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  1. This system is a work in progress. When I first began this star system, it began with an idea to make it Mayan. And as you can tell from the date of the original OP and to now, that's what the system's names for the star and planets consisted of. But along the way to now, I felt that it would be better to repackage it and give everything names that sound a bit more Kerbal. This project began as an attempt to teach myself how to create a planet pack. But I also wanted to do something neat with it to make it different. One of the television shows of the 1970s that created my fascinatio
  2. Overview: Kerpton (kerp-tawn) Future Media was a software development company which created the popular singing synthesizer program "Kertsune (kert-soo-neh) Miku", which many Kerbals had used to make their own songs. But lately, its founder, Hiroyuki Kerman, had considered starting a space program after playing a realistic space simulator for several months. Using the wealth he had acquired from selling so many copies of music software, he started a new organization called the Kerpton Aero-Space Development Agency, and hired several young aerospace engineers. This thread will document the
  3. Pood's OPM-VO (Outer Planets Mod - Visual Overhaul) Latest Release - v.0.3.5 "The Matoro" Pre-Release Beta - 23rd Sept. 17 Due to some users having issues with compatibility, please find below a list of the dependencies and the current builds used to run OPM-VO. Please ensure that you are running at least these versions of the dependencies or later releases: Dependencies: EVE: https://github.com/WazWaz/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/releases/download/EVE-1.2.2-1/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements- (Release build 1.2.2-1) Scatterer: https://spacedock.info/mod/1
  4. I wrote a couple of config files that make OPM stable with Principia. You can get them here. What the configs do: Reinstate the stabilized Jool system that is usually provided by Principia (using planet packs causes Principia to ignore stabilizing the Jool system). Moves Ovok into a high retrograde orbit around Sarnus, preventing it from causing a Principia error around year 15.
  5. I'm trying to make Real Antennas work for OPM. It currently works for stock Kerbin and Earth on RSS. On OPM everything in the mod works fine, except that there are no ground stations for Kerbin in OPM, which makes the mod unusable. Real Antennas has a PlanetPacks folder with config files for stock and RSS which add the ground stations. I tried copying the config for stock and making it run for OPM to add the 3 Real Antennas ground stations to Kerbin, but it doesn't do anything. I don't know what to do, please help. Config File I made for OPM: @Kopernicus:FOR[RealAntennas]:NEEDS[Kope
  6. @Poodmund is taking over development and maintenance of OPM. Please see his link in the last comment of the thread for the download. The new thread for Outer Planets Mod can be found by following this link: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/184789-17-outer-planets-mod-v224-27th-may-2019/
  7. I recently installed opm with sve, eve and scatterer but when im on tekto´s ocean it acts weird. When i zoom in a white circle apears covering the ocean Can someone tell me how to fix this
  8. This will be a series of mission reports done by the largest ship I've ever hauled to deep space, 3.75 m wide modules from Taurus HCV mod. The name comes from the ancient Greek deity of time called ÃŽÅ¡ÃÂÌνοÂ. It's a ship made of 3.75 m wide Taurus HCV parts and can host 17 Kerbals, although only 7 of them will live and work on the ship during its long voyage. Three of them will be landing on targets. The ship contains a 3.75 m laboratory and a living module. It is using a 2.5 m KSPX nuclear engine for propulsion for the sake of aesthetics (performance is basically st
  9. This is similar to the Jool 5 Challenge, but for OPM. You may not use mining. You can assemble/refuel in LKO. You can refuel your craft in LKO from an asteroid, Mun, or Minimus, if you want, however. The whole craft must travel to the destination together. Type 1: Sarnus 5 Challenge Start with 200 points. Land on Tekto, Slate, Ovok, Hale, and Eeloo. Type 2: Urlum 4 Challenge Start with 150 points. Land on Priax, Wal, Tal, and Polta Type 3: Neidon/Plock Challenge Start With 300 points. Land on Nissee, Thatmo, Plock, and Kare
  10. I’ve been happily messing with KSP for several years now, regularly returning to start a grand new campaign with a slew of interesting mods. For one reason or another (real life, .exe instability, mod quirks) I’ve tended to hit a wall shortly after going interplanetary in previous attempts, but with the (relatively) recent arrival of the 64-bit client on Windows and a more mature crop of mods I’m gearing up to try once again. I intend keep a diary of sorts here, in part to motivate myself and in part to act as a sort of tutorial to others who are interested in playing with similar setups but a
  11. Cironaut Space Agency (A.K.A - Yet Another GPP Playthrough!) So, after reading many of these mission logs/career playthroughs, I've decided to do one of my own. I know there’s been a few done for the Galileo Planet Pack (GPP), but as I find it’s the best planet pack I’ve come across so far, this is the one I’m using! I’m also not changing the size of the system, as I’m also using the GEP and OPM mods, so combined this makes an already gigantic solar system that I don’t personally feel needs to be any bigger. Also, I’m probably not experienced enough to attempt it yet! This is a list
  12. I've been trying to map some OPM planets and moons. I tried mapping Wal first. The altimetry map is all right, but the biome map just displays green and everything is "Chronister Valley". I haven't got the chance to map anything else yet. Keep in mind that I play KSP 1.2.2. I understand if no-one is able to help me, I do play an outdated version, but I want to know if this is a known bug, and has a fix. Thank you in advance. Edit: I used the stock Kerbnet, and found out that Kerbnet also displays "Chronister Valley". It's apparently not a SCANsat problem, rather, it's an OPM problem.
  13. Kerbal Rocketry, Aeronautics, and Space Hub (KRASH) This is the story of KRASH, and its adventures into the unknown. I just got bored with my career save. I unlocked the whole tech tree, and to be honest, landing on other planets just wasn't fun anymore. So I downloaded Outer Planets Mod, and it really helped me get back into this very successful career savegame. This is also my first forum topic, and I got inspired by reading so many of the incredible mission reports in this section. So, we'll see how this goes! Prologue is live! Index to the Chapters/Sections
  14. I was getting no error message until I reinstalled stuff for something else. Now I get this error. So in my modded KSP 1.3.1 install, I was having issues with invisible terrain, so I removed all mods and readded them manually one by one until I found the issue to be with kopernicus (update to the latest version, kopernicus 1.3.1-9, fixed it). After replacing the rest, however, kopernicus gave this error on the start screen, and I would get an endless load screen when trying to start any game. Reverting to previous kopernicus didn't fix it, and after removing and replacing mods one by one
  15. I've installed SCANsat and OPM. I've never tested this out before, but does SCANsat work with bodies introduced into the game via a plugin? I can see that SCANsat's pull-down menu has (currently blank) maps for the outer planets.
  16. Well, I keep starting new games and having something happen so I never get my space program much out of Kerbin SOI, so after my 1.1.3 game threw my main base into orbit just before I tried to upgrade to 1.2.2, I decided that this time I'm not going to bother with intermediate steps, at least not more than absolutely necessary. (I have one possible base planned in Kerbin SOI - I'll discuss that in a bit.) The ambition is therefore grand: A complete tour of the system - complete with the Outer Planets Mod - in one go. Map and visit every anomaly, at least with an automated rover, and actu
  17. Ok let's actually do that T- 200 days : Tytan Heavy rocket launches from KSC carrying 170 ton, fully fueled propulsion module for the transfer vehicle. After 25 minutes of flight, propulsion module reaches it's orbit, 650 km above kerbin. I decided to put it that high to make trans-Urlum burn easier to perform with low thrust plasma engine. T-150 days : Another heavy launch! This time, crew habitation module is send to dock with previously launched propulsion module. After a successful rendezvous, crew module separates f
  18. [NOTE: This is a fresh start/reboot of "The Outer Planets Adventures!", which some of you may remember. It is in a different save, so some past events mentioned in both series may be contradictory, although they did actually happen.] [NOTE: @Angel-125's Wild Blue Industries mods will be featured heavily in this Mission Report, for the simple reason that I like them and they are very well put together.] The space program was looking better than ever. Five bases on Duna were constantly staffed, and a permanent colony had been established on the Mun. Plans were even underway for a samp
  19. Hi! I've been struggling to find a way to install the outer planets mod for KSP, because it's my very first mod. i have installed tons of different versions of Kopernicus, and different versions of the planet pack, trying them in all of KSP's versions from when the mod was released up to 1.3.1, and i always get 3 results: 1st: everything starts out OK, as the game loads up i can see items from the planet pack being loaded, but once i get into the main menu, a screen pops up saying there was an error in the loading process, and loading your saves is not recommended, because it could corrup
  20. The Sarnus Pathfinder, launched almost five years ago, finally arrived at Saturn, unfortunately not staying there and leaving the entire Kerbol system. It was possible to achieve such speeds by ultra close Slate and Eeloo flybies, which gave it enough speed. All of them were perfectly planned, unfortunately, close Tekto flyby was impossible. During the slingshots, Pathfinder was able to capture stunning firsts of Sarnus system up close. It even found a completely new moon, designated Sarnus IV, the official name is still to come. Here are some of the best captures: Distant Tekto: G
  21. I've been trying to set myself up with a game that uses Outer Planets Mod and rescales bodies 3.2x, and orbits 6.4x (as I remember reading people had good experiences with that setup, ages ago). I actually started on a config (here, for reference, note that OPM already does its own rescaling of antenna power, and it is very basic), but was wondering if anyone has something more developed than this. I do already find getting to Kerbin orbit a nice sweet spot between challenging and annoying, but I have a nagging suspicion I'd end up tweaking the config in all directions later on.
  22. Hi, is Scansat working with custom celestial bodies like Outer Planet Mod ones? I deduce it doesnt as its names doesnt appear in the surface map list. Are there any plans of implement it?
  23. The Outer Planets Mod is a well-made planet pack that has been around for a while, but has anyone actually gone to them? This thread is all about changing that. your mission: -land on all planets and moons in both the stock and OPM systems -complete as many of the challenges below as you can -return your kerbals alive (if possible, don't sweat it) -wrap it all up into a pretty youtube video or AAR, or even a pdf Rules -no cheating (seems pretty obvious but I thought I'd put it in anyway) -you can skip moho, eve, tylo, laythe, slate
  24. Well, this may be a foolish post, but i want to share my feelings about this game. For me, it is by far the best buy i made for playing. Not only im having so good time with it NOT ONLY PLAYING, BUT ALSO IN THE FOURMS, YOUTUBE, AND SO ON, im learning a lot about physichs, orbital maneouvers, and universe itself... It is the only game i can spend more time reading a and learning in the forums than playing, or enjoy judt looking at what pp have made (mods) to improve this each time better and better game. I recently sent a probe to Sarnus (OP Mod) and wow, i couldnt sleep thinking abou
  25. Title explains it all!! All my YouTube videos are posted here!! enjoy and subscribe!! Conquer OPM: Title explains it all! Here, we go exploring every nook and cranny of the Outer planets mod. (Not really but just deal with it) episode 1: Episode 2 Episode 3: Coming in 2 Mun Base Alpha: Here, I go launching modules for a large scale base on the mun, but with a twist. TAC Life support is added so these kerbals are not the forever living beasts that they are, and they need food (and supplies) Episode 1:(Bad Commentary, hehe)
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