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  1. Try using the "export" function -- it creates a cfg that you can then use as your defaults.
  2. One further derail from the FARc topic -- since we're on wheels If more of us try these out and give some feedback, they could get an actual update/release with KSPWheel
  3. hah! I'm not sure if this is a better default than the "All-on" mode in the previous iteration. The process of creating/exporting our own presets to file (after tweaking in the GUI) is a few posts up/page back or so.
  4. Just to confirm -- the mod starts in the "off" condition initially.. alt-3, and enable each component by hand to confirm if it's doing anything...
  5. I was playing around with placing static radio towers, etc. on nearby islands, and realized that: a) it would be great to *not* have the snap-together baseplate for putting a radio mast on top of a hill and b) could we use a placeable static to put a warning/hazard light on top of tall things like radio masts/dish antennas, etc? I'd love to be traveling at dusk/night and see those little warning bits. Do such lights exist already and I've missed them? Some parts have glowy bits (like runways lights), so it's certainly related.
  6. Terrifically looking forward to the part recoloring! I never really got the hang of Kerb Paint, and later just used a part color switcher once 1.4's variant switcher apparatus was developed but this was limited to individual variants hand-crafted and configured: Pretty excited to be able to do it from within TU!
  7. Wouldn't those just be the *cities* -- visible on the surface? The planet is kinda small, so they show up pretty easily from above
  8. It's this one! the partner mod "community extensions" adds configs for many mods, now including restock/restock+.
  9. And many Bothans died to bring us this information...
  10. Yup! Historian is the one! Some of the old-timey effects could easily be achieved with KS3P -- a fantastic post-effects engine, now with in-game tweaking. Here's Historian's link -- it says 1.3.1 but it's working great in 1.7.3 for me:
  11. I still have yet to run those particular lag/stutter tests -- I'll plop a craft onto the Mun to see if I can replicate that behavior with current JNSQ vs. patched(ocean fix) behavior and what it does with my better performance in JNSQ in general. I'm also keen to see if I can duplicate some of those fixes/settings back in "vanilla" world.
  12. You could use waypoint manager to measure distance from a selected location to your active craft...
  13. So, who do I complain to about JNSQ? It runs buttery smooth at the "full" 60fps (my display's limit) at full detail settings and with all supported & recommended mods. Granted, I've not put in audio muffler (a sometimes lag inducer) or any KK stuff and no extra part mods, etc, but usually scatterer and eve shave off a handful or so FPS right out of the gate. The settings look gorgeous, so I don't think I'm just "running on low." My generic +OPM install is hovering around 37-45fps, but I may be cranking too many settings at once there. I'll see what might be replicated as far as scatterer config or main game settings (which will actually be the same as JNSQ, since I'm using gamedata switcher) but I'm curious to see how JNSQ holds up once I start installing more mods. It's looking very fun so far. I can't wait to explore it.
  14. I'm not going to call this nuts, but I will call it terrific! Thank you for building/sharing! Some of my favorite IVAs are for just a couple/few stock cockpits, and mod ones, leaving many with just a generic IVA. I can't wait to see what you've come up with!
  15. The best way to confirm the second part is to install it and see -- a big question would be how well the new stock rotors and motors work with helicopters. I'm gonna give a couple a try this evening.