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  1. [1.3.X] KS3P

    give it a try!
  2. Why on earth have I never noticed that acronym...?!
  3. [1.3.1] Throttle Controlled Avionics

    Not at this time -- the mod uses a different "kind" of engine for its rotors, and TCA doesn't hook into them.
  4. Appreciate the update! --Appeared on CKAN w/o any warning or fanfare.
  5. I know this one is solved now -- but wasn't the former asteroid day "mod" folded into stock in a more recent game version? If you're just working with KSP 1.2, then nevermind.
  6. I totally agree that it looks off-putting, but it's similar to the issue that Koperinicus would cause only the top half of the clouds to display on the menu screen. "Fixing" the menu screen stuff could be the backest of back-burner necessities compared to the main game.
  7. [1.3.1] Kanadian Dictionary 1.0.1 [19 NOV 2017]

    Heck, yes! Thank you for this. : )
  8. [1.3.1] Throttle Controlled Avionics

    Hooray! Congrats @allista on the new releases! I can't wait to play with the new 3.5 features.
  9. [1.2] SpaceDock

    SpaceDock is *now* on Spacedock... We'll have to update the OP.
  10. [1.3.1] [TRR] Diverse Kerbal Heads v1.1 (11/05/2017)

    Playing / modding KSP =/= "not wanting to make things complicated"
  11. Exactly this -- The "part" we get to use in KSP is simply the aft-most part. There was intention of including the rest of the models in the part-building to actually show how big these things were, but people complained because it broke the look of VTOLs, etc.
  12. Thank you! I remembered seeing this long after I stopped having the problem, and my recent search terms didn't get me close enough. Appreciate it! So, not something that can be MM patched? Drat.
  13. Thread may be old, but the content is awesome.