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  1. Build cars Seriously though, some extra running speed is good, but it's completely invalidated by land vehicles (sich should be much better to buid in KSP2)
  2. *Brings the entire colony 30km up in the atmosphere just to get one Kerbal out of Ovin
  3. Ah yes, i hate when my previous stages combine to try and kill me for revenge. Awnser 1: The interstage, i am horrible at dogfights Awnser 2: 5 m/s of Delta V (wich in the KSP universe means that you can get anywhere with gravity assists)
  4. Hey! Don't stress about it! Remember to take your time, and real life struggles come first! Have a good day!
  5. He is getting that fresh smell from outside the space suit
  6. I hope there are some Nuclear Ramjets that use atmospheric mass as propellant... PLEASE. Otherwise, Ovin will be really REALLY hard to get out of. Possibly Eve XL.
  7. If there is asteroid debris simulation, then i hope we get some really BIG shields for it, i don't want my ship to be randomly destroyed because i couldn't spot a 5 meters asteroid in Interstellar space.
  8. It's one of the rare trailers that can grasp what the game is. It's goofy, it's grand, it's emotional... it's kind of everything you could ask for! KSP is trully one of the best games of all time for me, and i hope that KSP2 will be just as good!
  9. There will likely be more things bellow the surface of the ocean to exlplore. And it will be significantly easier to explore other planets oceans due to colonies. Not only that, but if colonies are stuck on the ground (like the Launch Stability Enhancer) then they could definetly be built underwater!
  10. If we ever get robotics like the Breaking Ground DLC (Specially large ones) then anything is possible. If it will be automated and trully reusable... that's another story that we don't know.
  11. They will probably be useful so our Kerbal's bones aren't made of jelly when they reach another planet.
  12. I like the idea of rival space programs, not enemies by any means, but a healthy competition to who is the first on something. With competition, comes the need for inovation!
  13. Lighting can go both ways while Interstellar: Option 1: It's completely realistic. You are in the dark until you reach another star. To solve this is easy, you add large lights to iluminate your ship so it is easier to access parts. Option 2: It's stylized for gameplay porpuses, and you can kind of see your ship (I would still be dark though, just not complete black). This could make for great scenery. Perhaps adding faint colored lights (to mimic the color of nebulas). Either way, i don't care! We should add Spotlights in our large ships anyway, otherwise it migh be really hard to use them while on the shadow of planets.
  14. Do you have all of the dependencies installed? Are you lacking B9 part switch? Or Community Resource pack?
  15. What can i say except "KSP "aerodynamics" are really weird and an enigma in itself"!
  16. I honestly hope that we can have something like that. Even if it's limited to orbital VABs only (though, being able to launch rockets from a insanely huge vehicle in the surface of a planet sounds really cool too!).
  17. I sure hope colonies can be mobile. Even if it isn't exactly efficient, the idea of making huge mobile colonies like that SHIELD aircraft carrier would be incredible on itself.
  18. Perhaps another Zodiac figure? Like Capricorn or Scorpion. Or just Gemini 2! Edit: Also 1002nd page! Wooo!
  19. I think Antimatter is very likely the end-game fuel. An Antimatter ship would likely be powerful and efficient enough to get you to any system in the game while carrying lots of cargo. However, it will probably be very hard to produce (probably the hardest), and will take a lot of energy. I'm more of a Nuclear Salt Water rocket fan though
  20. I wish to see more LOX Aerospikes and even HydroLOX ones too. Perhaps more engines with the gickmick of Extensible Nozzles. For Jet Engines though? Larger TurboFans, larger Afterburner TurboFans, larger TurboRamjets... Everything larger! (perhaps a ScramJet too?)
  21. Damn, talk about being COLD. (got it? cause radiators are used to COOLdown!)
  22. And we are not even talking about space stations here, cause that thing is ULTRA MASSIVE
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