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  1. My god. That thing is still a thing? Does the servo controller help with this? [edit: ] shoot -- doesn't seem to be happy loading in to 1.11.2.
  2. This is totally great. I think I'm running into a weird bug with the KAL, though -- none of the flight/prop controls (aside from the elevator pitch adjustment servo) were bound to the KAL or other default controls. I really want to fly this thing around! I'll take some screenshots to see if there's anything I'm doing wrong, but I think there's a weird bug I'm triggering where KAL playlists will get dropped.
  3. You are the cheekiest of monkeys. And also--- a great idea / implementation of a mod! ty.
  4. It's been a while since I've used VSR, and those batteries and lights are amazing. Totally torn over using these vs. Restock. Obviously the solution is to create a patch to clone these parts so both are present.
  5. The windows issues are *all* my own to sort out...
  6. I was pretty excited to try this out, but thought I may have an utterly borked python install on my windows machine and I'm getting yet-un-figured-out errors. I also got an error trying the pip install on my mac about being unable to checkout '[large string]' in submodule path 'tests/images' -- could that be a hiccup I was experiencing on the Win10 attempt as well? Curious if anyone else got this to install cleanly. All this does it make me want to figure out how to tidy up/understand all those python installations before it starts to look like that XKCD comic.
  7. I'd love to have this option, too -- but since TURD is based on the vanilla parts, it may not work universally well. A lousy, but reasonable option could be to create copies of the TURD-covered parts (was that pun intended? You be the judge...) that overlap with RS (a few fins and such...) using an MM config so that TU can apply its features to those new parts, and leave the stock ones alone for ReStock to overwrite/add variants to? Not sure the MM-fu required to intercept the parts and make sure TU gets a separate set. Possibly need to change TURD's configs.
  8. This was on my list to re-add/tinker with soon in my new career game. Thank you so much for the sleuthing and sharing!
  9. If we could only get these visual markers as "waypoint sets" for approach patterns! That'd be pretty cool.
  10. Well, part of the "magic" of Gravity Turn is to limit the throttle/TWR so that liftoff burns are more efficient. Managing max pressure and fighting gravity vs. atmospheric drag is all mixed in with that. I *do* wonder if there's a way to peg an engine at a minimum throttle setting-- essentially keeping it lit, but operating at minimal thrust? That way Gravity Turn could throttle down, but not burn through re-lights as it trims during the coast to AP. Is that even a thing with rockets? Probably not to the degree that KSP has trained us to use.
  11. It was most recently updated up to 1.8* compatibility (which is still relatively current). The big unity engine update was 1.8, so I'm guessing KF / KSP Wheel would work fine in 1.11.2. You can grab it from CKAN if you set your compatible game versions to include 1.8 mods.
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