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Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!


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Granted you are now a cats servant, and said cat is rumpleteazer, and youre denied the jellicle ball. No heaviside layer (yes thats how its spelled, blame either andrew weber or tc eliot)

i wish for happiness


cats movie is and was an absolute abomination.


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*cross post* Sorry.

Granted. You feel no pain. And now your canines are pointy. Unfortunately your hunger is only satiated by human blood.

I wish Dr Who could be about time travel and character, not 'inclusiveness'.

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Granted: Now every time they time travel at all, they create yet another parrallel universe and are never able to return to where they started from.

I wish that scientists would stop treating unproven theories as facts. I also wish they would stop coming up with new colours for dinosaurs, just to sell dinosaur toys.

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Every product you order online is shipped to you via hypersonic missile. Estimated time from ordering to arrival at your location is no more than a few hours. I think. You just said you wanted it faster right? You said nothing about it being shipped intact...

I wish for a Serbian dinar

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