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  1. Beetlecat

    [1.5.x] Radar Altitude

    Nice! I keep recompiling Radar Altimeter for my own games, since it's a weird, hidden feature of the radar dial in IVA. I honestly like the toggle feature of the earlier mod, but wonder how useful it is to have ASL for launching a plane instead of always being AGL. Maybe some of the higher-up kerbinside bases might make a difference to know for engine performance, etc. I'll give Radar Altitude a try!
  2. Beetlecat

    [1.3.1] [TRR] Diverse Kerbal Heads v1.1 (11/05/2017)

    It may need some folder re-arranging if TRR did things differently than TR. Also, TR *does* finally allow mods to keep textures in their own folders now instead of all dumping into the main folder. Much more CKAN-friendly.
  3. An interesting take on this concept. I love that we now have three mods that provide the KSC utility vehicles & parts. Looking forward to taking these for a spin!
  4. Ah, I see now. It's the versioning. CKAN is displaying v1.8.06 (for KSP v1.3.1) as the latest version, but it shows the current v1.8.3.2 in the versions tab four lines down. This entry has the proper dependencies, but will be hidden for the modestly casual user.
  5. Apologies if this has been posted already, but this: has been updated, and with new dependencies (B9 part switch, instead of IFS). Not yet showing up on CKAN.
  6. I just want the squeak sound from Kerbal collisions.
  7. Alright, @Snark I take it all back for that one... -- Is that strange band in any way related to the occasional non-stop glow that appears under my craft from time to time? maybe these are entirely different artifacts. Also, not likely to be due to BLO. Totally torn between it and Scatterer's water shaders. It really looks good!
  8. Agreed -- thanks for the insight on this particular hiccup, @Snark. And, as an aside, you've never once lived up to your userid, attitude-wise. Ironically or not, it's appreciated.
  9. Beetlecat

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    The game runs fine with the effects added. Some may look better in screenshot contexts, but it's not like some supersampling scenarios with stunning graphics but horrific frame rates. What's not working in 1.5?
  10. Heh. I'm still sandboxing while I learn some new mods/tricks, so maybe I'll try to re-create that setup and see if it keeps happening. I think the plane was parked at/near the monolith, but I routinely leave aircraft at the hangar/taxiways.
  11. Hello, fellow Stage Recoverers! How do I keep it from "recovering" aircraft & pilot I had parked at KSC during a rocket launch? Is this Pre-Recovery? There's a DistanceOverride setting in the config, but it's -1 and from searching the previous topic, that seems to be more to do with distance from KSC for recovery. Any ideas? Was this just a fluke?
  12. Cheers for the active development of this fun: I did a couple of tries with this craft: It's particularly fun for O Scrap! since it has an array of 16 (20?) small jets for VTOL capabilities (and it's a hoot to fly). I first tried it out with v1.3.5 and experienced the usual gradual failure of tanks, engines, and control surfaces, with the cockpit always considered the "worst" part (yellow highlight). Having that array of small engines was fun since they would slowly drop out of service or explode as I flew around the KSC. Wiped the scrapyard scenario from my save to clear the part history, and installed B5r2 above, and ran the same craft through it as if it were fresh off the line. All gen 1 parts, craft rating terrible. Taking it on a similar circuit around KSC for a few minutes, waiting for the >5 timer to kick in and just experienced a series of engine failures. Mostly fuel leaks/exploding engines, but I think there was an under-thrust in there as well. This was by no means a comprehensive test, but it does seem far more biased toward (6-7) engine failures and zero control surface, or tank issues. Seems the cockpit is rarely the *actual* worst part on a craft.
  13. @katateochi -- quick question on the workflow of "updating" craft that are already downloaded -- apologies if this is already in your plans or discussed, or if I'm getting this wrong ( ): As it stands now, craft we download/add to queue/etc. are imported into our saves as one-off instances of that craft, and removed from the DL queue. Groovy. When a craft author updates a craft, we'll get a notification on KerbalX, and manually re-add it to the download queue. Back in game, we go back to pending downloads red-download the craft, with Craft Manager asking us if we'd like to update. Is CM actually aware that the craft in the queue is *newer* -- or is it just asking to overwrite? Normally this is kinda moot, but for creators like Raptor9, I easily lose track of what version I have downloaded, and those craft are routinely updated for each KSP version and often in-between.