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  1. WELCOME TO NEIDON PLUS. This is a mod designed to expand the experience of one of the frontier planets of the Kerbolar system, by adding rings and a brand-new texture map to Neidon, an overhaul of Thatmo, as well as four moons; Nito, Tito, Chymere, and Hargalað. Visit wisely if you can. Requirements: Kopernicus KopernicusExpansion and Niako's MitchellNetravali maps bundled! ModuleManager Outer Planets Mod Recommended mods: Scatterer MOST RECENT VERSION: 0.4 Beta Completely Revamped Thatmo. Redid Scatterer configs for Thatmo and Neidon. 0:3: Added a new moon, Hargalað. Go, but don't show. Scatterer atmosphere for Neidon and Thatmo. Expanded science defs (will fully finish later). 0.3.2: NiakoUtils bundled for ease of installation. 0.3.5: DDSification Fixed Chymere, added PQS Material Bundled KopernicusExpansion (thanks to Funnelton for helping figure that bit out!) 0.3.6: Increased PQS radii of Chymere and Tito 0.37: Increased size and mass of Neidon to closer match Neptune equivalent mass Changed Thatmo rotation period to match Renamed NeidonRing to Neidon-Changes.cfg: DELETE NeidonRing.cfg BEFORE UPDATING To do: Science defs Biomes Fix lag bug? Mod compatibility PlanetShine ResearchBodies Kerbalism? Iodyne has made Principia and other mod compatibility for this mod. Thanks Iodyne! If you are interested in testing, you can download it on SpaceDock; come here for GitHub. Licensed under MIT.
  2. Pood's OPM-VO (Outer Planets Mod - Visual Overhaul) Latest Release - v.0.3.5 "The Matoro" Pre-Release Beta - 23rd Sept. 17 Due to some users having issues with compatibility, please find below a list of the dependencies and the current builds used to run OPM-VO. Please ensure that you are running at least these versions of the dependencies or later releases: Dependencies: EVE: https://github.com/WazWaz/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/releases/download/EVE-1.2.2-1/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements- (Release build 1.2.2-1) Scatterer: https://spacedock.info/mod/141/scatterer/download/0.0320b (Release build 0.0320b) Kopernicus: https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases/download/release-1.3.1-3/Kopernicus-1.3.1-3.zip (Release build 1.3.1-3) Module Manager: https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/releases (Get latest release build) Outer Planets Mod: https://github.com/Galileo88/OPM_Galileo/releases/download/1.2.4/OPM_Galileo.v1.2.4.zip (Unofficial KSP 1.3.1 build 1.2.4) Suggested Mods: Stock Visual Enhancements: https://github.com/Galileo88/StockVisualEnhancements/releases/latest - Galileo and I work together to ensure our mods are compatible and SVE gives the stock planets great atmospheric and visual effects. Stock Visual Terrain: https://github.com/Galileo88/Stock-Visual-Terrain/releases/latest - The texture pack that's built alongside SVE to make the stock bodies look amazing. -------------------------------------------------------- For all information regarding downloading/installing/using/licensing etc. for this mod, please refer to the Readme. This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin. Changelog: v0.3.4 - 08th Apr. 17 - Edited Tekto's & Urlums EVE cloud layers slightly, amended SVE integration due to SVE's new file structure and added in Kopernicus' new Ring Shader effects for all bodies (if Jool rings are present, they are maintained). Kopernicus' Ring Shader update is not incorporated in the latest Kopernicus release yet, however, the patch can be downloaded here to be installed into your Kopernicus directory: https://mega.nz/#!vUowhKgB!PAIeK8M1KlBOXhcBNglxGTq6MzSiqFxF27fAXYOD8_w v0.3.3 - 02nd Apr. 17 - Added Sigma OPM-Tilt support, slight change to Urlum's rim exposure and now leveraging SVE's cloud detail textures if SVE is installed, if not, uses own placeholder texture as before. v0.3.2 - 01st Apr. 17 - Forgot to render Tekto's oceans... doh! Ocean shaders on Tekto have been enabled by adjusting Ocean Alpha values. v0.3.1 - 01st Apr. 17 - Fixed scatterer's configs so they play well with other mods and don't repeatedly add OPM body configs to other body's ones. v0.3.0 - 30th Mar. 17 - KSP 1.2.2 Compatibility update. v0.2.0 - 8th May. 16 - Rebuilt from ground up for KSP 1.1.2; Thatmo work has not been included. v0.1.2 - 11th Jan. 16 - Included support for OPM Tilt and Kopernicus Expansion. Compatibility with KSPRC has been fixed by including updated pqs.cfg file for KSPRC (bundled in distribution). v0.1.1 - 8th Jan. 16 - Forgot to include Scatterer files within .zip (Doh!) v0.1.0 - 6th Jan. 16 - Initial Release - First GitHub commit & beta release --------------------- Original Initial Post: With the release of EVE for 1.0.5 and Scatterer gaining multi-planet support I decided to jump right in and start messing around with configs for OPM as I rarely play KSP without it. As the two mods are still very much in their infancy really with respect to 1.0.5 and their latest releases I am learning as I go and have never shown any of my previous tinkerings with EVE in the past on these forums (I used to run a modified AVP-I, AVP-EoO and KSPRC mashup in previous versions of KSP). I initally started working on Tekto as it has a pretty crazy atmosphere in OPM canon. Current progress can be seen here: I also have very hazy mist clouds rumbling over the lowlands that look a lot like heat haze up close. These are very much still WIP and I am still learning new tricks/techniques with EVE's new volumetric cloud options. The look I have gone for is a very chaotic, dense atmosphere that is suffering from a sever over abundance of a toxic gas that could be generated from underwater plant life or similar. After visiting MatoroIgnika's Twitch stream he commented to me that he loves Thatmo and how it should look like a Triton analog, so... next on to Thatmo! Like Triton, Thatmo has a very think atmosphere but it can be visualised from orbit. It is very hard to convey through screenshots but a very thin, wispy cloud cover has been added, viewable from orbit. Down on the moon's surface, clouds are visible somewhat more than they are from orbit purely for the fun aspect of actually seeing the atmosphere present. Triton's albedo coefficient is one of the highest in our whole solar system and so I decided to make Thatmo very reflective and bright to convey the shiny, ice like nature of the moon. Its pretty blinding down on the surface. As the surface of the moon is refracting light through its ice layers I have also introduced a chromatic aberration-like quality, visible when in orbit. Finally at this point I have been tinkering heavily with texture generation for Gas Giants (as OPM has 3 of them!) using curling noise for procedural fluid flow to try and create some really interesting base texture maps for the gas planets. It has been pretty laborious switching between Linux running the generations and Windows for Photoshop texturing (I don't like GIMP at all) but its getting a lot easier to manage now I am use to the process. I should be able to utilise this technique to also create completely procedural cloud texture maps also with a bit of work that could range from thick stormy stuff ala Venus down to very light, high atmo wisps. As you can see there are a lot of different style outcomes using the same texture by changing the input parameters. Let me know what you like and what you think would suit each gas planet as I can create a variety of effects. Generation takes around 20 minutes and then I have to wrap a cubemap back into an rectilinear texture for use within KSP. All of this is really in its infancy and I created this thread as a place to store my ongoing efforts whilst also being able to receive some feedback. Progress may come in fits and spurts around work; I get two weeks off over the Christmas period I may be able to cram a load of texturing in. Depending on how far I continue the final piece of the long-term puzzle would be re-texturing the base moon textures to hi-res variants. Feedback is greatly appreciated and any thoughts or critiques are appreciated, even though at the moment all you are able to look at is screenshots. Once things become more substantial I will upload configs and textures in a pack for testing out within KSP. At this point I will apply a suitable license. Update 12th Dec. 15 - Been doing a little tinkering to test some different variables in the texture generation and thought... "why not upload some short clips on Steamable?" So: Sarnus - Test WIP Neidon - Test WIP Update 3rd Jan. 16 - Porting Tekto to new EVE syntax. Fog on Tekto 1 - Showing fog and dust clouds at low level. Fog on Tekto 2 - Showing the post processing depth buffer level at low level. Update: 6th Jan. 16 - v0.1.0 Beta Release - Initial Release (see changelog for further updates) Whad'ya think?
  3. This is a set of comprehensive patches which add new Parallax surface textures and scatters to the various bodies included in Outer Planets Mod and Minor Planets Expansion. Two patches are available; which are meant to be installed separately. When installed together they will merge and overwrite some files. Both patches are in 2k resolution, as this is the resolution I use for playing Parallax- though many scatters directly reference assets from your Parallax_StockTextures install, which is a required dependency. The Outer Planets Mod patch also includes a few custom scatters for Slate and especially Tekto, including new models. These two bodies also come with new science definitions(supporting DMagic Orbital Science) that reference these changes. Releases Screenshots All screenshots taken with AVP, Better Kerbol with no light curves, no tesselation, a personal downrezzed verison of Parallax_StockTextures, and 0.4x scatter density/range. (these are the settings I play with) MIT License Copyright (c) 2023 Lithobraker Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.
  4. I'm moving this out of the forums of @Angel-125 to here as a more appropriate place for these Mission Reports. Bit of context and back story... The Kerbin Admiralty launched and commissioned their first Kerbin Warp Ship KWS-1 "Oh Please Don't Explode" and Valentina was made captain of said ship. On the first cruise to the Jool system, Valentina came out of warp too close to Vall and did indeed explode the ship all across the planet.. Subsequently, --------------------------------------------------------- Huhhhhh.,.. I'm sad to report that KWS-1 "Oh Please Don't Explode" has indeed exploded all across the surface of Vall. Captain Valentina and 6 other kerbal crew who were on a training mission were lost. Warped in too close to Vall, flamed out the warp drive and couldn't recover in time. Sigh! UPDATE: About the same time that KWS-1 "Oh Please Don't Explode" departed on the training mission to the Jool system, KSP scientists and engineers completed development of technology to allow the upgrade of the tracking station to level-4. This upgrade greatly increased the range of the tracking station and distress beacons have subsequently been detected in the Jool system indicating that at least some of the crew were able to get to life pods and eject before destruction of the ship. KWS-2 "Are We There Yet" is nearly ready for launch and it appears that its maiden voyage will be a rescue mission. in a follow-on ---------------------------------------------------------------- Breaking news from the Kerbin Admiralty about the "Disaster At Vall" Following the disaster at Vall with KWS-1 "Oh Please Don't Explode", Lt Chad Kerman was given command of KWS-2 "Are We There Yet" and dispatched with minimum resources to the Jool system to rescue any surviving crew of KWS-1. In a happy twist of fate, Capt Valentina was able to get the entire crew off of the ship before it exploded all across the landscape of Vall and kept them together in low orbit of Vall in hopes that their distress beacons would bring aid. In spite of having no prior experience with Warp Ships, Lt Chad was able to maneuver the ship into an eccentric orbit around Vall with a dangerously close perigee - well inside the warp cutoff limit - and rescue the crew from KWS-1 and return to Kerbin. In recognition of his skill and bravery in this rescue, Lt Chad was promoted to full Captain (5-star) and given permanent command of KWS-2 "Are We There Yet". Having lost KWS-1 "Oh Please Don't Explode" and over 75% of the Kerbin graviolium supply, Captain Valentina was reduced in rank to Ensign (0-stars) and reassigned to Minmus, piloting a supply shuttle. This over objection of some Kerbin Admiralty members who wanted to just "feed her to Jool".
  5. SOLVED : check bottom of this post Hi all, I'd want to make the Spectra visual pack and the nice OPM visual component of AVP compatible together. So basicaly : Keep Spectra as it is, but add on top of it only the OPM visuals from AVP. This is of course exclusively for my personal usage, I do not intend of reditributing this. (But who knows maybe it could become a patch integrated with spectra one day, if it works, let's dream !) Before going any further, let me remind you the folder structure of both mods, to hopefully ease reasoning : - Spectra : - AVP : I'm used to MM and to modify, mod, and make patches for parts, but I'm new to the visuals stuff... So anyway, I tried few things : - Merged AVP-OPM into Spectra's folder, by keeping all Spectra files/structure the same, but incorporating AVP-OPM inside, in the revelant cfgs, copying over the avp textures, changing their name if spectra had the same already, and changing all cfgs to point at the right textures in the right folders... - Made a new mod in my gamedata, named OPMVisuals, and keeping inside only the OPM necessary components of AVP. In both cases, Spectra was still working on stock planets, but OPM had neither scatterer, or EVE clouds, well nothing ^^ I think the issue is that they both provide EVE configs and textures which don't load, or overwrite for some reason, for OPM, I don't know anyway ^^. But this is weird, since others planets packs mods ( like Quackpack, and other exoplanets mods) manage to add their own scatterer and EVE configs, while keeping Spectra untouched, so I still have hope ! Big thanks in advance for your help ! Peace Solution : - Install spectra, install AVP - in AVP delete everything non related to OPM, EXCEPT the textures.cfg found in AVP_Config/Stock, which handles also OPM textures, even if it's located in the stock folder..... - in AVP, delete scatterer folder related to stock bodies (kerbin/duna/etc) Enjoy ! Peace
  6. https://mit-license.org/ Before I begin, I want to make it clear that this is in no way supposed to mean that the official OPM is worse in any way. I just thought it would be fun to create my own version of it. DL: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1i-nc2XNQXYn1s0ff9v5b26-SwIWVBM2i?usp=share_link Snazzy's OPM Out past Jool, there lies an aquamarine-colored gas planet. Alike Jool in many ways, but different in some, too. https://imgur.com/a/W6aUoJt Its name is Gorgis. It has an extensive system of beautiful rings that span wide. Around it are 7 moons. https://imgur.com/a/DTL16Hb Bobo is a small moon and the analog of Mimas for this mod. It has tall peaks that jut out from the surface rippling away from a massive crater. https://imgur.com/a/0dQjEpQ Crycry would have cryovolcanoes if I knew how to accomplish that, but sadly I couldn't. It is the Enceladus analog. It's jagged and rough. Also cold. Very cold. https://imgur.com/a/FtJXfLx Fise is yellow. That's it. It is the Tethys analog. Dione is too boring and does not get an analog. I am sorry to Dione and everyone who wanted to explore bootleg Dione. https://imgur.com/a/NLe4Ezd Ryka is the Rhea analog. It has many craters and rings around it, unlike any other moon in the Kerbolar system. https://imgur.com/a/GRZzdEk Kyti is the Titan analog, as much as it may differ from it. It is like Laythe in that it has an ocean and an atmosphere, but is different in that it has grass. https://imgur.com/a/OnmkSAe Juxapi is the Iapetus analog. It is white on one hemisphere, but dark on the other. https://imgur.com/a/QDoJoLM Twis is the Hyperion analog. It is small, potato shaped, and rotates in mere minutes. This mod supports scatterer and EVE. I hope you enjoy my mod. I worked very hard on this, and I wish you luck. Please inform me of any bugs or glitches. Analogs for Uranus and Neptune will come eventually.
  7. As my first post here, I want to ask: How did you guys get your craft to Sarnus without gravity assist? Also mention if you landed on any of its moons.(I have been trying but the twr...)
  8. So a better idea for the SSTO Challenge: What if I allow Space Shuttles instead? RULES: 1: Must reach Sarnus 2: No Kraken Drives (for obvious reasons) 3: Single Launch. You may use a Hammerhead Fairing like I did for the deep space engines as you still only launched once. 4: Mods allowed, I used them for mine. Atomic Age is NOT banned because I used it. Admittedly I used the Debug menu to do this once. You may use it during Testing but not for the real deal for anything above a Casual ranking. It's better to admit it now than to get caught later, right? Casual: Mission Spirit but broke at least one of the rules. Kraken Drives, TweakScale, and Alt-F12 menu allowed 1: 2: 3: Easy: Same as above but no kraken drives or alt-F12. May land on Hale or Ovok. Any entries that go to Eeloo, Tekto, or Slate and use the Atomic Age mod go here. 1: 2: 3: Normal: Must land on Eeloo or Tekto. TweakScale is banned at this point. 1: 2: 3: Hard: Must land on Slate, 1: 2: 3: Very Hard: Land on All 5 of Sarnus's Moons 1: 2: 3: Impossible: Reach an altitude of Zero on Sarnus and return to Kerbin. 1: 2: 3: Edit: Please post your list of Mods used. Outer Planets Mod is the most obvious because it is required to take on this challenge.
  9. So this challenge has been floating around in my head for a while, and I know it's possible because other people tried it. But I never tried it myself. Well, I designed a craft specifically for that purpose, but it was difficult getting it to Orbit, and it contained the cheaty Nuclear Lightbulb from the Atomic Age. Rules: 1: Must reach Sarnus without staging. 2: Don't really care how you insert into Sarnus. 3: The Cheaper, the better. But it's also better if it's shorter as well. 4: Refueling in Orbit and/or ISRU are okay. 5: Must do something (like deploying an atmospheric probe to "land" on the gas giant or landing on one of its moons) 6: Return to Kerbin once you're done. 7: No Kraken Drives or other glitches (Makes challenge too easy. Use one and your ranking is in the Casual ranking) Mods are allowed but no engines over 2000 isp except Ion engines and no fuel less engines (Intake air and atmospheres count as fuel) (The atomic lightbulb is fine because it has 1500. Ion engines are okay because of their awful TWR) All mods except for OP mods are allowed with the exception of Atomic Age. You may use Alt-F12 while testing but not while doing the final mission. Rankings: Casual (Kraken drives and glitches allowed, any Mass or Cost) 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: Easy: Same as Casual except no Kraken Drives, must either land on Hale and/or Ovok or deploy an atmospheric probe 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: Medium: Any mass, must cost less than $1,000,000 and land on Tekto and/or Eeloo 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: Moderate: Same as above but no refueling. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: Hard: Must weigh less than 500 tons, cost less than or equal to $500,000 and/or Direct Ascent to Slate, may or may not land on the other moons. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: Impossible: Must reach an altitude of Zero KM on Sarnus and return to Kerbin. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: Challenges may need some refining later on.
  10. The Kerbals may not show it, but they get lonely pretty easily. Of course, they have no issue sitting in a cramped 1-seat command pod for centuries at a time (Snacks and radiation permitting,) but the idea of being nothing but a bunch of frogs running around on a mote of dust in a sunbeam in a giant, empty room full of sunbeams and motes of dust in a building full of rooms that goes out in all directions as far as their tiny froggy brains can comprehend and probably much past that, is immensely disturbing to them. It makes them feel very, very small. However, if there's one thing Kerbals have learned since they swam out of the Kraken's maw and plopped into the primordial muck, it's that the building won't seem so tall when you're standing on top of it. So, just as they've conquered all the things that scared them in the past, the Kerbals are going to conquer that big building to make it seem a lot less small. (If they could ever research a way to climb the ladder without getting turned over every which way, that is. Attempt no traversal of the ladder. Untold horrors await there...) But their ladder-traversing days are far ahead of them still, so they'll work up to it by taking baby steps first. Namely, by hopping to another sunbeam. The nearest one, in fact - Proksimus Kiribani, Kerbol's neighboring star. To this end, they've established a crack-team of their best and brightest Kerbonauts, who have called themselves... The Lyra Aerospace Exploration Agency!!! Hmm. Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it? I knew we shouldn't have let the nerds name their own club! Oh, well; we'll just call it the LyrAEA for short. Playthrough's full modlist and description under the spoiler More updates coming Soon™. Fly safe! And here we are! A brand new, baby KSC. How cute! Well, we'd better get to work right away fulfilling contracts and collecting Science. This one looks fine. Thank you Gene, very cool! And we'll take "Reach for the Stars" too, while we're at it. Now, how to fulfill them...
  11. This mod is no longer under active development. Do not download this mod. If you wish to download the component bodies, visit the original mod: The new bodies previously part of this mod (Doppler, Palloocus, etc.) are now part of their own planet pack.
  12. After the Golden Age of Aerospace Travel, spurred by J-Tech, events on Kerbin made space travel too expensive for a vast majority of companies. Because of this many kompanies left hardware and various pieces of infrastructure floating in orbit around the Kerbol System, slowly decaying. 40 years later, a new company emerged from the ashes from J-Tech, dead set on returning the Kerbal Race to its former glory. AtomicTech, a Science and R&D kompany, worked hard to prepare itself and the Kerbal Race for a decades-long kampaign to reclaim and recolonize the Kerbol System. Mission Log: Spacecraft/Hardware Log Space Stations Log Kerbonaut Log Chapters Chapters 6 and 7 coming soon.
  13. This system is a work in progress. When I first began this star system, it began with an idea to make it Mayan. And as you can tell from the date of the original OP and to now, that's what the system's names for the star and planets consisted of. But along the way to now, I felt that it would be better to repackage it and give everything names that sound a bit more Kerbal. This project began as an attempt to teach myself how to create a planet pack. But I also wanted to do something neat with it to make it different. One of the television shows of the late 1970s and early 1980s that led to my fascination with astronomy was the show Cosmos with Dr. Carl Sagan. One particular episode was about the life cycles of stars - and how as a star dies, one of two things could happen - the star could go supernova OR the star could expand, shed its photosphere, then collapse back on its core and form a white dwarf. This project picks up the stellar saga after the ejection of the photosphere. Hioffpo was believed once to be a yellow star, much like Kerbol. As it aged, it became a red super giant, consuming the inner four rocky worlds. Its photosphere collapsed and parts of it was ejected into space in an orbit around the newly emerging blue-white dwarf (an intermediate stage before becoming a white dwarf). Some of the ejected solar matter coalesced into a tidally locked small rocky world (the above image). Remaining matter didn't form a planet but is rumored to have formed a series of rings intermingled with a few moderately sized asteroids. Current mod development progress and release notes 0.1 27/08/2017 Initial release. Nohochacyum only 0.1.1 03/09/2017 Added various light curves. 0.1.2 01/06/2022 Revived and initial re-release of the mod with assistance of @AtomicTech. Star and planet names changed to be more "Kerbal" sounding. New planets added. To Install: Copy the entire folder (adsii1970/Hioffpo) into your GameData folder. Do not remove any folder contents or rename the folders. Working download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9bz92533tm0xt06/AADd29GxVQckJae8G5bbQtCOa?dl=0 Required mods: Kopernicus Recommended mods: Outer Planets Mod Distant Object Enhancement Compatible with other planetary packs I use: ExtraSolar (Valentine System) by @AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures Known issues with this mod pack (by version of KSP): Note: This planet pack is a work in progress. Use with caution. Plans for this mod pack: Thanks to co-contributors to this mod: @AtomicTech Special thanks to the following forum members for their advice and encouragement: @SamBelanger - providing tutorial videos that helped me get this mod started. @AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures - allowing me to dissect his ExtraSolar mod and understanding what works under the hood, so to speak. @JadeOfMaar - Providing ongoing answers to my never-ending questions about modding in KSP. @JustJim - being a good friend, allowing me to bounce frustrations, ideas, and everything else towards him. @OhioBob - being paitent with me and actually redoing my messed up calculations dealing with my light curve issues.
  14. Overview: Kerpton (kerp-tawn) Future Media was a software development company which created the popular singing synthesizer program "Kertsune (kert-soo-neh) Miku", which many Kerbals had used to make their own songs. But lately, its founder, Hiroyuki Kerman, had considered starting a space program after playing a realistic space simulator for several months. Using the wealth he had acquired from selling so many copies of music software, he started a new organization called the Kerpton Aero-Space Development Agency, and hired several young aerospace engineers. This thread will document the various missions of KASDA. KASDA insignia, depicting a green onion (negi) flying through space KSP Version: 1.1.3 (originally 0.20.2) Mods currently in use: Kerbal Engineer, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Precise Maneuver, MechJeb, Ambient Light Adjustment, Flight Manager for Reusable Stages (doesn't seem to be for 1.1.3 anymore but I have a copy), Kerbpaint (with update for 1.1.3), Docking Port Alignment Indicator, Near Future Construction, Asteroid Day, Habitat Pack, HyperEdit (for testing only), TAC Fuel Balancer, Trajectories, Taurus HCV, Environmental Visual Enhancements, Scatterer, Stock Visual Enhancements, Kopernicus, Outer Planets Mod, Pood's OPM-VO, Planetshine, in-game Transfer Window Planner, Engine Lighting, Flag Decals, Kerbal Inventory System, NavHud, EVA Follower, Atomic Age, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, SpaceY + SpaceY Expanded, Behemoth Aerospace, Stock Visual Terrain Useful calculators: Launch window calculator, Aerobraking calculator, Parachute calculator Robotic programs: Crewed programs: Mission list (if you end up in the wrong place when you click a link, click the address bar and press enter) Timeline of interplanetary mission milestones prior to the manifestation of Sarnus, Urlum, Neidon, and Plock, and everything that happened in between (Y1 to Y29) (1-100) (101-200) (201-270) (By the way, how do you people take screenshots? I can't move the camera to the camera angle that I want if it is paused, and I can't move the camera and fly the rocket at the same time.)
  15. I wrote a couple of config files that make OPM stable with Principia. You can get them here. What the configs do: Reinstate the stabilized Jool system that is usually provided by Principia (using planet packs causes Principia to ignore stabilizing the Jool system). Moves Ovok into a high retrograde orbit around Sarnus, preventing it from causing a Principia error around year 15.
  16. I'm trying to make Real Antennas work for OPM. It currently works for stock Kerbin and Earth on RSS. On OPM everything in the mod works fine, except that there are no ground stations for Kerbin in OPM, which makes the mod unusable. Real Antennas has a PlanetPacks folder with config files for stock and RSS which add the ground stations. I tried copying the config for stock and making it run for OPM to add the 3 Real Antennas ground stations to Kerbin, but it doesn't do anything. I don't know what to do, please help. Config File I made for OPM: @Kopernicus:FOR[RealAntennas]:NEEDS[Kopernicus,OPM] { @Body[Kerbin] { @PQS { @Mods { City2 { name = DSNTrackingStation objectName = Kerbal Space Center isKSC = True lat = 0.09694 lon = -74 alt = 93.7 enabled = True } City2 { name = DSNTrackingStation objectName = Charon Station isKSC = False lat = 0 lon = 54 alt = 299.9 enabled = True } City2 { name = DSNTrackingStation objectName = Pluto Station isKSC = False lat = 0 lon = 174 alt = 3412.2 enabled = True } @City2[*TrackingStation],* { commnetStation = True snapToSurface = True snapHeightOffset = 0 up = 0.0, 1.0, 0.0 rotation = 0 order = 100 } @City2[*TrackingStation],* { LOD { Value { visibleRange = 30000 keepActive = False model = BUILTIN/Dish scale = 0.1, 0.1, 0.1 delete = False } } } } } } } The block inside @Kopernicus:FOR[RealAntennas]:NEEDS[Kopernicus,OPM] does run, but it doesn't add the ground stations to Kerbin. Here's the source, if it would be of any help: https://github.com/DRVeyl/RealAntennas/tree/master/GameData/RealAntennas/PlanetPacks
  17. @Poodmund is taking over development and maintenance of OPM. Please see his link in the last comment of the thread for the download. The new thread for Outer Planets Mod can be found by following this link: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/184789-17-outer-planets-mod-v224-27th-may-2019/
  18. I recently installed opm with sve, eve and scatterer but when im on tekto´s ocean it acts weird. When i zoom in a white circle apears covering the ocean Can someone tell me how to fix this
  19. This will be a series of mission reports done by the largest ship I've ever hauled to deep space, 3.75 m wide modules from Taurus HCV mod. The name comes from the ancient Greek deity of time called ÃŽÅ¡ÃÂÌνοÂ. It's a ship made of 3.75 m wide Taurus HCV parts and can host 17 Kerbals, although only 7 of them will live and work on the ship during its long voyage. Three of them will be landing on targets. The ship contains a 3.75 m laboratory and a living module. It is using a 2.5 m KSPX nuclear engine for propulsion for the sake of aesthetics (performance is basically stock like). Other notable mods used: - Deadly Reentry - DMagic Orbital Science for the instruments - Procedural Parts for the fuel tanks and adapters - KSPX for its large LV-N engine - KAS for securing everything in place and bringing stuff to the destination - ALCOR for the lander - Real Chute - Near Future Electric for the solar panels - Banana For Scale for emergency banana (later added) - Realistic RTGs - TAC life support Current ÃŽâ€v is over 8500 m/s, ship alone. My plan is to reach 9500 m/s, so that hauling a lander and a heatshield to the Joolean system and beyond would be easy. First mission is landing on Laythe's polar region and returning home. Making a rocket for this monstrosity will be a great challenge for me. Later missions:
  20. This is similar to the Jool 5 Challenge, but for OPM. You may not use mining. You can assemble/refuel in LKO. You can refuel your craft in LKO from an asteroid, Mun, or Minimus, if you want, however. The whole craft must travel to the destination together. Type 1: Sarnus 5 Challenge Start with 200 points. Land on Tekto, Slate, Ovok, Hale, and Eeloo. Type 2: Urlum 4 Challenge Start with 150 points. Land on Priax, Wal, Tal, and Polta Type 3: Neidon/Plock Challenge Start With 300 points. Land on Nissee, Thatmo, Plock, and Karen. If you are doing this type in RSS, you'll need RSS extended. Rules: No tweakscale. No non-stock engines. Minus one point for every three parts(reusable launchers will help you). Do it in science mode, and cheat yourself enough science to unlock all the nodes. This way, you can know how much science you earned. +1 point for every 20 science. No labs. Bonuses: Use any life support mod: X2 Use any autopilot: /2 Do an unmanned mission: /4 Bring a rover: 10 points per rover. You can reuse rovers, but you can't count multiple rovers per planet. Use a plane on Tekto: +50. Use a plane on Thatmo: +100 Fly a plane/blimp in the lower atmosphere of a gas giant: +100. Kill a kerbal:-100 per kerbal Couldn't climb down to surface: -10 per failure to plant a flag Assembled using space planes: X2 Refueled via Mun/Minimus/Asteroid: X2 Used RO: X2 Used RSS or rescaled kerbin: X2 Kept the kerbals without adequate habitation volume on the mothership: /4 Impress me: X4 Good luck! Example: I didn't really launched a Neidon- Plock mission. I used RSS, so I had to land on Triton, Neried, Pluto, and Charon. I kept the kerbals in the 3 person pod the entire trip. I launched a blimp to Neptune. The ladder wouldn't deploy on triton. I used Mecjeb. Score: 390*2/4 is 195 points. Leader board 1. @JacobJHC -1037.5 2. 3. 4. 5.
  21. I’ve been happily messing with KSP for several years now, regularly returning to start a grand new campaign with a slew of interesting mods. For one reason or another (real life, .exe instability, mod quirks) I’ve tended to hit a wall shortly after going interplanetary in previous attempts, but with the (relatively) recent arrival of the 64-bit client on Windows and a more mature crop of mods I’m gearing up to try once again. I intend keep a diary of sorts here, in part to motivate myself and in part to act as a sort of tutorial to others who are interested in playing with similar setups but are unsure how to bolt all the pieces together and convince them to play nicely. Situation I’ve chosen to start these reports a little way into the campaign, as there is already a wealth of material covering the first steps of a campaign. I have just unlocked the first KSPIE technologies, Nuclear Propulsion, Nuclear Power and Advanced Electrics. These nodes contain the earliest nuclear engines, reactors and beamed power parts respectively. There are currently small ‘Tortoise’ rovers carrying basic science equipment on both the Mun and Minmus (BonVoyage is my new favourite toy) crawling around doing science. In addition, the ‘Makellan’ series of early SCANSat satellites remain in orbit around Kerbin and its moons to act as makeshift communication satellites until more permanent infrastructure is in place despite having served their original purpose of mapping the surface. Going into month 5 (I’m working with 30-day months), there are two main projects I’m planning to work on. First and foremost, deployment of some lightweight interplanetary probes powered by the recently developed CANDLE engine in time to catch transfer windows to the Urlum and (possibly) Neidon. This might also require the deployment of a dedicated communications network around Kerbin to ensure continuous connection. RemoteTech's Root model (under which antennae can communicate at a range equal to the square root of the product of their individual ranges) means you don't need much of a network to get out to the moons provided you use the flight computer to make sure you don't miss your capture burns. Due to the immense range of the ground station at KSC, probes can maintain a connection for about 50% of the time. I am going to have to put at least a simple network around Mun in order to explore the far side with the munar Tortoise rover though. Secondly, and perhaps more interestingly in the long-term, development and deployment of a basic beamed power infrastructure around Kerbin, with the aim of using thermal receivers to launch lighter payloads to orbit more cheaply than currently possible. This is going to involve a fair amount of experimentation to find a sensible arrangement (I haven't messed with this area of KSPIE since it was reworked), but that's part of the fun, right? Mods My CKAN list currently shows well over 100 mods installed, before counting my personal tweaks and a few older mods that remain compatible despite their protestations to the contrary, so I’ll just provide the highlights here and leave the full list in a spoiler below. Interstellar Extended by Freethinker et al. I’ve loved the idea of this mod ever since I got it way back when Fractal was still developing it, and I’m looking forwards to playing with the new toys that have been added in the mean time. This is the mod I think people might find most interesting when covered as a tutorial, since the existing documentation is either scant, obsolete or simply absent. RESCALE 6.4x by Galileo Or more accurately a very slightly tweaked personal version that produces a Kerbin with a 12-hour day and a 540-day year. It makes orbiting a little more interesting and gives all those beefy advanced drives from KSPIE something worthwhile to do. MKS (and most of the rest of the USI suite) by RoverDude This has just gotten more and more enticing over time, and the integration of Extraplanetary Launchpads and Ground Construction provides some interesting possibilities for a budding space program. I’ve recently switched over from TAC-LS after finding it doesn’t mesh particularly well with Kronometer and after learning USI-LS now has habitation timers. Monthly Budgets by severedsolo I’m a sucker for strategy games and this mod provides both a pleasant bit of medium- to long-term planning and reduces the necessity of grinding contracts for funds. I have it set to decay reputation each month and have Play Your Way (Galileo) set to provide reputation with gathered science. The intention is that as I clear out Kerbin and its moons, I’ll need to set up other revenue streams (munar/asteroid mining operations perhaps). Kerbal Construction Time by magico13 This mod actually makes a campaign feel like a grand undertaking as you watch your space program grow over time. The broad customisation options don’t hurt either. SETI Rebalance & Unmanned before Manned by y3m0 I like what this set of mods changes about the game generally, and have had an interesting time with the new custombarnkit settings in the recent version. RemoteTech 2 by neitsa et al. Mostly because I haven’t dived in to learn the ins and outs of CommNet, and from first impressions RemoteTech is more intuitive and I’m already used to it. I have it configured so extra omnidirectional antennae do increase range and am using the Root range model. In addition to the above mods, the main other factor altering gameplay is a tech tree plugin of my own design that massively increases the cost of the more advanced tech nodes and adjusts the science available on each planet. At time of writing, the final tier of KSPIE technologies cost 100,000 science each. The intention is to force me off Kerbin and to avoid unlocking the entire tech tree with a few missions to the Mun and Minmus. Accompanying this are a variety of tweaks to where parts appear on the tree so I don’t, for example, need to finish a Joolean tour before being able to unlock thermal rocket nozzles. Full Mod List
  22. Cironaut Space Agency (A.K.A - Yet Another GPP Playthrough!) So, after reading many of these mission logs/career playthroughs, I've decided to do one of my own. I know there’s been a few done for the Galileo Planet Pack (GPP), but as I find it’s the best planet pack I’ve come across so far, this is the one I’m using! I’m also not changing the size of the system, as I’m also using the GEP and OPM mods, so combined this makes an already gigantic solar system that I don’t personally feel needs to be any bigger. Also, I’m probably not experienced enough to attempt it yet! This is a list of mods and contract packs I’m currently using: Some of these are custom mods that I’ve tweaked, such as: Kerbal Renamer – I’ve modified this so that all the Kerbals/Gaelans have westernised names and surnames and I’ve removed the GPP developers - sorry guys! I’ve also enabled this to be called from other scripts/mods, specifically so that anything that may have used the default/stock KSP naming scheme can instead use this one instead. Contract Configurator – I’ve modified this so that it uses my custom Kerbal Renamer scheme to name randomly generated Kerbals/Gaelans instead of the default/stock KSP naming scheme. Also ‘fixed’ a bug that displayed Gael in lowercase. TRP Hire – I’ve modified this so that it uses my custom Kerbal Renamer scheme to name randomly generated Kerbals/Gaelans instead of the default/stock KSP naming scheme. Far Future Technologies – I’ve recompiled this for version 1.4.3 but I believe this still has issues with heating, which isn’t a problem with this mod but a problem with KSP itself. However, I like the idea of having anti-matter engines on my rockets so hopefully this will work out! New Suits – This is just some of the Replacement mods from GPP tweaked a bit for my own playthrough. The Kerbals/Gaelans have some recoloured suits I’ve made and matching sprites, and I’ve tweaked the male heads a bit so that they use the heads that were for the Admin staff instead. I also tweaked some colours in the descriptions, but this is almost the same as it is normally in GPP. This is all done through Sigma Replacements in the same way the GPP versions were before. Tourism Plus – I’ve removed the contracts that wanted you to take Tourists to specific biomes, as the biomes were specifically for Kerbin. Also given the first tourist a random name rather than ‘Tito Kerman’, as this was not in line with the new naming scheme. Bases and Stations – I’ve tweaked the Life Support-related contracts to support Snacks. I also submitted this as a PR on GitHub which has now been incorporated into the contract pack by its current maintainer (three guesses who that is!). I’m hoping that in this current career playthrough I’ll be able to visit all the celestial bodies in the Ciro system (incorporating the GPP, OPM and GEP mods) either manned or unmanned. I’m also hoping to unlock all the nodes on the tech tree, which considering I’m using the Community Tech Tree mod should probably take quite a while! However, I’m also using the Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes mod so that empty nodes are removed, and to hide the tree nodes that haven’t yet been researched (except the ones that immediately proceed from already researched nodes), which I personally feel is a better approach to the tech tree. And these are the difficulty settings I will be using: EDIT: As requested by @HansonKerman, here are some screenshots of the solar system for this playthrough, taken in the Tracking Station: So, let’s get the Cironaut Space Agency started! 1. First Launch Whilst most organisations on the planet Gael that are trying to reach space are attempting to use computers to send unmanned craft instead, due to the obvious dangers of sending a Gaelan up into space, none of them have currently perfected this technology and are struggling to even get off the ground. However, the Cironaut Space Agency (CSA) have decided to throw caution to the wind and are planning on using actual Gaelans to fly their craft first! This should allow the CSA to gain a significant lead on the space race. The first batch of Gaelans to join the CSA are David Welch (pilot), Rita Coleman (scientist) and Dale Watson (engineer): The Mamba Program ultimately aims to build a craft that can send a Gaelan into space, orbit Gael, and return safely to the surface - without killing the pilot inside in the process! The first craft is named Mamba I and has a small Crew Capsule (with capacity for 1 Gaelan), a solid fuel Flea Engine, a Parachute and some science experiments on board: First, the science experiments that are onboard Mamba I are run on the launchpad by David Welch, the pilot: Then the rocket is launched from the Gael Space Centre (GSC) into the sky: It eventually reaches a height of 8,436 metres above sea-level before starting to plummet back towards the surface: When the craft reaches about 1,000 metres above sea-level the parachute is deployed, which slows the craft down and stops it from crashing into the surface: The craft then safely lands back on the ground. The pilot has survived, and the mission is a complete success:
  23. I've been trying to map some OPM planets and moons. I tried mapping Wal first. The altimetry map is all right, but the biome map just displays green and everything is "Chronister Valley". I haven't got the chance to map anything else yet. Keep in mind that I play KSP 1.2.2. I understand if no-one is able to help me, I do play an outdated version, but I want to know if this is a known bug, and has a fix. Thank you in advance. Edit: I used the stock Kerbnet, and found out that Kerbnet also displays "Chronister Valley". It's apparently not a SCANsat problem, rather, it's an OPM problem.
  24. Kerbal Rocketry, Aeronautics, and Space Hub (KRASH) This is the story of KRASH, and its adventures into the unknown. I just got bored with my career save. I unlocked the whole tech tree, and to be honest, landing on other planets just wasn't fun anymore. So I downloaded Outer Planets Mod, and it really helped me get back into this very successful career savegame. This is also my first forum topic, and I got inspired by reading so many of the incredible mission reports in this section. So, we'll see how this goes! Prologue is live! Index to the Chapters/Sections
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