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Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!


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Granted.  The mail server is on the table.  Again.  Get that thing off the table!

I wish for the borders of every country on Earth to be nullified, and that the people of Earth can live as one nation instead of...gosh, I'm not even sure how many there are now.

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26 minutes ago, Abel Military Services said:

Granted. You got a CH-AIR "Jeb's big box of Plutonium and Deuterium" Deuterium-Boosted Atomic Bomb. Unfortunately, it's armed and will be detonated in 3 seconds. Adios, amigo. 

I wish for Palladium. 

a 1km^3 block of Palladium is currently en route to your location from low earth orbit


I wish for a... graphics mod!

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9 minutes ago, kerbiloid said:

Granted. The graphics moderator bans you for your profile picture.

I wish for a better galaxy.

You get the earliest version of the To Boldly Go galaxy, which has just stock planet clones and completely screwed up intensity fades completely vaporizing the whole thing before you realize what just happened


I wish for a "Just After Kerbin" mod

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39 minutes ago, Scarecrow71 said:

Granted.  In fact, you get thousands of them.  Tiny, little, cockroach skeletons in the cupboard where you keep all your perishables.

I wish the Resident Evil movies had never been made.

Granted, but then only Resident Evil movies get made afterwards


I wish for a.. ten decker plane

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