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  1. Totally feeling this point -- KSP is in a holding pattern for me until 1.4.5 drops, and mod authors feel "safe" enough to release fixes/updates. I just rolled my install back to 1.4.3, but it doesn't have my attention at all for the increasingly dwindling time available for gaming.
  2. Beetlecat

    Kerbin Side Remastered [1.4.x]

    Kerbal Konstructs is borked in 1.4.4. The best bet is to roll back to 1.4.3 for the time being since nothing is going to get fixed until 1.4.5 releases (including Kopernicus, the *other* necessary mod for all the cool toys ).
  3. Beetlecat

    [1.1.3] K.R.X Kerbal Rotor Expansion 0.31.1

    <secretly pines for 1.4.5 to drop so mod authors can feel safe to release/work again... >
  4. I Totally appreciate you bringing this one back -- Looking forward to the new updates!
  5. Beetlecat

    (Chatterer) Morse Kode

    I love it! Totally retro and totally ironic! (The amount of data would be ridiculously small). Thanks for sharing
  6. Yeah -- since they're essentially command pods, the IVA could be mostly transparent, with the tiny controls or instrument panel parts visible as in the model.
  7. Oh -- I think I totally mis-read your question. Sorry! "Through the Eyes of a Kerbal" does a first-person EVA view, but as yet no combination of the two for external seats. Drat.
  8. Are you looking for one? Try "Take Command":
  9. Putting engines in there is a great addition. It'll make smaller vehicles much easier to power and still include passenger/storage space up top.
  10. Beetlecat

    [1.3] Freight Transport Technologies [v0.6.0]

    Thanks for sharing this -- if the mod takes a little while more to update, I'll do this trick
  11. Beetlecat

    [1.4.4] Rocket Emporium 1.8.0 (2018-07-16)

    Love these new parts! The Sojourner rover body is most certainly shiny-gold (reflecting as green, or bad color balance in the photo). The Spirit/Opportunity bodies were(are) as well. Definitely looking to combine these with DMagic/Probes Plus parts. The more, the merrier!
  12. Nice additions! Thank you for sharing.
  13. Is this referring to the seemingly half-(or smaller)scaled textures on the wings? It gives them a certain "made out of lego" look.
  14. He better not mind! I did this very same thing for my latest career start. Kinda fun to be able to get a turbo boost of science, especially since I needed to "spend" it on tech and research speed upgrades using Kerbal Construction Time.