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  1. Is this in the Mk1 cockpit? The little screen inside (green-tinted) is also jutting out like it's been rotated back 90 degrees. I was wondering which mod may be causing it. I wonder if this is what you're talking about, too.
  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the attention to this mod! Like others are suggesting, please revisit some of your initial decisions -- the science parts were "standardized" to look less cartoony, not at all placeholders.
  3. and USI's Freight Transport Technologies (two sizes, I think!)
  4. oh! I was totally conflating that in my mind with vertical velocity controller. Seeing the author Diazo just made my mind hiccup. I've used that and Radar Altimeter and neither affect TCA.
  5. Check out your Firespitter folder to make sure there's a /resource in it -- if you're using CKAN, there was a separate "Firespitter Resources" item you could install for just this purpose.
  6. I would guess so if they're both active at once
  7. Kerbal Dismount -- Now where's Jack Septic Eye when you need him?
  8. Sorry that's breaking, but it's also freaking awesome.
  9. Save-breaking? Or just craft breaking? I'll be sure to remove any lights so far attached to things.
  10. can confirm this for windows version, too. I'm running way too many mods, so I'll try to replicate it on a stock game.
  11. I meant in the more colloquial sense
  12. Ooh. Looking forward to seeing this one develop. Thank you!
  13. You've just made me realize that I'd totally do a rebuild of my computer rig just to improve my KSP experience...
  14. Like many of these mod pack of lights, etc. Most of them can go unused until *one time* when that random weird part is perfect for a thing. I'm just now rebuilding my KSP game in 1.3, and was about to put in aviation lights and the dead skins. The only thing I could offer by way of discussion is to consider some of the features that Indicator Lights has implemented, where the interval, phase, etc. can be adjusted per-part--but I know that would be more a function of Aviation Lights, not the skins pack.
  15. It's very Ghost Rider -- when launching a rover that starts out on fire... Is it possible to add more stuff to the PartIgnoreList in settings.cfg? Antennas, winglets, solar panels, etc. come to mind, since they wouldn't exactly cause giant fireballs. Do auto struts have a part name that could be included?