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  1. Hello! Love the mod a ton, I've an issue where the FL-A5 and FL-A10 adapters turn invisible upon placement in the VAB though - a workaround is to place the adapter on a non-root part, delete said part, and ctrl+z to make the adapter reappear. Anyone else experience this?
  2. Hello! This is not a bug per se, rather something I've noticed recently with Flight Planning. When a maneuver is planned, IF your history length is very low, the time to ignition will continuously reset causing the actual maneuver node to move. So distant maneuvers cannot be planned unless the history length is long enough to reach the exact moment the maneuver was created. It'd be cool if long histories were not needed for this! Cheers
  3. There appears to be a bug with Firespitter's "AddForceAtPosition" that makes 'Airplane Plus' helicopter rotors provide 0 lift with Principia instaled. FYI! https://youtu.be/ycFx_OzQz3A
  4. This can be deleted if need be! But with the mod Principia installed, helicopters will not leave the ground. Working on figuring out why presently!
  5. This looks phenomenal! Could anyone fill me in on how to install/setup this for just the Stock parts? " Requires special texture and shader setup " Since having the mod installed and using '-force-glcore' in the command line haven't done anything, I grabbed the config files linked in Electrocutor's Thread but to no avail, and not entirely certain why! Any help installing this would be greatly appreciated, the screenshots look awesome.
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