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  1. Nice -- Yeah -- I'm almost always "chock full o' mods", so there's likely no issue loading it for me except for maybe SMURFF.
  2. Would either of you be willing to share .craft files? I really like the looks of your craft, and love looking at other people's designs close-up. It makes for great inspiration (+ help with troubleshooting)!
  3. That's a nicely reasoned set of assumptions for "who gets what" -- nicely executed! Thanks for the expanded explanation. Good to know I'm not just crazy that the B9 switcher isn't showing up. Having the proper functionality in mind it *does* seem to be working properly in a test game. The intro set of guidance components have the minimal capacity kOS bits installed. I'll probably add a minimal kOS bit to the CNAR rocket so I can do some basic rocket training. I never seem to get very far in my careers before migrating away for one reason or another. I'll be following in that Redstone path soon enough. Are you using Skyhawk + Kerbalism as well? I'm trying to decide if it's going to be worth chasing down the potential config issues with such elaborately built systems.
  4. Sorry for the many-month necro, but I'm catching up on this thread as I build out a SSS-based career to spin around in for a bit. I believe I found your repo of this mod-let here (nah, it's a full-fledged mod!) but not sure if it's ready to drop in and try yet? It doesn't seem to be behaving as indicated/intended. I can add an issue request on github if that's ideal/you're still working on this?
  5. Good question -- I had to do similar digging back through the threads. They're not posted/published as formal mods on the forum (forum-al?), so not as intuitive to find. Here's what I came up with: KerbalismSystemHeat: https://github.com/judicator/KerbalismSystemHeat KerbalismFFT: https://github.com/judicator/KerbalismFFT The author of both, Judicator81 (I think?) has made fairly recent updates, so hopefully these are relatively current and effective.
  6. It's a new golden land of opportunity and adventure!
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