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  1. OH this is lit playing this right now
  2. GenesisPlayz

    [v0.3 pre-release] OuterSpace

    new thread coming soon. getting back to development, and the concept has changed drastically
  3. GenesisPlayz

    Star Wars Episode VIII (8) the Last Jedi Discussion

    Meh, i prefer the prequels. ples no hate
  4. GenesisPlayz

    Survive Me!

    Oh noes! i use, well um, laser sword
  5. GenesisPlayz

    Steal the cookie game

    i summon the mighty kraken after telling him he gets half the cookie if he gets it for me. my cookie
  6. GenesisPlayz

    Survive Me!

    i use anti-anti tank shell
  7. GenesisPlayz

    The Loophole Test!

    did you just watch.... Am i music?
  8. GenesisPlayz

    Your Favorite Anime

    idk, pokemon?
  9. GenesisPlayz

    The Loophole Test!

    gonk droids Prepare yourselfs If 7 chickens fit in a brick, how many soccerballs does a crocodile have to eat so it can swim faster than a washing mashine?
  10. GenesisPlayz

    How famous are you?

    6/10, see ya around often
  11. GenesisPlayz

    Hello everyone i'am new

    welcome! and that model is dope
  12. GenesisPlayz

    The DoubleDouble Redoubled thread that never was

    I was getting the same thing too. He sent me a message, and when i eanted to reply i got an error. I do think he is angry, or maaaybe depressed. IDK why.
  13. GenesisPlayz

    Evolution [1.3.1] [Kopernicus]

    -deleted- reason: its the worst poem (?) ive ever made
  14. GenesisPlayz

    [v0.3 pre-release] OuterSpace

    t h a n c c