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What did you do in KSP1 today?


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Today I recreated ferry mission to Island Airfield. Using slightly upgraded boat, I am using for maybe a year or so.


Preparing for load

Almost thousand parts meeting. The moving part of crane is unpacked and on rails at the same time :)

Loaded, ready for transfer.

Truck is well connected and let's say "stable", but trail is free to move. Which means part accidental clipping, wheel breaking and board dancing...

...but it survived

Most critical part of mission. I guess, trail didn't flip over thanks to accidental part clipping.

OK, lets repair all wheels and try to unload trail.

Everything is on its place. Main mission is completed. Lets do some extended one.

Back to the water.

After few kilometers, I realized there is stranded Kerman on board. Looks worse than it actually is.

Time to do extended mission - parasitic vessels test. First is submarine.

So Kerbals took their protein pills and put their helmets on.

Ocean floor touched

KSP in a nutshell: Submarine flies well.

Well balanced buoyancy

Test passed, back to the board.

Second vessel test. This paraglide is already flight proven, so its more fun, than a test.

Prepare for flight..

...and weeeeeeeeee

Back to KSC

Loading paraglide back

Extended mission is over. Success!


Depending on ocean waves interaction, boat is able to reach ~40 m/s uloaded or ~33 m/s loaded and so "fast" is also the submarine. Paraglide can fly from ~13 m/s up to ~130 m/s.

What happened to me first time is total overload of kOS CPU, which I use mainly for radar. It renders game unplayable, with about 1 frame per 5 seconds. Turning CPU off helped get framerate back.

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On 12/26/2022 at 4:08 AM, darthgently said:

What is the name of the field in the .sfs savefile  that defines the current game time?

What are the implications of bumping it up a few hours to avoid a long low altitude warp?

I'm wondering how it might affect:

Background resource processing.

Crafts on rails going through orbit SOI transitions in the skipped interval.

Contract timers and durations.

Things I'm not thinking about.

Field is
UT = 1234567.890 in FLIGHTSTATE section.

Never tried to change this, but as orbitables have defined necessary Keplerian elements (mean anomaly at epoch + epoch itself), it should fast forward all vessels and don't take into account SOI transitions. If you do not wish to switch scenes, remember, you will load edited savefile. For me it is much better to switch to other vessel on higher orbit or go to Tracking Station.

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While waiting for my Outer Planets intercepts (first time with this mod)...


... I got my Jool Relay Satellite Bus to successfully deliver all orbital sats: after circularizing at a near-planar orbit, I detached them all, set each to intercept a different Joolian moon, and all captured on their first pass.  Laythe's is the only one that didn't quite make polar orbit due to insufficient delta-v.  The old design (on an old computer) had me put a Jool delivery vehicle into orbit and then lift each sat into orbit and attach the payload to the "bus"; this new design (on a new computer) can lift them all without killing my frame-rate!


The goal with this run is to have an orbital relay and surface probe on every body before doing a Grand Tour (I gotta research if that's even possible with Outer Planets).  I'm so rusty, Moho tossed aside two of my surface landers before I finally succeeded in sticking one there :)

I can't believe I still want to keep playing this game after starting with 0.21 about a decade ago!  I think a lot of it has to do with the great folks who do the cool add-ons and mods.  Thank you, all.

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I fired up KSP after being away for a while and went back to an old career save (my Out of the Sands story).  While launching an experimental Tylo lander, I managed to not go to orbit in a way I've never managed before - colliding into my own first stage during my orbital circularization burn. 

The remains of my lander, with orbital & transfer stages completely destroyed except the transfer engine


And the spent first stage.  I actually perfectly (and accidentally) synced my desired orbital altitude with dV of the first stage - I had about 3 m/s remaining in the first stage when I hit my target Ap, so I went ahead and staged it away after shutdown.  BUT I had a pitch up rotation when I did that, and I think I put enough energy into the first stage to fling it out ahead of my orbiter.  My wife thought I lost my mind when realized what happened & I started laughing about it.  After all these years, and KSP still managed to surprise me.



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Today, I successfully got a fully stock SSTO into orbit around Temporalis!
The planet is 790km radius, 1.75g gravity, 1.6atm oxygenated, 50km atmosphere height. I think its quite impressive I managed to get it to work around such a high gravity planet. Its design is inspired by the Jool SSTO Stratzenblitz made a while ago.


SSTO departing the KSC


I gotta admit, I did have to clip the NERV and a nosecone to reduce drag at the back of the rapier for this to work. So yes, the kerbal is sitting on, or maybe even IN an operating nuclear engine


almost in orbit!


coasting to apoapsis


A double sunrise! oh yea, I did fix the sunflares


Orbit achieved!


And then I began to add a simple part, which is a dual mode engine based off of a real concept I have, and its basically a hybrid electric scramjet. Has a fan mode that goes to mach 2.2 with a decent amount of thrust.. like.. 200kN.. And then a hybrid electric scramjet mode with a ridiculous amount of thrust at sea level, but drops off with altitude and speed until its at about 0.05atm and mach 7.5 where it cuts off. It is very effective at making SSTOs for Temporalis, but it is much better to use RAPIER engines on the other oxygenated worlds as the hybrid electric scramjet takes electric charge.. a LOT of it, I estimate about 500-1000 ec/s per engine, however its reduced to about 30 ec/s each for stock power systems.

Example of engines getting torn off in initial testing


They still have the RAPIER model, but.. yea.. that SSTO would have otherwise needed 32 NERVs and 16 RAPIERs to even get to orbit.. these SSTOs usually go to max rapier speed of 1700m/s (ik its like 2000m/s but.. yea..), and use the nuclear engines to slowly cruise to orbit much like that Jool SSTO


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Race Track 1 was launched. This is a Kerbeled Munner Orbiter Mission.



Booster separation


LES jettison


Second stage ignition and faring separation.


Vehicle separation and engine start up.


In orbit coasting to intercept burn for rendezvous with Pit Stop



The fuel tanks are topped off after docking and Jeb makes a lame joke about washing the windows.


Undock and prepare for TMI


Trans Munner Injection burn.


After arrival at the Mun, science is got.



Pic's were taken



On the way home after 2 orbits around the Mun.




And looks good from here.


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17 hours ago, Akagi said:

Installed BDArmory. I CAN FEEL THE POWER-


Did the same last month after over many years of playing KSP. It open ups whole new possibilities... even without harming any kerbal. 

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On 12/10/2022 at 10:31 PM, Caerfinon said:

Silly Science... 

Bob and Bill test out the new Plant Growth Experiment. Sometimes these field experiments can get... prickly 


Where is this cute jeep from? 

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I have been taking a break from KSP lately as I have other stuff going on.  However, with Epic making 1.12.4 available FOR FREE, I felt it necessary to download that and start a new career.

Of course I added the standard allotment of mods I use:  KER, MJ, and Kerbal Alarm Clock.  I cannot live without these.  But then I thought about what other mods I could try, what with BG and MH not part of the download.  So I added all of the Near Future stuff, and then the Community Tech Tree.  And when is atarted my new career, it was like a whole new game.  Christmas in 2023 12 months early.

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Crimes on the version I got from Epic Games. Im currently trying CKAN. But since I broke my screen (because of War Thunder, I deleted it last week) and now I have to use the original laptop screen that has an awful green hue. Absolutely no red color. I think of getting a no lag simple video recorder (any ideas?). That means Ill continue making videos on my dead YouTube channel. What im doing in this EXACT same moment is Im trying a telescope and camera mod.

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