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  1. My only guess would be no, Fusion power is the called the power of the future for a reason, we are far from taking a lot of energy out of it. To help stop climate change we would need to start investing heavily in replacing all our fossil fuels energy sources with Nuclear or Renewables (most likely a mix of both)... But that would take a loooong time, and that's something we are lacking.
  2. To be fair, KSP's universe is much smaller, so we don't need such beasts (that is, until you are tired of docking and want to put a big station in orbit)
  3. Now, put 4 of them together in an engine plate and call it Mammoth2
  4. if i am not wrong you can just transfer it like normal liquid fuel, as long as you have the engineer aboard.
  5. Awesome to see this insight in part making! Just cannot wait to play (actually, i can wait, take your time!)!
  6. While i do understand and appreciate the desire for realism, i think we also have to consider the main aspect of the game: Fun. If it's implemented correctly, building a ship that has to account for interstellar debris can be fun. But... i doubt it. I don't want to be punished for slamming into a 10cm rock that i couldn't spot at interstellar distance. That doesn't sound very fun. We also don't have a really good way to deal with interstellar debris, our only options are a huge and really really THICK shield, or HUGE lasers that would certainly put a strain in the ship's power. ALSO: Pill ships dont look nearly as cool as hard Sci-Fi esque ships
  7. I am addicted to mods I spend too much time looking through mods so i can add to the game, just to make the game unplayable and i am forced to unistall some : (
  8. I don't think there's need for a Real scale system in stock KSP2, the parts would need to be radically rebalanced to make them usable in the new system.
  9. I like this idea, not too punishing, and funny. The only difference that i would make is to make them behave like tourists and be unable to pilot, but that's just a preference.
  10. Many of these are easily avoidable by "just don't do it". Although some like "Parts clipping in the ground when loading" and "Spinning ladders" really should be fixed, but that is assuming that those bugs even exist in KSP2 in the first place. Also, i'll be honest, i don't know about you, but going around the system with a Kraken drive to troll new players sounds really funny to me.
  11. U L T R A W I D E J E B Is trully something to be afraid of
  12. Yeah, cheap to use engines would be great for launch, specially to launch some fuel for the high ISP engines! Also: Really REALLY GREAT drawing!
  13. Goddamit, now even KSP has problem loading chunks!
  14. *Insert hyped and happy monkey noises here IT'S FABULOUS
  15. Oh... My... Kraken... I have no words to describe how awesome this is. Seriously, this is premium quality work. Something that i could see in KSP2! Really, thank you.
  16. Even though in the KSP universe, planets can be as (if not more) dense as Uranium, i think Nebulas are too sparse and "undense" to have any noticeable effec on your ship. However, they would be great for harvesting some Hydrogen, and perhaps, Deuterium or Tritium. I think the ammount of gasses nescessary to fill those spheres with 1 atm pressure would be enough to probably destroy the glass. I could be very wrong though.
  17. I will try to build a colony by the side of the KSP, and then start launching rockets from there just out of spite!
  18. Build cars Seriously though, some extra running speed is good, but it's completely invalidated by land vehicles (sich should be much better to buid in KSP2)
  19. *Brings the entire colony 30km up in the atmosphere just to get one Kerbal out of Ovin
  20. Ah yes, i hate when my previous stages combine to try and kill me for revenge. Awnser 1: The interstage, i am horrible at dogfights Awnser 2: 5 m/s of Delta V (wich in the KSP universe means that you can get anywhere with gravity assists)
  21. Hey! Don't stress about it! Remember to take your time, and real life struggles come first! Have a good day!
  22. He is getting that fresh smell from outside the space suit
  23. I hope there are some Nuclear Ramjets that use atmospheric mass as propellant... PLEASE. Otherwise, Ovin will be really REALLY hard to get out of. Possibly Eve XL.
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