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  1. Make sure it's v0.0772, and not just whatever the previous one was -- there were a couple rolling updates with this latest release.
  2. No broad experience with this -- but I'm totally guessing that blender vs. unity vs. game are probably *not* agreeing on which axis is which (and + / - getting swapped, etc.) Even when fiddling with positions for indicator lights, etc. I remember having to reverse some values to have them behave well in-game. Someone more knowledgeable can confirm.
  3. Some/many of the new features basically require re-creation of atmosphere configs for planet packs. The funky blue overlay on spacecraft is a bug. The dev is apparently on vacation at the moment, so the best bet is to roll back to the previous 'happy' version for the time being, and just enjoy the public test version on a game you're not relying on for screenshots.
  4. Hey, @Caerfinon -- did I see you mention somewhere you had configs to swap the Otter Submersible's ballast tanks to work with Sunkworks? I suppose I could just make them regular fuel tanks and let SW handle the rest...
  5. That might be better for the Kerbal Konstructs thread, or even the JNSQ one (since those bases were created there) -- I've noticed some similar shenanigans with the the test pads on KSC Extended. The opening / closing mechanic may be a bit slippery. Moments like that I would have ZERO issue with just popping alt-12 and giving myself enough cash to do what it takes.
  6. I'm really loving these!
  7. The blue (or colored) spacecraft glitch is something that I'll happily live with for all the other awesomeness this new version provides. No doubt this is only a temporary state.
  8. I don't think any rudeness was coming across--but just a different interpretation of what "real time" means --- in reality, as soon as craft separate they become distinct vessels, and go on with the rest of their flight: either to orbit or landing/crashing. The specific game/engine limitation is that we only control one active vessel at a time. The vessel unloading distance is also a potential factor. You can trick/fudge that a bit like what's described above, but a more realistic simulation *is* using something like FMRS so that you can perform the landing in the same slice of time that the upper part of the craft would continue to orbit without having to artificially lob it inefficiently high. Part of me wonders what aspects a multi-player server could accommodate for this scenario... Literally running a KSP instance for each active craft.
  9. I'm going to do you one better -- I just fired it up in 1.12.2 and... They seem to be working fine! YMMV with some of the functionality here or there, but they're working for all the mainly needed dials and gauges.
  10. Some of these seem pretty handy! Thanks for sharing this collection. The JNSQ CNC fixes are the same as the ones released in JNSQ 1.10.1 last week, right? At least the file looks the same. I'm also noticing a B9 thingy probably connected to the RTG integrations. I'll submit a git thingy.
  11. Shoot -- Just confirming that in my game. I won't hold my breath for official updates (although they should, dang it can look so wonderful!), but hopefully somebody (or me) takes a stab at it by the time I start planning trips to Eve or far beyond in my current game
  12. Is the "Simulation mode" toggle button actually functional? I was just fiddling around with something else and teleported a stock lander craft to Munar orbit, when suddenly faced with the inability to activate the landing engines! (craft also doesn't have RCS thrusters) I'm noticing that remaining ignitions and ullage requirements are still being enforced no matter which state the toolbar button is in. Does this need to be set ahead of loading/launching a craft to have an impact, or should it literally be available whenever?
  13. I was getting frustrated trying to use vehicles from the Grounded mod with Kerbalism installed-- they have plenty of power (at the expense of fuel, of course) but B-V wasn't detecting it after a few in-game minutes. Knowing the cheat works is a fine workaround, since in-game, Kerbalism ignores the stock EC anyway, so it won't affect any craft that aren't under control of Bon Voyage. I look forward to anything new you have in mind, but for now we're in good hands.
  14. Nice. Thanks for helping me do some SCIENCE here -- I've not done a great deal of flying around yet, so it remains to be seen if I somehow have a mis-aligned JNSQ Kerbin. The KSC values seem spot-on, so it's not just a simple global shift. I didn't think to drop waypoint markers at the actual marker locations like you illustrated, so I'll do that next to better visualize what's going on. [Edit/Update/Etc.] So I'm not at all sure what was happening, but I'm not going to rule out pilot error. Plopping down the lat/lon markers show them lined up exactly centerline on the runway. Manually adjusting the #s to match the 90 approach, even made me come in slightly *south* of intended. It's entirely possible that the tighter tolerance of the short runway (plus lack of visual distance as with the KSC runway) makes it easier to drift off of center. Doesn't seem like NavUtils is doing this to me!
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