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Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!


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Granted, but every mod is so buggy that the game breaks, and the ones that work are just joke mods that change the character model or just... change a random period to a comma in one science report somewhere in the game



I wish for... hmm... idk.. I wish for KSP2 to have more than one star when releasing

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2 hours ago, Abel Military Services said:

Granted. But your program crashed because a noob entered 0. 

I wish for no wobbling. 

granted, your craft no longer wobbles due to all of its wobbles being put on the planets, which shake like crazy when theres a kraken attack and crask the game


I wish for a neat list of all of the planet types

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3 hours ago, thepres1s_Stuff said:

I wish for a life-long supply of chili dogs.

Granted, you have a life-time supply of chili dogs....only it's the sodium-free variety.

I wish to know if that guarantee is voided in Tennessee.

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Granted. You manage to give the Void quite a fright. But it reacts to you much like an arachnophobe would after being momentarily startled by a spider, the Void just swats you flat.

I wish that I own a Rutan Long EZ.

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Granted. You are.
As you just have disclosed this top secret info, your personal file is removed. Please, join the other E-class NPC team and follow to the experiment.

I wish for many youtube SCP videos.

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Granted.  Every time you navigate to YouTube, all you see are SCP videos.  You cannot watch anything but SCP videos on YouTube.  What's worse is that you are now contractually obligated to have YouTube TV, which is again infested with SCP videos.  That's all you get, for the rest of your life.

I wish I would have been the founder of YouTube.

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6 hours ago, kerbiloid said:

Granted. On taking it, you understand that you were sapient cordyceps in the patient's head, and not it cured him.

I wish the youtube advices "how to defeat SCP-096" are working.

Granted, but little do you know its actually how to defeat humans for SCP-096 and you get confused as you are defeated by said SCP-096

I wish for a hypersonic aircraft carrier

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