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8 hours ago, kerbiloid said:


Another name of Bikini Atoll is Eschscholtz Atoll.

E-schsch-o-ltz sounds and looks much better than just Bikini.

I don’t think I want to see anyone wearing an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny yellow polka-dot Eschscholtz. Doesn’t rhyme nearly as well, either.

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10 hours ago, Maria Sirona said:



13 hours ago, Maria Sirona said:

And even more HOT

You have identical PFPs, so I thought it was an obvious joke based on your HOT comment.

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"Harry Potter"


A Boggart was an amortal shape-shifting non-being that took on the form of its observer's worst fear. 

"The charm that repels a boggart is simple, yet it requires force of mind. You see, the thing that really finishes a boggart is laughter. What you need to do is force it to assume a shape that you find amusing."
— Remus Lupin teaching third-years how to repel Boggarts



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If flying cars did exist, it wouldn't really be much better and much less practical than a plane because you would still need the proper training and certification to fly it, just like a plane, you would need a runway just like a plane (unless VTOL/helicars are a thing), and they would most likely be much more expensive than a comparable small plane, even after they have been around for a while and the technology becomes cheaper, because they would have to have the components to allow both flight and powered movement on the ground, not to mention maintenance cost. Light planes/business jets and helicopters basically are flying cars without the ability to drive on roads, and would that ability even be desired that much by the people who could afford them? The future is now; we already have air buses. 

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27 minutes ago, Maria Sirona said:

Which one is a more complicated shape, a square or a trangle?

Well the triangle does have some very acute personality angles, however, the square is dealing with childhood trauma regarding the loss of his parents , murdered during a robbery,  and as a result is emotionally distant and has become a moody clandestine crime fighter.  

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