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  1. Shoot -- Trying this with Back in Black also results in the all-chrome, and a slightly shiny "Stealth mode" when you use its texture switcher. I'm guessing "so shiny it's almost invisible" isn't the kind of stealth they had in mind... We all reach that point where we have to pick and choose our favorite effects mods.
  2. And, as a mini reply to my own question -- Installing Kerbal Join Reinforcement cured the death wobble/explosion on the lander. Pure Krakensbane, that stuff is for anyone else keen on using Ven's Stock Revamp or any similar vanilla part tweaks.
  3. MechJeb for sure does this -- and maybe it's not quite in the scope for Gravityturn, since this is devoted mostly to finding the most efficient launch parameters, not so much with duration/rendezvous in mind. That being said, I'd *love* for it to be a feature of GT.
  4. Kerbal Aircraft Expansion _Continued

    <wild applause commences>
  5. Thanks for doing the quick craft check -- that stack in particular *hasn't* been updated as recently as the rest, but obviously still works like a charm. I'll see if there's some means of re-baking craft constructed with heavy clipping so that it doesn't blow up. Maybe something like KJR, or a temporary alt-f12 hack...
  6. 'Mk1 Cockpit' IVA Replacement by ASET

    Good lord, this is amazing.
  7. As always, your craft are astoundingly well thought-out, designed, and built. They're a joy to drop into the stock folder and take for a test drive! I seriously want an extra day in the week so I can fire up a new career just using your rockets and craft (prototypes to production, etc.). --- I may have been using an older version of one of your rocket stacks (and may have mentioned this before), but using Ven's Stock Revamp caused the game to shake apart the lander as soon as I separated it from the transfer stage. I think it was the Grasshopper lander in the [EV-2C 'Runabout'-Titan 3P (LV-2A)]. I'll try loading one on its own to see if the Ven's components just don't like being clipped together as tightly. Or--your stuff may just not be compatible with things that alter stock parts. Which makes total sense.
  8. Kerbal Aircraft Expansion _Continued

    HA!!! I love it -- though wood props would (and somebody will correct me) only be two-bladed, I think.
  9. Beautiful! And a great gift just ahead of your hiatus. Cheers!
  10. [KSP 1.3.1] OPM_Galileo [1.2.3] [10 Oct 2017]

    Wait -- what is this wizardry? This'll be good for wasting MANY hours of drizzly autumn weather.
  11. [KSP 1.3.1] OPM_Galileo [1.2.3] [10 Oct 2017]

    Hot dang. Thank you for not forgetting us stock+ folks. GPP is on the to-play list too, though
  12. It may be something that has drifted away from "complete-ness" -- I seem to recall that sparks on slide were removed as some point, too.
  13. There seems to be something amiss with the entry for Back in Black that appeared in CKAN yesterday: The "add-on" part of the mod seems to work fine, but (in using the GUI) checking the "install" box on this mod, it doesn't get added to the change set. Checked to make sure I don't have the mod installed, and have restarted/refreshed the repository multiple times. Thanks!
  14. [1.3] The Kaptain's Log

    Oh man, I've never had a (what I thought was an obviously...) sarcastic post like that so throughly miss the mark. Sorry about that. I drifted so completely into Poe's Law territory that it completely ruffled *AND* prompted you to reply to it. TWICE! I'm certainly a little embarrassed by that -- and considering the tone of so many of the "Where's my X / CKAN" posts, I can see why it would just add to the annoying chorus. Even if I know full-well that CKAN/whatever happens when it happens (and I'm usually manually installing & managing all my mod installs anyway), the point is still well taken. It's not your job to make sure my joke was funny. <sigh> Thank you, @linuxgurugamer for your ongoing efforts with this and so many other mods.
  15. [1.3] The Kaptain's Log

    But the more we ask, the faster it gets there! (tm)