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  1. You should have CryoTanks installed, to get Liquid HL2 and Oxidizer
  2. Hm, i don't know much about some of these mods, but that seems like a duplication issue, some mod seems to be duplicating the tanks but not hiding the old ones. I'm not familiar with some of these mods, sorry. But i would recomend removing one, opening the game, and see if that changes something, if not, repeat until you find the culprit.
  3. It's saying you need to pay to unlock it, have you paid for it? It's carrer not Science mode.
  4. well then, sorry, but my knowledge of waterfall problem solving ends here, someone that understands more than me might need to take a look in your log to get a good awnser
  5. Have you updated Waterfall? If so, try re-downloading and re-installing the latest version of Waterfall restock. Otherwise, try doing the same for both, that's my only guess.
  6. what would be the problem? I'm using all Near Future Technologies mods and none of them are having problems
  7. Hm... I'm having the same problem though, i have a INT-20 with 3 F-1As and a full S-1C fuel load, and it's TWR at sea level is 0.96 with 35 Tons of payload. I have an exact INT-20 (three F-1) build, am i missing something?
  8. I think the mod Kerbonov has those Mk2 side Cargobays, pretty useful if used with Mk2 expansion.
  9. You can try to gess the ammount of a certain propellant you will need by removing some of it from the tanks, the higher the Delta V, the more likely you are to have reached the perfect ammount. Otherwise, you can just try to calculate it, most of the time, its as simple as making a ratio (like how much Kerosene you will need for a given Hydrogen+Oxidizer tank).
  10. Are you using the normal J-2 aerospike or the J-2T 400k? The J-2 400k has no Waterfall plume, i changed that by just copying the normal J-2T plume and assigning it to the J-2T 400k.
  11. That kinda looks like the small Orion fuel tank from Artemis Construction Kit with a Restock engine plate with BDB's Saturn parachutes added to it. I could be wrong, but im almost certain about it Edit: There also seems to be a Restock heatshield and a decoupler attached to it, probably for recovery
  12. @GoldForestI would like to chose the JEM remote manipulator system (JEMRMS) for the Kibo module. Thank you for letting me chose!
  13. Damn, they sure won't get to space with a glorified bottle rocket lol The only really pratical way they could actually use steam as propellant would be through some sorts of nuclear thermal engine (and i don't think they are getting fissile uranium in any way)
  14. They have a supposed mythilogy (Moho in it is basically hell). And have a weird case of frequent death by shock (See Rockomax Hub part description). They don't seem to care enough to go out on full on war, but seem to care about being outsmarted (See Mk3 Cargobays description) and whenever Eeloo is a planet or not (enough to start big fights about it) Gosh, i hope we get more of this bizarre, funky and extremely funny society they live in.
  15. Isn't "clean orbit" used to mean that "said object's mass is over 50% or so larger than anything else that crosses or follows said orbit?" If that's the case, then yes, Earth if placed in Pluto's orbit will be a dwarf planet (thanks to Neptune). But if Pluto was placed in Earth's orbit (without the Moon in it, of course), then it could probably be a planet. I dunno about you, but that seems about right to me. So, no, Pluto isn't a planet, but it is a dwarf planet. I don't see why it should be anything else.
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