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  1. It's fictional, but it's probably something that could have been easily done if they needed a Vacuum F-1 variant
  2. As far as i know, this is not an issue with Restock, but with the mod using old Stock textures that were moved/removed in later updates and the mod not being updated to deal with that. If you take a look back in the thread, you might find the fix, it's a simple patch i think I myself use restock and this mod together, and they work fine
  3. I used Auto struts on mine, and it seems to work fine. If you decide to try it, set the first stage parts to connect to "root" and the second to upper stages to connect to "heaviest"
  4. Finally someone diving deeper into this! And, yeah, this is the kind of thing that i can only see being used in the rather far future, or in Aperture Kerbal Space Program
  6. Yes, stock parts are really powerful for the stock system You can very easily make SSTOs that have good payload margins (that is, they carry a lot of cargo). Imagine that you built a 1.25 meter rocket with three of the longest tanks and a Vector below. if you put the Mk1 capsule on top of it, ,it can actually reach orbit. That would be like making the Mercury Capsule reach orbit with a Redstone Rocket (even though in real life, it could only reach sub-orbital speeds).
  7. You can make an easy and quick use of the offset tool to get them to the place (one up to the top one and one left and right to the respective bottom ones). The RS-25 are pretty big engines (they are basically vacuum engines forced to work at sea level)
  8. I like to think Kerbals are kinda like WH40k orks, fungi that just poof and spread their fungus to grow more Kerbals. Why they want to go to space? Cause it cool! And some of them are really eager to prove that Eeloo is a planet (they get into serious fights for that). Unlike orks, they have a good understanding of how machines work. They are very smart, and always think about if they can make something work (they have a serious case of not thinking if they should). I do like to think that Kerbin has more than barren grasslands and deserts, it's just that the game isn't focused on that, they might even have "Kountries", wich would basically be rival Engineering programs!
  9. I knew the day to show off my Jupiter III would come! 120 Tons of payload, not exactly a highly accurate build (i had to make some "Extra powerfull" RS-100s and use Vacuum Space Transportation Main Engines in the second stage, J-2Xs were not powerfull enough).
  10. The docking ports can extend to simulate "Soft docking", after they bump into each other, you can retreat the rings and actually dock them both. In KSP, it isn't really usefull, but Soft docking is used in real life to absorb some of the shock between both ships or between the ship and the station . This helps the docking ports to not get damaged.
  11. I don't know if this might work for you, but it worked fine for me. I myself have about 11 Gigabytes of mods, and what i did was installing them in batches, those that i already liked and knew they worked i installed first, opened the game and checked if everything was alright. Then i added one batch of 15 mods, checked if they worked and i liked. Those i disliked i removed and those that didn't worked i took a look if i could make a quick fix. (Repeat until you tested and removed those you dislike/don't work) I did that until i got my current install, pretty satisfied with it. One thing you can do narrow down what you like faster is thinking about what is your goal with that install, (like, if you want a realistic experince, a more casual one, something else entirely, etc.). This way you can decide wich mods fit or don't fit your objectives.
  12. TheSkyhawkScienceSystem is specially made to accommodate BDB, it also has some extra patches, but you can remove them if needed
  13. You might be confusing this mod with Near Future Spacecraft, wich i remember having RPM IVAs
  14. Well, you can make the engine smaller, but you will have to put the radiators yourself, it makes for easier orbital construction, but more work. Ooor, you can make a BIG rocket that is capable of that, Near Future Launch Vehicles gives you tanks and fairings capable of that. Oor you can download a mod that gives you the capacity of making parts in orbit, like Sandcastle. Realistically, an Antimatter engine would be made in orbit due to it's size.
  15. There's also the R-56: http://www.astronautix.com/r/r-56.html A smaller, Soviet Moon rocket, with a LEO capacity of 40 tons, it would probably need orbital assembly to work as a Moon rocket, but the original Apollo project also needed orbital assembly. It would probably be around 3.75 meters wide in KSP, so it should be fairly easy to make!
  16. No, SSPX has no life support requirement, it will only have life support mechanics if you add a life support mod
  17. Today (well, not really today) i worked on an N-1 M V-II-III ! What is an N-1 M V-II-III?! Well, glad you (probably) asked! It's this thing! http://www.astronautix.com/n/n-imv-ii-iii.html A humongous, upgraded version of the N-1, that would put even the Saturn V's height to shame. Imgur post link: https://imgur.com/gallery/wQ4fkSt I really have no idea if the N-1 M V-II-III was something real, of if Astronautix just made it up, either way, i love the concept!
  19. Yes, keeping the system cooled can be hard, but even if it is a little heavier, it's worth it, specially if you extend the stage. You could also keep only the NTR cold, and refuel the S-IV in orbit, wich could help with avoiding radiators
  20. You should have CryoTanks installed, to get Liquid HL2 and Oxidizer
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