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  1. Beetlecat

    [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.4

    That's a good bet, too! It seems to be "halving" the resolution or some such. I have a couple agency flags I'l try converting and see if that's an "easy" fix. Hopefully TRR can address this at some point.
  2. PSA: Always preform run tests on your engines before you need them in a mission. Always.
  3. Beetlecat

    Kerbin Side Remastered [1.4.x]

    I can't wait for the water landings/launches! (intentional ones, I mean...) With a bunch of the KS sites shifting/changing/going away from previous "lore", I'm looking at revisiting a few mods that included KS(legacy) sites in their on-board nav, etc. Navutils, Nanogauges, and Kramax come to mind. Any others? It would be cool to pre-load the new locations once a site list is compiled.
  4. Beetlecat

    [1.4.1+] Click Through Blocker

    I wish more mods would utilize this!
  5. I also find a "part commander" type mod really useful for this type of scene. It's also far more convenient than having to manually click all the little science parts, or find the docking port I want to disconnect, etc.
  6. I must be conflating something in my brain, but I thought there *was* some affect of having engineers on a craft, etc. This must be for KCT, or Ground Construction, or some other kind of failures modeling (Maybe USI?).
  7. Beetlecat

    Kerbin Side Remastered [1.4.x]

    Quoting myself from the KK thread (in case it's more relevant here): Are groundstations, etc. not up and running in KSR yet?
  8. Probably easy to delete the rings by hand: StockVisualEnhancements/SVE_Configs/SVE_KopernicusSettings.cfg Delete "Rings:NEEDS[!SVT]" entry from lines 56-70 or thereabouts. That keeps all the other settings & rings.
  9. Beetlecat

    [1.4.1+] Dang It! Continued

    Also -- if I'm recalling correctly, the "inspect" triggers a message that shows up in the alert list, not a screen popup.
  10. Beetlecat

    Zero Mini AVC for KSP v1.4.3

    Yup. It removes the mini AVC functionality completely.
  11. Ground Stations/Tracking Station + KK/KS(R) settings question: I'm using KK Kerbinside Remastered, and I have a handful of ground stations that look to be "open" -- but they're not providing connection for my new (and first!) satellite. After dialing up the occlusion modifiers (so I didn't just get KSC *everywhere*) I'm not getting any additional sites. What are the combination of settings needed to make this happen properly? I now have: Basic: Enable Comm Network Advanced: Enable Extra Groundstations -- This allowed me to get more signal sources. KK: Enable Commnet Groundstations "Leave Stock Commnet" is disabled. I was only able to get additional signal sources by turning on "Enable Extra" above, but there doesn't seem to be an open station/base at those locations. I had a roughly equatorial orbit, and my probe was picking up Nye Island (which isn't open), and completely ignoring the visually-marked Roundrange station/no connection line. Should KK stations be "working" even though they'e not open?
  12. Beetlecat

    [1.x.x] Kerbal Hacks: Wearable KIS Props

    The *Tiny tiny tiny tiny tiniest* reminder....
  13. That's an in interesting find. It would be nice to have additional power options, the current fuel cell components are chunky. Charge storage (battery) winds up being pretty limited, too. I often mix and match with the SXT vehicle components to get the battery storage features.