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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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2 hours ago, Starman4308 said:

I will fully admit: your writing style has influenced some of my writing style. I suspect it's because overblown totalitarianism, when not taken seriously, can be quite funny, and Americans have a hard time coming up with an amusing American stereotype for a space program.... so we use the Russians.

I hope they one day forgive us.

Oh, I’m sure they have their own tropes of us. Probably think we are bunch of cowboys. :wink:

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I just finished my final version of Ariadne 5! Finally!


A better S.R.B. separation... but much more important:



An original stock cover to protect the second satellite!




Just like the real one, the top satellite can be released on its orbit, then the cover is separated to allow the second satellite to leave.


Final result:





At the end the sole problem with this flight was pretty close from the reality: the second stage having to stay in orbit for a long time, a very loooonnnng time...

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Several more attempts at a 100ish tonne payload SSTO


However I just can't get it to work, tried lots of different entry profiles and it just overheats the engines and explodes.  I think I need to scale it up even more so it's got enough fuel to do a powered deceleration rather than relying on aerobraking.

However accepting the loss of the launch vehicle, I did get the flying castle in to orbit


This is a three part vessel, the mining base, a tug, and a fuel dump module that the tug can land on Minmus and then haul back to orbit


The tanker module looks even more Disney if I disconnect the tug :D  


Wilrie (the resident engineer) was last seen dangling her pony tail out of the hatch and Lewell (resident pilot) was muttering something about lances.

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Hey Kerbalites.


Today I Jeb and Bob did a space trial of the fetter Storch. Named by Wernher von Kerman.

Jeb doesn't like that name. He called it Edna. Something about is first date....I don't know any more than that. He was kinda rambling at that point.




Things went surprisingly well. Except that Jeb had to get out and push the ship so the panels could get some light. Bob refused to take the blame on that one.


Uneventful landing on Minmus. Could have gone to the Mun but the TWR and the fuel remaining combined to make it difficult. Might have work. Maybe yes, maybe no.

Bob planted the usual flag and made sure the mining was going on as it should. Yup, all the control grouping happens as they should without any major incidents or accidents or explosions....Or death.



The ship went into a stumble entering the atmosphere of Kerbin. Jeb fixed that by transferring fuel aft to fore.

The nose was a bit heavy while flying so he trimmed the fuel a bit more. Nice landing. For once. With no loss of aircraft parts.




The ship still need a bit more fuel capacity for Moho. Then need to prove Tylo capable. It was but I fiddled with it since. Now I don't know no more.



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2 minutes ago, XB-70A said:

This is awesome!

Despite the twin lights I can't cease to think about it...


Trust me, you want all the lights you can get on a motorcycle at night.... a poorly marked road could put you in the hospital unless you can see like it's daytime.... I know from experience... I broke 2 vertebrae, 4 ribs, and a metacarpal the day after Thanksgiving. I just got the cast and brace off a week ago. Jeb knows what he's doing with the dual lights.

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I built a rocket to go to the Mun in career mode. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough science to get the tri and quad adapters, so I had to radially attach stuff and strut it all together. This was the result:


When I released the launch clamps, it had too little thrust, hit the launchpad, and I now have to build in the SPH and launch from the runway while I figure out how to pay for reconstruction. 

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I was inspired by the recent Stockalike Station parts release to start work on yet another space station (I used parts from multiple mods on this).  The station core was one of the larger objects I have sent into orbit!


A second launch added on to the station.



More launches are planned.  There are so many great parts in this release I have several ideas for various stations and habitiats large and small.

A huge thanks to @Nerteafor this mod!

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Created a rough replica of the Voyager 1 space probe. I'm aware it's not 100% accurate, but I was trying to go for a happy-medium between functionality and looks, and like the Voyager probes, I mainly used gravitational assists (2 of Duna, 1 of Jool) to pick up speed. Might launch a second one too.





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Lots of rovering going on.

Up on Duna, Trama is belted into a new rover (a new T-Bird, daddy felt generous) and about to embark on one more long trek... 2 remaining anomalies to visit. The little rover that could, is now assigned as a runabout for use back at base. The base is growing, although loosely in unit placement. Close enough... we've a runabout handy.

Up on Dres, the 2 scientists of the crews are now in their lab, working diligently on eating snacks and being lazy... nothing to do yet, no science received yet. We'll be fixing that right quick tomorrow, so enjoy it while you can boys. With an engineer in reserve (he must be the Chief, because he's sitting at his console, feet up, swilling coffee); The other engineer is cruising in the 'mark 3' variant of my rovers, heading south to Dres' sole anomaly. We're halfway there. We started out close to sunset, not wanting to wait another day, and we've driven about half the night through so far (enough for me for today). Hullcam VDS Continued nightvision cameras make life easy.


As soon as my first Eeloo crew is rescued, I'll be looking at a second attempt there; Full scale attack. For now though, I'll just work with the irons I've currently in the fire.

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Launched a Jupiter probe using the Venus-Earth-Earth trajectory. Theoretically it should have enough dV to force the issue at Callisto, but the hope is that with a few more gravity assists it can land on Ganymede. 


The launcher is an Ariane 5 with a Vinci upper stage. Going the long way round, we might as well go for the full package with 14 minutes to LEO.


Leaving home. No clouds due to potato computer. the transfer was slightly more expensive than usual (4,2 km/s), but the upper stage had plenty of fuel to spare. 


Aiming for Venus and adjusting the encounter to get in the vicinity of Earth down the line. 


After a successful Venus flyby it's time to aim for the Earth. 


Back home. One more visit in ~2 years, then off to Jupiter. 


Aiming for the 2nd Earth encounter. 


Almost two years later it's time to do some final adjustments to the Earth encounter. In another 4,5 years (7,5 since the launch) we should be arriving at Jupiter. Hopefully I didn't miscalculate the solar panel output. 

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Single launch interplanetary mothership

By Ars Sisters


1.3 broke our Stella-Rium mothership save, so we had to rebuild it again and revise the design (Which thankfully brought down the mothership's mass from around 100 tons to a much more manageable 70 tons)

BTW, for those who doesn't know, this is our previous Stella-Rium. It's a self-sufficient mothership for interplanetary exploration with the ability to generate fuel using dust accumulator and ore condensor modules from Solaris Hypernautic mod. It was planned that Stella-Rium would explore the celestial body of Kerbol System, but before that happened, 1.3 broke the save file :(



Previous version of Stella-Rium

We don't have any heavy lifter, and SpaceY mod has been deleted to free up memory to keep KSP running. The launch vehicle you see above is our attempt to ramshackle and slap together something to get the mothership in orbit since the launch window is closing. Pray that the first attempt won't end with a fireball in atmosphere




We had to throttle down the thrust from 6 SRBs to keep the acceleration to a manageable level since we have no fairing to keep our payload save. Stock fairing is far too small while SpaceY fairings are unavailable. If we didn't limit the thrust, there's a very high chance that the solar panels being destroyed by the extreme heat or atmospheric drag


SRB separation, at this point, the rocket is passing through 30 Km altitude. No parts being destroyed and no heating effect being visible so far...


Passing 70 Km altitude, circularizing orbit now. We have a very limited amount of fuel left on the launch vehicle


Separation from launch vehicle stage, We're still in suborbital trajectory. Preparing to continue orbit circularization using main boosters of the mothership once we're approaching the apoapsis


We have some dust available! let's compress it into ore, and refine it into fuel for a bit more Delta-V




Extending all modules. Not bad for the first try of using that slap-together launch vehicle that's literally built in 5 minutes


View from Valentina's console on the bridge


Bill's console, behind Valentina. Jeb and bob are on the observation cupola


For now, it's time to take a rest. Let the dust accumulator gather dust particles for ore condensor in order to provide ore for ISRU for fuel production. Recharge the fuel for the next orbital maneuver, which is gathering science from Kerbin orbit as well as Mun exploration. We'll update our mission report on the next orbital maneuver

That's all for now :)

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