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  1. If you're still up for doing this, it could be a good place to gather other tweaks. The Grounded pack is also supported by Rocket Sound Enhancement, so I love using them if I can!
  2. Totally off-subject, but that trick of aiming the camera at a launch clamp to get a ground view of the launch is pretty smart. But also a great video comparing the audio settings. I had forgotten to actually dial up the limiter and muffler settings. MUCH better now!
  3. Great to hear the file is still working! And for your question: almost certainly. The models are different so the textures wouldn't overlay properly, if at all. Anything changed by ReStock would need all new TURD configs.
  4. Right -- the camera is sort of a virtual position outside the craft, and the shock cone surrounds it at an angle toward the rear. It's like straying into the path of the firehose.
  5. You've not been a slouch either the last few days.
  6. Hey all -- is the "flowgraph" thing also responsible for some graphical weirdness that's appeared (in 1.12.3) in the inventory listing itself? This should be showing as "1" in inventory, and "1" previous use/flight with this part. It's hard to confirm whether this is entirely cosmetic yet, but individually applying and grabbing parts from the scrap inventory, it *does* seem to individually track the parts still.
  7. It's in the new beta of Parallax. Available for now on the patreon -- link should be in the Parallax topic.
  8. Oh, hot dang. I've been looking forward to this! "We will watch your career with great interest," etc.
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