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  1. Astronomer?

    If you're reading this, would you allow me to upload a download link for AVP-EoO? It works with 1.3, and uses a feature from Insterstellar to make Jool look the same as in Insterstellar.


    So, do i have permission?

  2. My trusted Drawn-By-Myself-Kerbin profile pic will roll over them. And if it doesn't, I'll just hide somewhere at Kerbin. Thomas the Tank engine returns lmao
  3. Yep! And a teaser... it's a complete overhaul of something you all know... in this mod.
  4. No, more like Pluto, but the furthest thing in the Kerbol System has an Apoapsis of 2 BILLION KM.
  5. Well hello! Still, thanks for making the textures, hope to see alot of you in the future!

    i like pie

    Just kidding, i just wan't to say that my brother, Wert, just joined the forums. But especially;

    He's going to make the textures for my planet pack: OuterSpace!

    I'm still making the textures for the gas giants and i'm still the lead developer but expect updates to come a bit faster!

  7. So recently i really got better at Kopernicus planet making, and no; this mod is not dead. The next update is going to add alot, and fixes Slyton and Carmens atmosphere that i broke What you can expect: -[DONE]Bug fixes. -[DONE]Ires, a dwarf planet replacing the analog for Eeloo, except for it's orbit to be crazy -[DONE]Lir, a little moon for poor lonely Ires. -[NEARLY DONE]Cercus, a comet with a working comet tail (KopernicusExpansionRekejiggered). It's basically alot of magic boulders merged together. -[DONE]Arcto, an icy moon in the vicinity of Slyton. It's tiny, really really tiny. -[NEARLY DONE]Kiros, a GP3 analog. It's yellow, KSP lacked a yellow planet -[DONE, BUT LOW RES]Dremis, an icy dwarf planet. It's the furthest celestial body for now. And @JadeOfMaar, i might be promising alot again, but as i said, i got decent good at Kopernicus, so expect these things coming rather quickly, maybe in th following days
  8. boi these look great!
  9. Yeah, um, guessing that without that hint is like guessing if the universe is endless or not
  10. I've heard he's working on a plugin that does that.
  11. Yay! Outer Space got 200+ downloads! :D

  12. @NickRoss120Huh. It works for me, and i saved it as DXT3 Expliet Alpha or something, and it works like a charm.
  13. I think you have to set opacity to 50% to make it work.
  14. Sorry for the long wait everyone! but alas, v0.25 is released! And as promised, there is an extra planet! Go and look out... it's 8 times Kerbol-Jool distance!
  15. ''You cannot give anymore likes today'' ...why