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  1. And they serve different purposes, to an extent, yeah? kOS is fairly consistent with being a "lore-friendly" automation add-on (optionally) requiring parts on craft, and code storage space considerations, etc. ROS is much more of a universal deus ex machina. It's pretty awesome to have both!
  2. I like this idea of a minimum "trigger" for R&R mode, whether it be based on duration during a single launch/mission, a concurrent number of short flights, or maybe even conditional (force R&R for going up into orbit, even if they come right back down). It could make for some interesting planning and strategy when you have limited crew options (such as monthly budgets, etc. enabled). Also -- the ability to yank somebody back from vacation (and take an extra pay or reputation hit) in case of emergencies would be cool as well.
  3. Wait.. the guns "worked" ? -- was this a BDArmory add-on?
  4. All the ribbon graphics likely need to be reviewed. If they all "decompress" would that create such a large inflated amount of ram usage?
  5. This is due to a pod having no IVA defined at all. It still "works" -- just harder to manage the crew activities/EVA/etc.
  6. It's working -- / I'm using it. No idea if needs a recompile, etc. but you should be good to go!
  7. oh! interesting that a terminated ship doesn't "register" for the contract, but maybe that's an edge case, since terminating like that is sort of a "god-mode" action. Does Kerbalism not *poof* kerbals when their LS fails / or any other death-causing issue?
  8. And -- with some motion going on over in the RPM thread, i'm seeing some pretty nice cockpit IVAs again in 1.8.1!
  9. That's probably safe enough to do -- obviously the "best" way would be to declare them all by hand/by name in their own patch file. -- this reminds me that the Streamline parts probably all need to that to function properly in FAR.
  10. Is that also a function of community tech tree? UKS can certainly assign nodes per part, etc. --unless you mean a different sort of unsupported?
  11. Oh, yay! Cheers, TheDarkBadger! Couldn't the name also have been DOE bis-bis?
  12. It's probably not going to show up for a while --there was no zip provided in the repository for CKAN to grab, so it's not listing the new version. Just grab the file from SpaceDock in the mean-time: Alarm Clock
  13. Antenna are not disable-able in the PAW? [edit] Ooops! It seems not