. And as you said it, for future proofing the trip planner where you will not launch from Kerbin only (even launch from space). We can even suggest adding a "+" button to add bodies between the "from" and the "to", but the trip planner is pretty small and it was already hard to fit everything in it.
  12. I hope bugs are still a massive focus. When is the next one then?
  13. @frankieorabona, like the other language localization issues, I've made this a general bug report for Italian (at least for version 0.2.0 and version 0.2.1). So merged it with this.
  14. It seems that most of your problems with ksp2 will be resolved in future updates, the game is still in early access and is missing its complete vision (you're mentioning colonies and resources which will be in the game):
  15. To be honest, most of the harder challenges were always expected to come with the features that are not yet in the game, especially interstellar, at least with the way Nate mentioned it for harder challenges:
  16. @ShadowZone, moved your bug report here, I think this is a more appropriate bug report for your report to be merged in.
  17. About their 2 weeks: I also think it would have needed more clarification when this was said.
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