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  1. heh. That's a good fix! Now I'm imagining Jeb stuck in the recovery queue machinery like a Looney Tunes character... "Dat dat dahhhhhh dah-dat dah-dat dahhhhh"
  2. Oh, man. Yeah -- FAR and water interaction is beyond functional at this point. I'm having the same issue. I really want to use it, but not sure it's doable. Craft will sometimes get stuck in place, unable to move at all, then suddenly bounce up and out of the water. But-- back to OPT--- "OPT is great!"
  3. That's a good question, but i'm going to guess that shared textures aren't affected. This is only assuming that the texture files aren't renamed/pruned out of the way, just the configs?
  4. If it's the Scatterer waves, you need to tone those WAY down to have a realistic chance of landing. I can't remember how to tweak those, but it's it not in the usual settings. It might be in-flight settings where you can tweak the ocean.
  5. Those are extremely *calming* shapes. I'm really enjoying watching the progress.
  6. Somebody asked somewhere (I love sentences that start that way...) about the possibility of using balloons as makeshift CommNet relays --- could AirPark facilitate that? Do "parked" vessels still count as part of the network simulation? Oh, heh. It was CAPFlyer further up this same page.
  7. Sounds like a possible asset conflict, or something to do with scaling? I'd like to see this too! Whatever it is, it's likely easily fixed in-game with Kerbal Konstructs.
  8. there are many games where you have to make choices about what skills/powers to unlock... Maybe this tech tree went there? Also--aren't there science generating features or equipment like labs?
  9. USI Sounding Rockets is possibly correct scale, but certainly a more "whimsical" style. The fins and such certainly resemble the "real deal." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sounding_rocket#/media/File:Black_Brant.jpg
  10. Yes! This idea is back! We've forever needed this to log action groups, etc.
  11. Hah! Nice. Are these values grabbable/adjustable via action groups or automation tools? Dynamic limiting based on speed or even just a hand-toggle would be awesome Thanks for this one, Snark! Pretty spiffy.
  12. Yeah, I was confused for a moment when the KWP page went up -- "wasn't LGG doing that update?" Your tweaks sound far more compelling than a simple recompile. Reinflate away!
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