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Shower thoughts


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7 hours ago, Ryaja said:

Zero calorie food is really negative calorie food because of the energy to digest it.


Best followed by some nice chocolate to get rid of the taste. :)


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On 11/2/2022 at 11:39 PM, ColdJ said:


Best followed by some nice chocolate to get rid of the taste. :)


Who needs opt remove the taste of something that numbs the tongue?

School dances probably cost less than a normal child's birthday party.

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14 minutes ago, kerbiloid said:

Afair, the Japanese use ginger to reset the taste between the foods.

The cats just use their tongue to lick the nose for that.

It stays unclear, how do the Japanese catgirls solve this dilemma.

So much I can't say.

False nose made of ginger.

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This morning I got up, made breakfast, poured myself a cup of coffee, then sat down and turned on my computer and started sending messages to a bunch of folks I know all across the globe.

Forty years ago, when I was a teenager, this was science fiction.

It's amazing what you can come to take for granted.

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In the XXII century the geocentric system will be prevailing again.

Since early XXI the night sky was covered with myriads of bright moving points, like a moiré pattern.

Everyone is aware that these are communication satellites of varopus global networks.

But if you have a telescope, or phenomenally sharp eyes, you can see several thousand motionless sat-like bright points far away.

People call them "stars" (after "Starlink", the first of the sat networks) and they believe that these "stars" are comsats of the very first generation.
They have drifted away long ago and now they look standing at fixed positions, because their geocentric orbit is too high to discern their parallax.

Some enthusiasts even have found the names of "constellations" in antique files on the very rare obsolete data servers.
These names sound rather funny for us, usually they are named after the old rockets and capsules, like Centaur, Orion, Gemini, and so on.

Also two new preposition will be in use: "insats" and "outsats", to describe if an object is situated between the satosphere and Earth surface, or outside the satosphere.

The "satosphere" term itself will be used, too.

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