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  1. Alright -- so this is funny... I had no idea that JNSQ's kerbin wasn't just a scaled-up and cleaned-up stock Kerbin until looking at it in Kerbal Maps ^^ up there. Those thick, gorgeous clouds were providing lots of literal and figurative cover. what are the lat/lon for KSC? The fact that it's on a somewhat-similar peninsula added to the initial illusion.
  2. I still love these damn things. Thank you for keeping them in the groove!
  3. You can hide/fine tune individual components pretty easily. They're all just "on" by default. Plus, LGG just adopted this mod.
  4. Yay! Great news @zer0Kerbal -- and thanks ever so much to @severedsolo for the care of this mod 'til now.
  5. Yup-- at least for the moment, that's all we can do --you're basically on the right track. Using mod manager syntax, you can clone the pod/cockpit in question, and drop in the IVA from the mod you like into this new pod. This might be tricky depending on how the IVA-maker set up their files, but it's totally doable. This *does* wind up having multiple versions of the "same" cockpit in the editor, though. I'm moving apartments at the moment, and have zero access to my files, but I have a combo patch that integrates a couple different changes, and clearly labels them in their title so I know which is which for a number of cockpits. Basically overriding DE_IVA if I like the other one better, or splitting them off if they both have something different to offer depending on the mission. I can share some of that to get you started. Also, there's been some interest in the community to figure out how to make IVAs into part variants, which would solve ALL the problems
  6. Also -- it's kinda funny to be creating closed canopies for the literally named "open cockpit" Throw some KIS prop helmets and goggles on your Kerbals and it's a fantastic look. The gun doesn't cause any problems / work w/o BD armory, at least I never encountered any when recently playing with it -- though I can certainly be corrected. It gives it a great look.
  7. Oh, ya. totally missed the RPM dir being incorrect. Some other mods "gather' themselves in top-level folders, too --- DMagic doesn't though, right? The basic advice on this is--whatever is contained in GameData in the mod's zip/archive, or whatever root folder is there is the way it should be installed -- many mods have calls that are hard-coded to those built-in paths and shuffling things around will break that. Also, post a game log if you haven't and it can reveal where other things are happening (or not happening, as the case may be).
  8. something seems installed incorrectly (at least one,,,) mod was installed straight into the gamedata dir, and not its own subdir. And for some reason Module Manger is in a folder itself? the mod is usually just a DLL at the gamedata root along with its self-delployed files (techtree, physics, etc.). The fact that there is an "extras" folder as well as a _LOCAL also seems odd -- did you create those, or were they part of another mod's archive?
  9. Oh, shoot -- I may have been mistaken that it was adjustable. The profile setup panel has *lots* of options. Maybe it's buried in there somewhere
  10. The recovery/recondition/rollout, etc. wait times are configurable in the KCT settings, and are functions of craft size, and maybe literally cost. The forumlas are a little arcane looking, but you can figure out what modifiers to tweak to halve or double the time, etc. "Recovery" can account for a whole lot of different things like post-op visual inspections, reconditioning of parts, checking all avionics, etc. Not just the literal time to wheel something back into the barn, so bumping that up a bit could make a lot of sense.
  11. HOooray! Are you dropping the "...Continued" moniker, and just taking over the base mod, now?
  12. Thanks for sharing those pics @IronPanda -- really shows what's going on with this mod. I'm moving this week, but once I get my system set up again I might offer some fun suggestions for more status lights, @Niami