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  1. Further off-off topic: Your rant has gone into my brain as a mod-idea-germination. Wayyyy out of my league, but could attempting at hacking an overlay/circumvention of the right-click part displays to do just that? Allow selective re-ordering and visibility toggles? Maybe something like Part Commander. </return to thread>
  2. That'd be an interesting sub-feature. Possibly disorienting, but I totally get the usefulness.
  3. Do you mean TCA? -- or the Air Traffic mod (or something else I'm not thinking of...)? Regardless, thank you for continuing to maintain and build one of my favorite mods of *any* game!
  4. I'm really looking forward to playing in-depth with the new rotor controls -- seems like a "holy grail" of functionality for a while with KSP. It's probably too soon to expect them to work with any existing autopilot or automation like Throttle Controlled Avionics, but is it possible to fly around using more controls than simple throttle and pitch/yaw/roll controls? Can Collective and RPM, etc. be reached other than via right-click?
  5. Not with that attitude!
  6. frickin' a! This is rather cool to see back again. Thanks for the continuing efforts, LGG!
  7. It's likely fine -- just a texture pack.
  8. Terrific! Thank you for suite of updates. I'm totally curious to see how TCA behaves with the new rotary-wing (helicopter rotors) in Airplane + -- will plug it in and see if there is anything funny. I'm sure the new collective and RPM, etc. controls will misbehave with the things TCA usually hooks into as far as control goes on craft that rely on rotor blades. Sadly, it looks like not at all. He must have done something really unique with those rotor engines.
  9. Thanks for reminding me to try it in 1.3. I'll see if it causes any hiccups. It's one of my "really like to have" mods, for sure.
  10. "There are going to be a few hiccoughs in the next couple of weeks;" Localization features working!
  11. Now you're just being silly... But it may not function like a normal powerplant. You may just need to tweakscale down the large rotor?
  12. Hey, careful now. Let's not blame an interest in automation on "young people" -- Automated updates streamline the time *maintaining* the game and allow for more time *playing* it -- I'm sure many of us are only able to play in short bursts, and I find that I'm far more likely to be managing mods and conflicts than actually flying missions. Ah, well.
  13. I can confirm -- the KN-2 does have the new components. Downloaded from Spacedock + the fix in the OP. Edit: And these are AMAZING!
  14. That's a whole 'nother can of worms. Reaction wheels to simulate that functionality is totally reasonable.
  15. Oh, you totally did it! YES!!! I'm drooling already --- Bookmark for MUCH later -- after a few dozen victory laps -- Though I'm loathe to suggest covering the brilliant art that is *this* cockpit, I'd love to see some actual analog dials in it as well.